Private Sanctuary

Please note: If you are a self proclaimed skeptic, (do not waste my time, do not respond to this website). I am not here to convince you of anything, and quite frankly I do not have to. If you do not understand, believe or cannot comprehend my life story then keep away stick with the one you have got, this may be is too good to be true (for you). Thanks.
David Lionel Lloyd

My Private Sanctuary

Life is living in a room where I am not disturbed and now after leaving the work place, I consider it a private retreat or sacred workhouse for myself only, free from other people. I usually talk to shopkeepers only, I do not like negativity and prefer it this way however, my life will explode with attention soon and cannot really say I am looking forward to that. The Antichrist will attract attention there is no doubt, I can see this as imminent and this will start inside my own country first. Records to be broken as done in the past and have often surprised people with the things I do, probably because I have never been understood by anyone until recent and obviously something that requires ability to me.

David Lionel LloydMy life is amazing even for me, and a little stressful at times but it’s all part of the private sanctuary. I live in three separate real worlds, one of which is my supernatural world and I see in my own mind, the reality of the (new world order), this is a private world in my mind and is nearly time for me to physically join it. Over time interaction and support with political leaders is necessary to guide humanity to the next evolutionary level and immortal world. This involves new laws for more freedom plus the best education and resources for all people. Since discovering the Human Mind Body Connection, it has caused me to continually think about and plan in my mind this (new world order), which is real and will surly be integrated with man kind in the future.

David Lionel LloydI have been guided by powers higher than human through my life and have proof that shows this, I am also known as the (chosen one) from this power and the (only man) to have this unique connection. There may be others at the highest level of the human hierarchy that also have this connection, but am not sure about this. I have researched back through my life since my discovery, and realize my involvement with this higher power goes back before I was even born. My ancestry tree also connects to the highest powers on Earth and this all fits together with the rise as the Antichrist, prince of this world. The New World Order will change the thinking of typically man to be more accepted by himself and also to other races not from this world.

David Lionel LloydWithin the private sanctuary and all the arrows that point to me as the Antichrist, I am in-fact not a religious person like many others, but why is this. I have spiritual awareness of our Gods and my thinking is adverse to the normal, which is why I understand the necessary changes needed for the New World Order. I have also been conditioned for this roll mainly through education which will carry me through to the immortal future. My discovery, the (Human Mind Body Connection) opens the immortal door allowing myself and others in the hierarchy to commission the new world order for the future ahead. Humans will be able to live healthy full lives again & over again with the same mind without loosing information, seeing further beyond this New World is all part of the private sanctuary and even more difficult to understand. Think about travel time in seconds, robots without moving parts, communication by thought, light frequency weapons, living as real opposite sex, some people today will experience this reality centuries ahead.

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