Sydney Wallpapers

Welcome to Sydney Wallpapers. Use the buttons above to select category of Sydney pictures that appeal to you. All images are Giant size | 2816 x 2112 | pxs, so you can re-size or crop the pictures as you please. The first step is to Double click the (image) to see the full size, then choose a picture to download to your PC. Saving the image may take a minute due to the size.

Our Sydney Wallpapers are 2816 x 2112 in size and free to download. See pictures of the city of Sydney, the architecture around town, statues and fountains, people of Sydney, the beautiful harbor, street theater and entertainment, great food cafe’s and restaurants.

oie_png(5) Right click (Image), Left click (Save Image As) which will send the image to (pictures) on your own computer. Online Image Editor is a website you can save to your PC and is very easy to use.