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Ombudsman University Victimization

University Victimization OmbudsmanThis is a modified letter I sent to the ombudsman regarding the morons at Western Sydney University, who I am going to sue the shit out of. At this time I am being directed by the taxation department to pay a university (HEX fee) owing and would like this fee to the government or education department to be cancelled. I am writing to explain my circumstances best I can including my experience with staff at Western Sydney University (WSU) 2013. The treatment I received from this university had been forced upon me due to their issues, I was there to learn, study and earn my degree only, but could not do this due to corruption and victimization.

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Western Sydney Institute Corruption

Western Sydney UniversityNew World Order student fails corrupt Western Sydney Institute located Bankstown campus. Incompetent psychology staff have not only failed in their own positions but also the public who rely on them for education, these people will be going to jail in 2017. This will be done as soon as possible for justice to be served. These monsters hide within the systems they work for and mask themselves using words such as professional and superior which they are not. These maniacs are only trying to demand the respect they do not deserve, they use the companies they work for including Government to hide their behavior and hope that everything will simply go away when they get caught out. WELL NOT THIS TIME and the GOV will not be saving you. As far as I am concerned and indeed I am, you people will serve a long time in jail due to your moronic behavior being forced upon me back in 2013. This is what you get now idiots,, there is no escape!

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Kindergarten University Education

David Lionel LloydThe university education system has purposely run down and failed a student with Asperger syndrome and attempted to trap this student like an animal, so he would be sent to jail, and this is all true. The time will come for the university staff that did this, we will be waiting for you. University education is at its lowest point ever, and this particular university in Sydney’s west is passing people that cannot even read, write or speak properly and this is what they did to an intelligent student that waited all of his life at the age of 54, to do his chosen course.

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Asperger Syndrome Student

David Lionel LloydThis message is to reach various media groups around the world, to let people know who I am. Not just an Asperger student but the founder of the (Human Mind Body Connection) which is the most significant discovery in human history. Not only that, but it has been activated by extraterrestrial powers and I have had communication with this power. I have also published content about my discovery that explains all the details, the connection process, what I know about the discovery and how it came to the world. This involves a life story with Aspergers and..

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Corrupt University Dean

Corrupt University DeanHere we go again with this evil behavior, so called professionals. This time it’s the corrupt university dean but before we get to (this idiot), let us have a look at the other male lecturer who had communicated with the disability support to trap me. These people had developed a plan to have me trapped and charged with an offense on GOV property. What these criminals were hoping was enough evidence on audio to have me charged and put in jail but this is precisely where they will be going when the times comes. The corrupt Dean will be jailed for life for what he did. 

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WSU Staff Members

wsu staff members♔ All people should be aware of these sickos, the human disease or WSU Staff Members can ruin many lives. Look up the Fiefdom Syndrome for more information. This explains some of the traits of these people that have infested society everywhere, I talk the truth and say it the way it is, I cannot stand these creatures. They are an complete insult to intelligent people but we have to put up with them, their thinking is harassing, victimizing, negative towards others people, delusional and irrational, these morons are telling others what to do.. typical madness.

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Teacher Student Abuse

Teacher Student AbuseAnyone can be a Student Victimized if you bring knowledge to the university as this will intimidate the Lowest grade, who are Control Freaks and this had started from one female staff lecturer on campus at a Sydney university. It soon escalated to an event that could easily have cost me my life and done considerable damage, but these out of control people could not care less. I was set up and framed by university staff on campus which would have attracted the attention of Police and a record would have been recorded, this is what these morons tried to do.

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