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Mind Body Psychology David Lloyd. Our bodies are part of nature like all other living organisms that have genetic material encoded, but there are other factors affecting our mind body psychology & human development. Some main elements is knowledge and understanding, without this you will gain nothing and loose nothing, however past studies detailing mind body psychology indicate enriching life experiences that evoke newness or opposite to sameness that actually stimulates brain growth. New brain patterns occur with interaction & creative moments such as art, design,

music, dance, drama, humor, literature, spirituality, cultural rituals and of course self taught learned knowledge. In the future human lives will be guided towards education and uniqueness with support of teachers in the (new world), these teachers will have moved into their next lives with the (same mind) they were uniquely born with. The eternal vision of one’s life or immortality is real and essential for prosperity, peace without war and future of the human race. Miracles of mind body psychology are learned as we pass through life educating thyself while not being taught so much by others. An example is higher education system, which hides truth, many fact and passes people who cannot read, write or speak properly just to get funding, then they expect you to believe they are professional. This delusion of ones ability can be referred to as the Dunning Kruger effect, similar to narcissism which is pushed/forced onto other people.

______Miracles Of The Human Mind

From experience, I see delusional behavior comes from those who victimize or run down others purely for their own gain and this is typically normal behavior. Many get manipulated by twisted minds but the miracle is seeing those people and judging yourself better. Record as much info as possible to use against them later as a service to yourself, justice will not be there. Superior thinkers override those who need to control, not in our league at all and are seen easily. Any school teacher is no more superior than the one’s they teach, and would guarantee there are more higher levels among-st the children than teachers. It is known most of the hierarchy in these institutions are only there for themselves at the expense of others who pay their way their way to pass a course. The future will see university lecturers as past history, and that is good!

David Lionel LloydThe normal mindset that needs to control to be in control, verses the more superior mindset that can see the normal and has to be careful of it, which is the reason the (Mind Body Connection) occurred. I simply overdosed on normal behavior coming at me from all angles which was also amplified due to the normal being dominate and most destructive. This had only increased the activity in my mind and this was something I had to get away from. My thinking is opposite to this and can see all the problems normal people have and why if this is how you are. There are people I cannot even talk to because of this difference which has given me confusion, anxiety and forced me to research work place management, areas of psychology and human behavior for most of my life. I could see the madness around me everywhere from typically normal people but could never be like this if I tried, my thinking is far more advanced than this normal type.

_______Mind Body Psychology Journey

My life is a journey through the sea of people always expecting something unusual to happen. When I leave my house the journey start and similar experiences pass by, however there is always a (certain type) that always stands out no matter where I go, Gov departments are full of these types and many of them are now facing jail. Many in the hierarchy are no better they all support each other and this is how the (govern-your-mental) system works. Many of them hide behind the curtains that make their behavior more legal while the incidents still go on. People getting framed, accidents set up, fires, theft and these are just some of the tactics orchestrated by paranoid, psychotic Dunning Kruger management who often cause the problems to protect themselves. They are always right of course and will only tell you what they want you to know.

David Lionel LloydGood management can be applied. For example I used mind body psychology on a major (retail store) and got a nice surprise when I saw their adds on TV. I persuaded them to change their commercials in a way to benefit their own company and the public at the same time. They saw what I was referring to and changed exactly what I asked them to via the message I gave. My message went from the floor to the top with out communicating to owner what so ever. Other supernatural events include this money making website. I learned the internet marketing industry, built my own money making Biz, learned programming language and many resources required for this industry without talking to any other person. It took about five years and learned from words, video and images only to achieve this goal to create money from nothing at home. See the Sergeant and join my (Boot Camp) training today, for internet marketing tomorrow.

______The Brain A Complex Processor

Think of your body as the hardware like a computer and your mind as the soft-ware that stores the information. Mind body psychology says it all, the brain is a separate organ that processes information from the mind, conducting through the CS fluid as instantly as possible. The human mind is permanently contained within the CS fluid around the brain. It consists of mindfiles® that store information and the three organs permanently work together that allows your body to do what it does every day. Future technology will be available to separated the mind from around the brain for observation, replaced it with another or have mind transfers for various reasons even to experience living as the opposite sex. These procedures would be done from a clinic and there is a new industry waiting to be explored, involving the Human Mind Body Connection.

With governments, military, money and religion forming together in a less populated world, there will be different laws, more freedom and better education with a less challenged frame of mind. The (Human Mind Body Connection) plays a major roll in the future with new technology, improved living standards, more safety, diversity and education that will take humanity beyond to the immortal world. Humans will see more clearly and further than before, men and woman may choose who they want to be, and over time humans will evolve into how they choose to look. Cloning and mind transfers will be part of life for many centuries and the mindset of people will adjust to that. The immortal hierarchy system will be the cog in the wheel that drives the system including the behavior of people at all levels. The immortal world with a resource based economy will be an option available for every human, if they want it for as long as they choose.

