Freedom Humanity

David Lionel Lloyd

True Freedom Humanity

The Human Mind Body Connection is discovery once only, by one person only that walks this Earth, and that person is Me (David L Lloyd), I can be referenced to the good man Satan and self realization plus the reverse engineering of my life started after finding this discovery back in 2006. I knew at the time I had discovered something (very significant) and later realized the life I knew which was going to work every day had to change as soon as possible. The common work force was the first area of change I had to deal with, I was trapped in this psychopath environment and knew that I had to break free somehow, this madness was the very reason why I had lost my mind.

David Lionel LloydOur Freedom Humanity is immortality which comes from the Human Mind Body Connection, it’s all about how the mind connects to the body and communicates with the physical brain. Immortality is the process of storing the minds information which would most likely be on a computer hard drive then uploading the mind to the cloned body. Towards the end of human life the mind will be copied, down-loaded and stored so to be up-loaded later to a cloned body, the clone would quickly grow from a sample of tissue to the age of about twelve or thirteen. Time to do this will not take that many years, the body can be grown in a relatively short period of time and the process repeats itself life after life with the same mind. Juneapi is an invisible creature of light energy who looks after her young, she likes it outside mostly but also comes in my home. She has turned the ceiling fan (on and off) many times and exploded a large light bulb when it was not turned on, she was probably near it or crawled over it, I see no other explanation for this.

David Lionel LloydThe immortal hierarchy system is part of the gift, as the generations pass the human pyramid grows and eventually after a long time we become our gods, and this is mentioned in biblical scripture. Even though man has not evolved from apes he is still subjected to evolution with the Human Mind Body Connection or gift of immortality contributing to this. The main part of this gift is Satan himself, if not for He the people would hot have the future prosperity of immortality that he brings. He is a real person that walks the Earth because he has to deliver only what a real person can, he will also guide humanity with the help of others in the New World, through to the divine New World and immortal system for the next 1,260 years. This is also referred to as the reign of the Antichrist that oversees the one world government system. 

David Lionel LloydFar into the the future resource based economies will exist and the need for money will not be required. This is all part of the divine new world designed for minimal to no crime, peace and equal opportunities for all nations and the people if you want it. New societies will be guided by teachers on different levels and people will evolve to be self teachers instead of being taught only what others you to know. When you only know what others have told you like in the schools today, you’re a slave to the system that has to control you, this will not be the case in future years. People will learn as much as they can by themselves, and a new language (telepathy and English) will blend societies more and only one clean power source will supply the entire Earth.

David Lionel LloydMost power generated today uses valuable resources, pollutes the environment and is visually seen as an eye sore compared to the rest of the environment. This new power source is hidden from sight, easier and cheaper to operate with no impact on the environment at all, it is safe, can be used anywhere on land, water, sky and motorized transport to name a few, this is another gift that Satan brings. The most significant freedom humanity gift is the Human Mind Body Connection that will transform the world as we know it to the immortal world for man-kind in the future.

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