Light Energy Sanctum

Light Energy Sanctum

My Light Energy Sanctum

From darkness to light energy sanctum which has always been with me but very hard to see. Three lights have shined down recently, before there was only darkness and stress in life so I am grateful for my new found sanctum of light. The first light came from understanding myself which helped to understand others, second is to be understood properly by another human being which has been important to me and I am grateful for. The third light came from the acknowledgement of my supernatural world or new world as referred to, which is very important and combines my (three unique worlds) together that bring rest and harmony inside me as a single person.

The turning point was my supernatural discovery > The Human Mind Body Connection, this was an event that happened causing me to completely loose my mind or otherwise termed human software. This was due to a build up of activity and pressure in my mind over 30 years of my life, not understanding myself and not being understood by other people. At this time I was completely confused with life and my adverse to normal thinking had cause my mind to erupt and separate away from it’s normal resting position around my brain. I am the only person to walk the Earth this event has happened to and the (mind body connection) is only discovered once by one person, and that person is me.

Light Energy SanctumThis event left me completely mindless with (no knowledge) at all for a short time before my new clear mind returned back the same way it left, it then RE-positioned itself back around my brain ans is now clear and completely stress free of the activity like it was before. I had a new stress free mind or the same one repaired retaining all of my memory and information. This event took place while kneeling down against a large pole on the grass next to a road way in the town of Botany. Everything seemed to stop during this time in 2006, it was one minute of silence that has completely changed my life.

The mind communicates with the physical brain that processes information to the rest of the body. Without a mind or software processing information to the rest of the body, nothing would work, in other words I was completely useless. It was this point forward with a clear thinking mind, my light energy sanctum started to shine upon me with more understanding about myself, why the event occurred and how it has given more understanding about the world many years later. I was later diagnosed with AS which may explain why I lost my mind, however I was expected to live a (normal life) with a different thinking mind or adverse to normal thinking , this was never understood throughout my life nor were the problems I was having.

Light Energy SanctumAspergers is a gift to many and famous, successful people from all walks of life have been known to have this, but if you or other people do not know you have this it can be an impairment and drag your life down like it did with me. This caused me to live a life of confusion, stress, anxiety with activity in my mind every day and eventually I lost my mind altogether. This was largely due to negativity and my constant involvement with normal people, I was trapped in this negative world with no escape and was considered to be stupid and crazy by the very people I thought the same about. My family for example have not spoken to me, never wanted to listened and never had the ability to understand, they have never been a help to me.

I live in three opposite, separate and real worlds and the worst of these worlds is the normal one of course. If you (do not) like honesty that is your problem but through my eyes, I see most normal people to be mentally ill or deficient in some way but function well accordingly to normal standards. Corruption is paramount, the drug addicted, murderers, rapists, thieves, scammers, religious cooks, control freaks, the negative, and stupid, the list goes on, who can you trust? Not many and I am lucky to have my other two worlds that teach me and give me the freedom I need, which is a sanctum of light for my life. I am happy to stay away, I talk to shopkeepers only, and a beautiful woman that understands me, I am happy with that.

Light Energy SanctumI have met a beautiful woman through my supernatural world and she is the second light I need to shine on my life. It is important for me like other people to be understood and this lady does it perfectly and professionally, I am lucky and grateful to have such a person in my life. Before I met her I was a mental train wreck stricken with anxiety, once again due to normal behavior and I know as-well as she does that I was guided to her from my supernatural world. The proof is astonishing, she has been chosen to help me and if she wants to be part of my supernatural life in the future, she will let me know when ready, I will have to see what happens.

The sanctum of light from my supernatural world has always been part of me and shines upon me even more after discovering the Human Mind Body Connection (2006), in addition this discovery also provides the guidance I need for the coming New World Order. My unique discovery is the trophy of supernatural events and also known as the final peace to the human puzzle, it has personally opened up my future to see everything inside that needs to be done. Since then I have researched past years of my life and experiences to this date which astonish to me, is unbelievable to the normal but understood by one person only so far, who has the ability to understand me, she is also amazed with my situation and the future that lies ahead.

Light Energy SanctumI speak about these three areas of light because they have brought my worlds together so I can truly live in more peace. I may not be happy with everything going on around me and settlements are yet to be made with corrupt people, but inside my soul I am at peace. It has taken many years but I needed to know more about myself and needed someone else to understand me as-well, this has been important and also very hard to find. Typical normal people have never had what it takes to understand me, the peace I have now has come from desperation and meeting this exceptional person. This person has listened and understood me properly, she is exactly what I have been looking for and the very one that has given me peace of mind.

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