Immortal Psychology

David Lionel Lloyd

Long Immortal Psychology

Why Psychology, I have been interested in psychology and the thinking of people for most of my life, primarily because it is different to mine and have always been curiosity mainly to help myself with others, why they think the way they do. There is always changing psychology world wide that affects the people, however it all comes from the same source/level and there is a long list of things I simply do not do. I was driven to study psychology and have done so for many years, not only to get questions answered but to find out what makes people tick in what appears to be a backwards world, and why is my thinking so opposed to this normal. I have learned a lot from my personal studies, research about the world and what I know today, it settles me for tomorrow and this will be so.

David Lionel LloydThe main key for my life has been to know how the world works because it governs how the people think. People are unaware of the time peace we live on and the mechanics behind it, similar to an animal being trained there is no need to question it, however for the ones that do they not only find out the truth but it’s a very warm feeling to know it as-well. Knowing myself is all I need, after all I am (The Adversary) due to my thinking compared to normal and also know that I do not have any of the mental illness normal people have which has also been an impairment. Many people have depression, narcissism, are psychopaths, sociopaths, delusional, insecure, jealous and much more, they even need other people to help me through life. Although anxiety has been an issue sometimes, this is understandable, temporary and have the support I need.

David Lionel LloydMy family are no support, they would not know what it meant and have never understood me at all. They say I am crazy because of my thinking and I think they are retarded because of there’s, we are too far apart and have only received negativity anyway. I continually move forward on my own and teach myself different subjects others would struggle with being taught. No-one has ever learned from me, listened or want to know me and communication has always been poor. I have tried to hang on to family but they have all gone from my life now even though they are all still alive, which is not good but I am thankful for what I have and the future chosen for me.

David Lionel LloydThe Human Mind Body Connection occurred with me probably because of literal and logical thinking and not being able to figure out the world. I had also been forced to put up with normal thinking in the psychopathic work place for over 30 years which had only filling my mind with stress, activity and pressure until the eruption. Unlike other people caught up in the cycle with monsters, corruption and madness I am happy to be away from it now, after all I have two other real worlds I would rather be in anyway. One of these worlds is my divine supernatural world which will come to the surface more as I am known to the world, and the psychology of this is realized.

David Lionel LloydThe Antichrist will be part of the New World Order system for the people and will build his empire in health care and medical services around the world, an elegant woman will also play an important roll in the Antichrist empire. The Antichrist is not the God almighty, he has been chosen to represent our Gods and will deliver only what a real person can for the new world and one government system for the people. The Antichrist will join forces with an existing world empire to eventually monopolize the entire industry with top quality and affordable health care services with the support of government. This move is not a take over of any existing company but a positive move forward and essential blend for the New World Order, no need for competition eventually providing medical services and health care managed under the one roof across the world.

David Lionel LloydManagement in the future will differ from today, the need for narcissist and psychopaths will be less in demand and these people will become more of a target if anything. Jails are full of them, they are sick people in the work place, skilled with manipulation, incompetent and also known as the legally insane. Many people cannot see what is in-front of them but proper management will know them easily and can read them like a book. They attempt to destroy any threats, run people down below their level, stop the flow of information and have no care for anyone accept themselves, this will not be accepted in the future and not the direction for the New World Order. The Bible says the Antichrist will rule the world against this evil for the next 1,260 years, and this will all be made possible with perfect cloning and the Human Mind Body Connection.

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