Darkest Sanctum

David Lionel Lloyd

Living Darkest Sanctum

Life has been full of darkness for me, from the age of fifteen I felt a mild difference creeping upon me which had built up and lasted thirty three years to when I completely lost my mind. This was a build up of activity and pressure in my mind to the age of forty six, when I had to stop what I was doing at the time and let the (Human Mind Body Connection) occur. This is very significant and supernatural event that happen to me and I am the only person in history this has ever happened to. This was also due to the personality disorders of other people, opposite to my own that only confused me without any support. This condition named Narcissistic Personality Disorder displays a pattern of deviant or abnormal behavior that is so bad, that it creates carnage on those people who are unfortunate enough to experience it. This dysfunctional behavior involves such callous exploit -ation of their victims that it has given birth to a new condition known as Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome or Narcissistic Victim Syndrome and have suffered from these sick people all my life, so called friends, family, work colleges & government have impaired my life with this behavior.

David Lionel LloydWhile plenty has been written medically about (NPD), little or nothing has been written about (NVD) which at least, can leave the person with post traumatic stress disorder for life. My sanctum of darkness started around the age of fifteen, doctors said it was only activity in my mind and that was all there was nothing else wrong with me. Today after years of research I know this was due to my different or adverse thinking to NPD, together with Aspergers syndrome which I have been diagnosed with. Aspergers is a good difference and completely opposite to the common narcissist and psychopath which is why activity had continually built up in my mind for years.

David Lionel LloydThe work place was a real game changer for me when I first started and said to myself, who are these people and what is wrong with them. This had started me off on a life long journey to find answers, learn about the psychology of people and why they constantly do the things they do. This was a mission out of interest and also needed to find out why people behaved the way they did because it greatly affected me. I knew I was an intelligent person with stable proper thinking but I did not know about Narcissism early in life and this abuse has had a major effect on me. Today at fifty five years, I am still feeling the effect of narcissistic abuse in the work place and still experiencing it from my family, however this will subside and one day I will be free.

David Lionel LloydThere was no success in the work place for me and not because of my ability, there was narcissism and victimization that always dragged me down and this always came from the hierarchy. The better you are the higher you go, but at what are they better and at who’s expense. I am an honest, literal and logical person that could not survive in the work place no matter what I did, it only caused me stress, pressure, negativity and confusion that eventually made me loose my mind completely. I had also been set up and framed several times resulting in Post Traumatic Stress and Narcissistic Victim Syndrome further down the track, I also came close to loosing a finger and an eye due to stress and incompetent management that still scares me today many years later. It was not the industry I chose, this behavior is everywhere and the better you play the game, the more success. I experienced hierarchy victimizing from here-say, seen management set up accidents, one manager arrested by police, set up and framed by university staff who (will be) jailed, corrupt incompetent professionals you are suppose trust and the stupid list goes on.

David Lionel LloydKnowing these people in the work place can be a bad experience and enough to impair your trust in everyone, this disease in other people has kept me in a sanctum of dark for many years, however lights are shining through after realizing who these people are and particularly who I am too. I have a purpose in life and these people could have something to do with it, not quite sure but it could be feasible knowing my supernatural world. It is said in scripture the Antichrist will succeeds in everything he does, if this is true then it has a lot to do with authority and the company keep by the Antichrist, because I am not on the level of normal behavior and have been a victim of narcissistic abuse for over thirty years without support, however this will fade over time.

David Lionel LloydAt age fifty five I am still in my sanctum of dark from the closest people to me, if this is the way they are then it’s fine by me and it’s meant to be. It is all because of narcissism and there is no point in sharing my time anymore, I have learned this from others including family and I am better off on my own anyway. The time I have is important and the last thing I need is negativity and narcissism, I would rather be on my own than put up with that crap. I am autodidact anyway who likes to study, research and learn, I have no time for people who cannot even communicate or speak properly, however I do talk to shopkeepers when I have to. I also speak to one other lady who knows me well and the story of my life, it takes one person only to cause a lot of destruction and quite often with these people, they end up destroying themselves too. Jails are full of them!

David Lionel LloydThe narcissist will always create the darkness within a group, but for me a sanctum of light always comes on somewhere else. I am happy to understand my own life and the behavior of others, particularly the narcissist who can be trapped if you know them more about them, than themselves. Make them be unaware of your knowledge and when you know them as well as I do, you can actually set the future ahead and trap them like (checkmate), I have mastered this skill like a fisherman and many will be going to jail where they belong. The good should study up on these people and to know how they operate, it will give you the upper hand and also more freedom. They will restrict your life if possible or even destroy you if given the chance so as far as I am concerned, I will do the same to them and trap them like an animal. In the right situation knowing these people and what goes on behind your back will only set the stage for (their future) ahead. They will not know what you know about them and the the (glory traps) can be laid at the right time. My (How To Trap A Narcissist) instruction pdf will be available soon.

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