Mindfiles Connection

Mindfiles Connection

Unique Mindfiles Connection

Found by David L Lloyd. Losing my mind the way I did was not a choice, but a process I was guided through from the start to finish. The (mind body connection) is the point where the mind which holds your memory gets separated from around the physical brain, and all information and content that is stored in the mind are actually stored in mindfiles®. The files surround the brain and are located in the Cerebrospinal fluid that not only acts as a buffer for the brain and also keep the brain buoyant, but also a conductor between the mind and brain. When the mind is separated from it’s normal resting position, mindfiles® compress into small sections that appeared in-front of my vision then after (one second), the files then few off to an area I refer to as (mind space dimension).

Mindfiles ConnectionAfter the first file accelerated off to mind space dimension the next file then appeared. My mind could have also transferred away to a higher power somewhere else and this vision seems just as feasible to me because I have experienced this. Mindfiles® connected to my physical body had transferred away from my body to another area or dimension, outside of where they normally rest around the brain and this is where my files were moved to for DE-stressing before they returned back the same way. All files are completely separated from each other when they left and returned back in the same order. Before the first file returned, all files had totally vacated from around my brain for about ten seconds, then the first file returned followed by the next until all mindfiles® had returned back to their normal resting position. Due to my discovery to this very day, I have been thinking about in detail and planning the New World Order.

Mindfiles ConnectionI am the (only human) this has happened to and have learned since, my mind could have been extracted by extraterrestrial or higher powers that oversee humanity, and I tend to believe this is the truth, this cannot be ruled out. I say this because (I am the chosen one) on this planet and the only one person that discovers the Human Mind Body Connection. This discovery indicates the Antichrist and the gift that Satan brings to humanity, for the ignorant Satan is a real person that walks the Earth. I have fitted many peaces to my life together and believe I am correct with how I think, until I am told differently but I know that will never happen. This all happened under extreme conditions due to the build up of fatigue, negativity and pressure over a long period of time, it was a process I had to go through in order for my mind to RE-settle or repair itself. Time goes back to my teens, through my twenties and thirties building up with activity, stress and pressure until the eruption occurred at age of 46 years.

Mindfiles ConnectionI am now 55, live in Australia and know that I am the LawlessOne, Antichrist and Prince to be. This may sound huge for some, but I am the person waiting and I live a very supernatural life. Some images on this site are from motion video, they are living and physical supernatural creatures not seen on the Earth but are around me every day. Some of them fly some do not and some of them I keep private from the rest of the world. I have written much information so far about my life including one book and several ebooks but there is only so much I can write about the Human Mind Body Connection, the rest is about my supernatural life and where my future is heading. I think and feel different compared to the normal average person, normal people only put activity and stress in my mind due to the way they think or behave, which had only made me completely loose my mind.

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