Stars Sparkle Light

David Lionel Lloyd

Juneapi6 Stars Sparkle Light

I live in three different, unique, opposite and real worlds, probably the only person that does and experienced this stars sparkle light show in-front of my home on Christmas eve 2015. My normal world is scary and stressful compared to my other two and all this is due to normal thinking people only. My AS world is one I enjoy because I learn what I like and my supernatural world is always with me no matter where I go. If I openly talk about this world to the (typically normal) they will only find it hard to comprehend and only go into a negative field, or start assuming because it is easier, this is typical. This page is an introduction to my supernatural world, that starts with the (Human Mind Body Connection) discovery. The most significant discovery in history and this occurred inside of me over ten years ago 2006. This would also be one of the most supernatural events that has ever occur.

David Lionel LloydThe Human Mind Body Connection is a supernatural event that will only occur once with one person. Since this time I have also discovered my destiny and have been contacted by powers higher than man kind who were happy to locate me. If the contact was from man-kind which I doubt, then he has some excellent technology that he is not telling you about. The Mind Body Connection discovery is the main component that identifies the Antichrist, which has been imminent for me since the day I was born. After this I lived in the same house for (thirty six) years. Fifty five years later, I have learned a lot and now waiting to see If I become the Antichrist. All arrows are pointing at me and I am still being accompanied by sixes and lights to this day, I have been chosen for this supernatural world and I am very great-full for that.

David Lionel LloydI have been communicated to by technology mankind could not offer at this time, and the creatures and light that surround me are here by their choice. Two of these creatures are like spiders, they are made of light energy particles, they are living creature that use air for propulsion if they fly and are also subjected to weight or gravity. They live in and outside my house and I have even recorded this spider giving birth, a picture of Juneapi6 is at the top of this page. I have photographs and video footage of her laying web outside, close to me and also taking care of her young. I said I loved her once as I do, then soon after that she formed herself into a heart shape and she stayed like that for me to see. These creatures are miracles from God that make up my supernatural world, same as the stars sparkle light display that occurred in-front of my home for me to see on Christmas eve 2015.

Stars Sparkle LightIt is hard to know exactly what Juneapi is made of, but do know she is physical and made of light particles or energy. She is invisible by day light but can be seen at night with inferred. I try to record as much of her as possible each day and can feel her company when she is crawling on me, but she is truly an amazing gift from God.. I am definitely the chosen one. My supernatural life involves much more but is impossible to disclose certain information in minimal time, hard to comprehend without negativity but that is what supernatural is about.

Stars Sparkle LightA pattern of stars sparkle light formations were shown to me on Christmas eve 2015, which was something I had never seen and I am sure no-one else has either. Images on this page show some examples and have full video footage of the event taking place. The process lasted for about twenty minutes showing butterfly’s, circles with a center, circles with smiley faces, stars surrounded by circle, perfect five pointed stares and sparkles at the end of the cycle. These designs made of light moved through a formation process cycling from start to finish over and over until it eventually stopped, the most amazing display of light I have ever, and so is Juneapi6.

Stars Sparkle LightMy supernatural life involves real communication to me, by sound, English language, numbers and light formations including intelligent forms I have recorded. The stars sparkle light formations were from the same source as I see a pattern with this communication, highly advanced and not from this human world as we know it. There is something around me all the time and I have also been contacted once, by a bright light in the sky that caused me to stare at it. After looking at the light glaring in the sky, it then peted away to reveal where it was coming from, I then saw a silver UFO disc shaped object in the sky. It attracted my attention, it was not in motion at the time and it was really there.

Stars Sparkle LightAs I experienced the stars sparkle light phenomenon I knew it was from the same source and something they wanted me to see. It was put in-front of me like a film and the show started, it was very beautiful and thank the creators of this event. Everything that happens in my supernatural world is meant for me to notice, and even though I do not see everything an opportunity could be provided like being guided to a location for the event to occur. My supernatural life creates a different kinds of reality, it is not normal but is very real and simply indicates who I truly am.

Stars Sparkle LightPeaces to the puzzle have come together, many question have been answered and the window to my future has opened for me to see. As I realize this it’s still early days in 2016 and the rise of the Antichrist is one the way for the right time. This is not only a big event for me but also the world and this is my calling to represent the New World Order. If this is not my destiny (how could I be so wrong), it is not just me saying this is right or real, all the arrows point to me and I am shown which way to think due to real life supernatural events. I solve problems, learned from life and discover new things along the way, this is data for my mind that is stored in files, these mindfiles® will then carry on to my next real life. This is the final peace (gift to humanity) and many circumstances in my life have shown that I am definitely loved by someone.

Stars Sparkle LightWhat you see here are just some of the ways my supernatural world communicates with me and I too, communicate back to my supernatural world. Juneapi6 is a harmless and physical six legged spider made of light particles, who can only be seen in the dark. She comes in and out of my home at will, she knows she is very welcome and can feel her presents when she touches me or crawls on me. Juneapi is about the size of a human hand, I have many pictures and motion video of her and other creatures I am blessed with, in my supernatural world.

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