_______Mind Body Science Research

More often with health care it is a common error to believe the study of mind body psychology is fairly new. However you would be surprised to know that knowledge goes back to the early 19th century and possibly further. Before myself, founder of the (Human Mind Body Connection), it was proposed by Greek philosopher Galen -2nd century, but Walter Cannon a professor of physiology during the 20th century initiated interest in the connection between the mind and body. They had done various experiments on the emotions of animals but no-one had found out or knew what the connection was before I discovered it in 2006. They found that animals under stress such as:_ Anger_ Fear_ Anxiety resulted in certain organs shutting down, when you loose your entire mind from where it rests around the brain, your entire body shuts down.

David Lionel LloydLoosing my mind to the Angelic world was a gifted experience and a message telling me what lies ahead. I have researched over the years putting the picture together about my life and all the arrows still point to me. Satan is a real person that walks the Earth and lives like any other person hidden within the sea of people until the time comes. He is loyal and royal under cover who keeps away from the stress of each day, however the time will come. The time will come for the peace around him to change and visitors will arrive to visit due to the rise of the Little Horn, this is imminent. The Antichrist will move into position and the (throne of David) awaits this man. A beautiful woman will also play a major roll in the empire of the Antichrist, she is unclear so far. At the age of (twenty four) I received a message via telepathy that stated, no relationship will work for me if I try, however a certain woman will come to me when the time is right.

Supernatural Connection Me

Many find mind body psychology or the human mind body connection hard to understand, but study of the mind in both animals and human will be new areas of future practice. Knowing the final peace to the human puzzle will sow the seed to the immortal world. Offers will exist for people to experience this that will consist of clones and babies to be conceived under license only. All women will be granted license for two babies only and this authority comes from the world hierarchy and Antichrist, prince of this World. This will keep humanity in balance with the environment, animals and the immortal system that will govern humanity and every country across the Earth. There is no doubt at all the world needs a powerful single authority and the Antichrist is this person, he is chosen because he cares for the good and the world we live in.

David Lionel LloydA peaceful, well managed world is what the new world order is about and future decisions will be based on that. Peace in the world comes with fairness, equality, patients and a one world religious system, as the corner stone for all people. For a long time violence and corruption has dominated humanity but this source will only eliminate itself in the new world, due to different laws and penalties that apply. Everything will be flipped as it should be, adjusted accordingly as it must be, including the criminal justice system that will be less tolerant than it is today. Records and qualifications will determine those who move into the immortal world and assessments for the people will last for centuries. Mind body psychology is a game changer for the future, if people wish to be part of this then choose the new world to be part of you. The future on offer is part of our evolutionary future to prosper the world, the people and everything else with it.

___Channeling Towards United Psychology

United psychology is the formation of a world system with one overseeing government and currency, religion and much more for the world at large. People need to be united for peace and prosperity, not for war, segregation and fear of violence upon society. The new world order is a complete transformation that will benefit humanity, even with miracle cures for cancer, mental illness and higher IQ. I study various topics daily and have thought about this (new world order) ever since loosing my mind hence finding my discovery back in 2006. This is another world I go to and will be part of reality in the near future, it has to be due to nature and the proper guidance needed for man kind. The capstone with the (all seeing eye) will be placed into position sealing the process for the new world order, and prosperous years that lie ahead for the human race.

David Lionel LloydAs mentioned I have been different from other people over the years, not for better or worse but for how I process information, there is a long list of things I simply do not do. I close this page feeling privileged to be the only human being in history to discovered the (Human Mind Body Connection) otherwise known as the gift to humanity. Since this event, my thinking has cleared of activity and is now unimpaired without any stress at all which had accumulated in my mind due to normal thinking people. I discovered the connection in 2006 and brought it to the surface in 2013 which has continually developed my life to this day along with the (new world order). I live in three unique, separate and real worlds which is awkward at times but allows me to see the normal world clearer from other perspectives. I often know people better than themselves and can calculate probabilities to predict what they do. This is a random savant condition.

Global leadership will soon be part of the Vatican’s New World Order, this will see the arrival of THE Antichrist, one world government, religious and financial systems, I hope you are ready?

The (Human Mind Body Connection) first edition paperback book can be purchased from this site or (Amazon.com), there is also (six ebooks) available for (kindle readers) ☮ Thank-you.

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