✪ Asperger Syndrome Student

Asperger Syndrome Student

Set-up and framed, Asperger syndrome student fails Uni

Not a great experience to be (set up & framed) by the corrupt university staff people are suppose to trust, they also used other students and government departments to do their filthy dirty work. It goes to show me, their is nothing wrong with me and the only impairment I have have is other people. It is commonly said the Asperger Syndrome is not the problem it is other people that cannot control themselves and I have always said this. Accept this or not, but most of the work place hierarchy have mental illness one way or another, if you are not one of them or they see you as a threat you will be targeted and pushed out of your job. The sick people that have impacted my life are control freaks and narcissist sociopaths who only care about them selves. However what some of these people do not realize is I am a person who can jail these idiots and that is precisely what I am going to do with pleasure. Happiest time in my life!

Least competent and most destructive

These people are pathetic marks in my history and I hope people can learn from experience, whether from me or someone else. I am not just a student with Asperger’s come victim at a university, but also founder of the (Human Mind Body Connection) a very significant discovery in history and part of the reason I was victimized by Western Sydney University. This was the corrupt university I attended in 2013 and have published information about my experience in books written since then. They explain my discovery and how it came to the world through my own mind fueled by the behavior of typically normal people. In different ways I can see what had occurred at the university was probably meant to happen and all part of my rise as the Antichrist with the new world order. My spirit is not alone, I am the only person to bring this supernatural discovery to the world and no-one can steal this from me, I am known by many names such as; the adversary, the little horn, the lawless one and the prince that shall come to name a few.

The common straw that broke my mind

My discovery occurred inside me during 2006 and the reason I write this post is partially because my life has been put in danger. I also feel the security of my discovery could have been at risk, what I mean by security refers to the normal system and (so called) professionals people we are suppose to trust. These are the very people who tried to trap me, destroy my life to take credit for what I had. In common ways they protect themselves from justice by covering for each other, and leaking out my private information meant nothing to them. A gang stalking campaign was then started against me to have me trapped by certain staff and put in jail. This is horrific behavior and was all organized by the corrupt university staff on the campus I attended. It was a radical plan put to them by the psychologist I was seeing after started at the university, he knew I was the Antichrist and probably thought I was evil or Satan also. I think I know what evil is and see how they disguise themselves in positions of trust, maybe you should this as-well. 

The deprived narcissist sociopath

The root of social psychopathy. The careless victimization and control from these people! No-one gives them the right to control other people the way they do, and the arrogance even told me what they were going to do. Due to this behavior against me, I am now on my own campaign to see these rotten people go to jail, and that is how I see them. There will be no escape and I have made sure to tell them this as-well, isn’t that ironic. These people will be processed in jail and it will be up to the university legal team to raise my compensation or their behavior or every one of them too, will be jailed and DIS-barred. If they work for these people then they better do a darned good job. This whole story including facts & figures about my discovery are published in my books, and these notes will go down in other future history books. I will not stand to be victimized by anyone even by the police for any reason or people will go to jail, you have been warned. I am not your average person, there are many things I do not do compared to normal people, I have different thinking and live in three real world that I move in and out of every day.

My world with another seeing eye

My third world is supernatural and contributes to my real awareness, I have known this since 2006 but has been with me all my life. My different worlds make my life more of disability than anything else particularly with socializing, I seem to know more about people than they know themselves but can say things without consider other feelings. This holds me back and makes me cautious, I do not socialize much with because of the anxiety and stress I get from certain people, we seem to be on different frequencies. I went to a meeting near my home about so called coming of Nibiru, known as Planet X, Nemesis, Wormwood, Hercolubus or the Destroyer myth, so I went along to check it out. I was familiar with this topic but could not reveal to many details because it involved truths about the subject they would not be able to understand as a group. I did not want a blanket of negativity thrown over me so it was best to say little and keep it basic, mainly due to the knowledge they have been taught since an early age. This is one example, my family have never communicated with me much throughout life because our views and knowledge is at a different levels, the normal work place was bad enough, and only caused me to eventually loose my mind. I am founder of the (human mind body connection).

