business sanctum

Me Business Sanctum

The world is my inner business sanctum and holy place inside the dome of where I live. If you refer to someones inner business sanctum, you mean a place which is private and sometimes secret in which they can be quiet and alone if they want to. This can be seen in 2 ways, in one there are people who will not interact with others only when necessary, for me and I choose to be like this and that is my business. The other is a place for peace, thought and simple silence. To enter my life and business sanctum of safety and solitude you will be invited, have something to offer and only the few have been accepted.

The people I have in life already, are important to me as I am to them. Most normal thinking people are drag downs anyway that only beat you with stupidity, this has been proven over again. They only know what is wrong, cannot think for themselves, need to be carried through life and think they know better than you when they haven’t learned anything, this has been proven also. There is a long list of normal things that I simply do not do, as said most people are not welcome in my life because very few have the mindset required, and I do not ask for much.

business sanctum

Wise people will see further

Wisdom makes my business sanctum peaceful, I am wise because I have been there, I am learned because I had to, I am strong because I needed to be most of all. Being wise is to know thyself enough to see others and the world properly, not through the eyes of anyone else and there is much to know if you can. When I learn about the world instead of being taught by others who think they know, peaces come together like the final peace to the human puzzle I have founded. Truth has risen in my business sanctum and have woken up in the world I live with. What about you, do you know the world you live in?

My personal business sanctum involves much more. No person ever mentioned via news or internet is the actual Antichrist. First, the Antichrist or lawless one is founder of the (human mind body connection), this is significant and the main identifying criteria few people know about. This discovery is known as the final peace to the human puzzle or gift to humanity that only occurs once in a certain person who walks the Earth and that person is me. I am the actual Antichrist!

business sanctum

Wise people intuitively see further

My discovery was the first indication, that something very special had occurred to me. After ten years of researching my life and signs from other people, I am forced to realize that I am the Antichrist. All arrows point to me and other people know this including the government of my country. I live a supernatural life and many experiences are considered miracles, there is no other explanation. I am not gay, it says in the bible the Antichrist is not interested in women, this is true, however I do love women very much but I am interested in one woman only, there is a difference between women and woman.

Multiple sixes appear throughout many areas of my life and definitely are supernatural. My name calculates to 600 60 6 exactly how it is suppose to, in given numbers, addresses, license, passport, dates, DOB, and much more. I come from an island, Australia is the largest. I have the scar on my forehead, a connection to royalty in two countries, my thinking is unimpaired, clear and also known adverse to normal which contributed to my discovery. My middle name is Lionel which means little lion, the little lion has a (little horn). I am the Little Horn!

business sanctum

Great leaders do not follow anyone

My business sanctum I am not religious or atheist, I know we have gods and I am not here by accident. Some professionals know who I am, I am not one of fame, fortune or significance, but have the mind and ability of a great leader. I have always known this throughout life. I do not seem to need people like others, only known people as associates and probably why I am interested in one woman only. I know that I am chosen, this has been indicated to me through forms of communication including music and English not from man kind. My supernatural life makes me feel good, this is also very true!

The miracles in my life come from God including the (Human Mind Body Connection), I will not say I am God almighty either because that is not true. Finding the Antichrist is knowing peaces to the puzzle that only he can explain. He is different and not all said about him is true, nor will the peaces fit together from anyone else. I found it amazing find these peaces myself that tells me and other people, that I am the Antichrist. It was even harder to talk about this years ago but easier now because others know, and the time has come to show who I am and meant to be.

business sanctum

Top of the hill, cnr Nix & Zions ave

My name is David. Zion is the biblical name for the land of Israel, it is commonly referred to a specific mountain near Jerusalem (Mount Zion) on which stood a Jebusite fortress of the same name and this was conquered by David. It was then named the (City of David). Zionism is also a political movement that supports the state of Israel as a Jewish homeland, originally rising in the late 1800s in the region of Palestine.

My private sanctum started on the cnr of Zions & Nix ave, trapped in the same house for (36) years. The Antichrist is known by several names, one of those names is Old Nick. When you travel along a road way you always (turn into) another. So does (Zions) turn into (Nix) or does (David) turn into (Antichrist). It is both and my life’s plan seems to go back before I was born. The time has nearly arrived for the Little Horn, the Antichrist and prince of this world.