Living Intelligent Light

David Lionel Lloyd

My Living Intelligent Light

This living intelligent light is wonderful to me, all forms are very beautiful and only tell me how special I am. They are special too, evolved long ago and are forms of life from a different frequency. I have received communication from somewhere and if from man-kind, we are far more advanced than we really know, or has it really come from somewhere else. Note, that I do not have time for negativity or skeptics and fully aware there are humans so inadequate themselves, they have to run other people down just so these pathetic babies can feel secure. The human species scares me most and by far the most dangerous, the one who knows you best as an intelligent person is you who will grow from what you learn, never from how someone thinks. You were created in order by designed for this world like the atmosphere, plants and the animals here before us, then man came destructive man with his competent grin, low IQ & multitudes of mental illness.

David Lionel LloydIn the beginning Earth was covered by water before land with no oxygen before the trees and plants arrived. The land was formed assisted by lava, lava domes and plate movement that raised the ocean floor, plants and trees then came along to be part of the world and provides oxygen for the life we have today. As time passed, creatures were formed that use oxygen from trees and also many plants that give us many signs and health benefits, and the process of perfection has expanded to this today. Our animals are unique for this world just like man-kind himself but man has a long way to go, he is not only the most intelligent species but also the only species that needs assistance to survive in this world. The gift to humanity kicks off the next stage for this species that will take him to the next level and far beyond. All people living today except for the selected, will not experience the divine world ahead and all that it has to offer.

David Lionel LloydAs mentioned, I move in and out of three different, unique and opposite worlds every day. As said, for any negative skeptics this site is not for you! My unique images come from recorded videos that have captured these creatures made of light energy, plus other intelligent real life, not normal from this world. The picture below is an example of this living intelligent light before the release of new orbs. Orbs will fly to and from the web chamber and the mother (spider) I call Juneapi6 is always close by, there is more than one but they all look similar. The chambers are attached to Juneapi and there is other similar creatures to her that also have webs, the webs seem to be an incubator of some kind that provides energy from the mother that takes care of them. The chambers glow very bright and I have even seen mother (Juneapi6) giving birth and attaching her (bright light) birth to the web for energy. These creatures are harmless, they are physical, have vision, memory, censors for touch and they nurture their own kind inside and around my home, this life is shown to me and shared with me from my supernatural world.

David Lionel Lloyd

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