I am chosen out of all the people

Welcome to my world, there is no other person in the world this event has ever happened to. I have the only proof and the only chosen one from God and Satan to empower the Antichrist. I am the real Antichrist with the spirit of Satan that walks the Earth. I will also be dealing with the sick and stupid narcissists for threatening my life back in 2006, this I look forward to. There are many good qualities about me that normal people would not understand including my three unique and (real worlds) that I live in each day. I am also vulnerable in society because of my lack of contact and activity with people, but I do not know what else to do and have never been guided or understood by anyone, except for the powers higher than me. Being alone is part of the plan and my life is not suppose to be part of others, this all contributes to the here-say and why the University took advantage of me. Little do they know, I was using them just as much for my own protection and proof of my discovery is on their records. The Australian Prime Minister has contacted me several times and knows the truth about me self and the real Antichrist.

My dream, to see these people in jail

After the first semester I was forced to leave the university due to victimization, framing and defamation of my character had spread to many other people, including Head Lecturer, other lectures and disability staff who were suppose to be helping me fit into uni life for three years. The faggot Dean was also involved as he knew very well, what was going on inside of his faculty. I was an Asperger student with ability but the even attempted to get false reports put on my medical files to say I had a mental illness. What scumbags these low life normal people are! Asperger syndrome is not a mental illness, in-fact to me it means ability with talents that I would not change it for anything, other people have the problems that get passed onto us. My famous discovery happened to me in 2006 but was forced to bring it to the surface in 2013 due to (normal corrupt) people who had leaked my private information to the university. This is how normal people behave, they violated my privacy, my character and spread untrue here-say around due to their own delusional, stupid thinking  behavior. I cannot respect idiots like this! 

These people, too much for me

It was planned and premeditated to have me trapped on campus then to be charged with an offense by the police. The event was scheduled to happen between semesters, when I met the Councillor at reception we then proceeded to her office for a discussion with another woman who was already in the office. They were suppose to be there for my assistance with blending in at Uni but the other woman was there (dressed up) for the plan instead. After entering the office I noticed the staff member already there, dressed up like a barbie doll tilting her head (side to side) then the other woman came in behind me, sat down right in-front of me and spread her legs wide apart. I knew this was not normal and knew the victimization had started from the private psychologist I was seeing before I started at the university in 2013. This psychologist had orchestrated an event to have me set up and framed at the university using people he knew, and also worked there. He also thought I had the spirit of Satan or Devil, the university listened to him and together they wanted me locked away as naturally they would. They even said to me, they wanted to take credit for my discovery and had the equipment to reproduce it.

My discovery, most unique in history

Without any doubt, my discovery is truly the most unique discovery in history and something very nice to take credit for. The psychologist knew I was spirited by Satan and  also knew who I was regarding the Antichrist. I have over 10 other names including the devil which is a very miss-understood term that the university was probably told. They should have known not to do anything to me and should have known that I am smart enough to trap them instead, but they went ahead and this is exactly what has happened, I have trapped them with their own trap. The psychologist I was seeing was also the first person to realize who I actually was. The person he realized, was the Antichrist or Satan himself and even said to me in a frightened tone, “You are Him, You are him”. During the next session while sitting down, he read (two verses) out of the bible to me, in-front of me then made the cross sign in-front of himself after each verse. He was looking at me while doing this and read the verses from the bible. Out of all available religious text, the good man Satan is the only person who is actually real and this person is truly me!

Became a target due to here-say

I will release more info about myself, but would like to say first that Satan is not evil. Naturally I would say this but he is used as an escape goat and always has been. The narcissist best describe how evil people work and they drag down the community to suit their own needs. Evil is a force created by God that has manifested in humans beings and affects the masses like a disease. It does not matter who the person is, but Satan has always been used as an escape goat as the symbol of Satan depicts. Satan is also a real person that walks the Earth just like anyone else but no-one has ever known who he is. This person has the spirit of Satan and is the one who brings the (Human Mind Body Connection) to humanity. It can only come from a real person and is also termed the final the final peace to the human puzzle. No wonder they wanted to trap me, and take credit for this discovery, it will never happen again to any other person.

Satan empowers one real person.

The psychologist became irrational with his thinking as he because surprised and scared of who was sitting in front of him. Everything was going to his head which formed an illusion of the devil, demons or the Antichrist. This is the only conclusion and had influenced his friend and other staff at the university to think the same way. These professional clowns had seriously tried to harm my life and this is not to mention all the defamation of my character that took place and this would have been extensive to say the least. People that run down others because they assume to be a threat is the lowest form of achieving possible, this behavior will be a target in the new world. I can clearly remember the faces at the university, they had been told something and they all believed in it as-well. Well, I believe in JAIL.. so I hope they can like that.

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