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Mind Body Psychology David Lloyd. Our bodies are part of nature like all other living organisms that have genetic material encoded, but there are many other factors that affect the way people grow & development. The main elements would be knowledge and understanding, without this you will gain nothing and loose nothing, but recent studies detailing mind body psychology indicate enriching life experiences that evoke newness or opposite to sameness that actually stimulates new brain growth. Brain patterns occur with human interaction and creative moments such as

art, music, dance, drama, humor, literature, spirituality, cultural rituals and of course knowledge and understanding. In the future human lives will be guided towards education and uniqueness with the support of teachers in the (new world), these teachers will have moved onto their next lives with the (same mind) they were originally born with. The vision of eternal life or immortality is real and essential for prosperity, peace without war and future of the human race. Miracles of the mind are learned as you pass through life with guidance educating yourself and not be taught so much by others. Example, higher education in this world is a scam that processes people who cannot read write or speak properly and then they expect you to believe they are professional. This delusion will eventually fade and the reality of a higher divine New World Order will rule the Earth for many centuries.

______Miracles Of The Human Mind

Delusional behavior comes from those who attack or run down others purely for their own gain and this is considered normal behavior. I have been victimized by twisted minds but the miracle is seeing who these people are and judging yourself better, record as much information possible to use against them and a service will be provided for your justice in the future. Superior thinkers will override those who need to control, they are not in our league and can be easily seen. Uni; lectures are no more superior than school children and would guarantee, there would be higher IQ’s among-st the children than university staff. The hierarchy of these departments have manipulated their way through the system at the expense of others for control and to satisfy their own insecure needs, in the future, University lecturers will also be a thing of the past. 

The Normal mindset that needs to control to be in control, verses the more Superior mindset that can see the normal and has to be careful of normal which is the reason the (Mind Body Connection) occurred, I simply overdosed on normal behavior and it was coming at me from all angles. The opposing difference between the two minds is amplified due to normal being dominate and most destructive, this had only increased the activity and confusion in mine. It should be obvious, for a new world direction their must be a change in mindset. My thinking alone is opposite to the normal and can see all the problems you normal people have and why, there are people I cannot even talk to because of this difference which has given me confusion, anxiety and forced me to researched work place management, areas of psychology and human behavior before I knew what was going on.

_______Journey With Psychology

I see life as a journey through the sea of people always expecting something new to happen. When I leave the house the journey seems to start and the same experiences pass you by but there is always a (certain type) that stands out to me, no matter where you go. A university in Sydney was a scandal because of this type and now many of them face jail, the Commission is no better as they all support each other and this is how part of the journey goes. Who is thinking properly! Many people hide behind the work curtains that make their behavior more legal while the incidents go on, people getting framed, accidents, fires, theft and these are just some of the tactics orchestrated by paranoid, psychotic management who often cause problems to protect themselves, they are always in the right and will only tell you what they want you to know.

Management affects us everywhere, I used psychology on a major (retail store) and got a pleasant surprise when I saw their commercials. I persuaded them to change their commercials in a way that would benefit their company and they saw what I was talking about and did what I asked them to do, my message went from the floor to the top without any communication to the owner what so ever. Many other supernatural events occur in my life such as putting this website together that makes money. I learned the internet marketing industry then built a website with a home biz internet marketing (Boot Camp) training attached for anyone to join. I have learned the language of this industry without talking to other people, written words, images and video have been the only resources used to create this website and (Boot Camp) training, I welcome you to the industry today.

______The Brain A Complex Processor

Think of it as the hard-ware of a computer and soft-ware that stores the information for the brain to process. The brain is a separate organ that processes information from the mind as instantly as possible conducting through the CSF which also contains the mind. The mind is made up of mindfiles® and the CFS and brain work together to create everything people do, it could even be separated from around the brain and replaced with another mind compatible. People would have mind transfers for different reasons in the future and done in a clinic, even to experience life as the opposite sex would be possible. The way of today can be seen as primitive compared to this technology and it is all because the brain is a complex processor and there is software that can make it work. The mind is repairable, this could have a good impact on mental health.

With evolution of cultures management today will be seen different tomorrow and the masses will an opposite frame of mind suitable for the immortal new world. The Human Mind Body Connection plays a major roll with this and introduces new technology that helps the way we live our lives. As a race we will no longer be vulnerable to each other or any visitors as we will be more equal, we have the knowledge to win against forces and that is all it should take. With this technology humans will see further into the future than ever before, men and woman can choose who they want to be for any time and humanity will evolve into how he prefers to look. Variety for personal choice and laws will adjust to the change in thinking of man, many trades and professions up to military will subside as we walk from the past into the future with a one world religion that everyone can be part of.

_______Mind Body Science Research

More often with health care it is a common error to believe the study of mind body psychology is fairly new. However you would be surprised to know that knowledge goes back to the early 19th century and possibly further. Before myself, founder of the (Human Mind Body Connection), it was proposed by Greek philosopher Galen -2nd century, but Walter Cannon a professor of physiology during the 20th century initiated interest in the connection between the mind and body, they had done various experiments on the emotions of animals but no-one had found out or knew what the connection was before I discovered it in 2006. They found that animals under stress such as:_ Anger_ Fear_ Anxiety resulted in certain organs shutting down, when you loose your entire mind from where it rests around the brain, your entire body shuts down.

Loosing my mind to the Angelic world was a gifted experience and a message telling me what lies ahead. I have done research over the years putting the picture together about my life and all the arrows still point to me. In society the Antichrist lives like any other person hidden within the sea of those, he is loyal and royal under cover who keeps away from the stress of each day, however there will come a time. The time will come for the peace around me to change and visitors will arrive due to the rise of the Little Horn, this is imminent. The Antichrist will move into position but where he will live is not clear as yet, he also likes time at home with people, house and garden also internet marketing which has been an interest and you can also make money at home, the (Boot Camp) training shows you how, or join the iCourse for free. Learn the industry and make money from home.

Supernatural Connection Me

It is real but it could be supernatural, people find mind body psychology hard to understand and study of the mind in both animals and humans will be new areas of research in the future. Pulling the mind apart for science and knowing how the final peace to the puzzle works, will knits it all together and many hidden discoveries are yet to come, however supernatural powers can be much greater. The sixes in my life are an example and have been verbally contacted by a power higher than man kind, to me this is very supernatural. It is imminent for the Antichrist to rise who is Prince Of This World and destine to be part of the new world order and one world government system for all countries. There is no doubt the world needs this new single authority and the Antichrist is this person, he is good, lives in Sydney, keeps in-touch with world events.

I believe in a peaceful world and the decisions made will be focused upon that. The new era will bring in more peace and patients with each other, eventually more freedom and the laws will be different but man will adjust to the new time of age, one world government and religious system. This new area of mind research provides knowledge about the mind and brain like never before and opens the door immortal world. It is predicated that a person’s thoughts and emotions affect the psychical body as do social behavior factors, however supernatural behavior create awareness of the relationship between mind and body and also the environment, what is around you. Most people do not know much about their own lives or the state of their health. A healthy body has a positive effect on the mind, and minds without stress and negativity contribute in a huge way to a healthy body.

___Channeling Towards United Psychology

Miracle medicine from the mind body connection is more advanced than traditional medicine and skills of today. Even organic medicine does not compare to this new technology, the mind and body are two differing aspects of the same whole that work together with the (CSF) which allow us to think and move every day. I study various topics and think about the (New World Order) which is an other world I live in, and will be part of the real or new world in the future, we are channeling towards a united psychology based on how the world works with one currency, one world government system, one religion and one person to head or oversee all nations in the immortal new world. The capstone with the all seeing eye will be placed into position sealing the process for the new world order and the prosperous years ahead for the human race.    

I have felt different from others over the years and feel privileged to be the only person in history that has discovered the (Human Mind Body Connection). This is a gift to everyone and know it to be the most unique and most significant discovery in world history and has now given me unimpaired thinking without any activity in my mind, like I use to have. I brought the connection to the surface in 2013 and has continually developed my life to what it is today. My supernatural life has been hard at times but I have now found a person that fully understands me and this is what I need. The Antichrist will find a woman and has the strongest bond with him, Satan is a (real person) that walks the Earth and brings the Human Mind Body Connection or gift to humanity. He will guide the new world towards peace and prosperity for the people with laws adjusted for the coming age. 

Mainstream media should be setting the stage for talking points to begin regarding the need for a “global leader” who will head up the Vatican’s New World Order, so as to not only bring on the arrival of The Antichrist, but the financial mark as well. Are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?!

The (Human Mind Body Connection) first edition paperback book can be purchased from this site or (Amazon.com), there is also (six ebooks) available for (kindle readers) ☮ Thank-you.

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