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New World Order

David Lionel LloydWe are coming into a New World Order that requires the Antichrist to be King or leader of the New World for a very good reason, one of these is to have ultimate authority at the top of the world pyramid. The world needs a King pin figure to work with people and know the live they lead, even with the Illuminati and other elite powers. If you have any question regarding myself or the Antichrist please let me know, I would be happy to assist you. There are many stories concerning the Antichrist and what he will do but the real truth can only be outlined from the person himself. The main thing to know is that he is kind, good to the good & not part of any faith known today.

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Psychopath Manipulator

Psychopath ManipulatorPsychopaths are typically highly impulsive, highly emotional and are at high risk of substance abuse and incarceration. According to Joseph Newman at the University of Wisconsin, criminal psychopaths are about 3 x more likely to commit violence than other offenders and about 2½ x more likely to commit other antisocial acts such as lying and sexual exploitation. They are also very difficult to have relationships with because they lack social kindness and empathy. Researchers believe that psychopathy has roots in early childhood with those who show early lack of fear, indifference towards peers and appear callous in the face of emotion, are at the greatest risk.

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Dunning Kruger Effect Syndrome

David Lionel LloydThe Dunning Kruger effect is a cognitive bias wherein relatively unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than is accurate. This bias is attributed to a meta-cognitive inability of the unskilled to accurately evaluate their own ability level. So called professionals people are a good example, I also know a person who will not accept any knowledge that is new to him and thinks he knows what is going on, including with other people when in actual fact he knows very little and refuses to learn or be told anything. I am sure without a doubt, this person has Dunning Kruger Syndrome.

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Truth Around Narcissism

truth around narcissismIt’s a pleasure to provide information about this topic. Narcissists leave a wide trail of destruction and disruptive behavior across the world no matter where they are. At one end of the self-loving spectrum is the charismatic leader with his/her excess of charm, also known as the grinning idiot whose only vice is his/her effective manipulation skills. At the other end of the blade there are people with (narcissistic personality disorder) who choose to oversee others with superiority in mind, they hide within the systems at work and empire themselves around the company they keep. These people look for protection and are easily angered, especially when intimidated or don’t receive the attention they think is deserved.

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High Functioning Aspergers

High Functioning AspergersI would never say I would rather be without my Asperger mind. Thinking may be different but it is clear, honest, logical and I prefer it that way. Am also founder of the (Human Mind Body Connection) which is the most significant personal discovery in human history and Asperger syndrome contributed to this. I am also the supernatural person that brings this to the world and it only comes once by this one person. I am referred to by many names and mentioned in the bible plus other biblical script, my name converted to numbers is 1656, equals 600 60 and 6. Government, some professionals, police, councils are also aware of who I am and have proof that goes back before I was born. My life is very supernatural, have been contacted by technology above that of man, SIXES are significant and have different opposite thinking to other people but is not bad by any means, it is good, proper and simple for me, some say superior. I am kind, rational, fair and have felt separate to others from an early age. I have never been understood and only started to understand myself and the world I live in, after being diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

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Corrupt Psychologist

David Lionel LloydPsychologist are some of the most corrupt people in the (so called) professional arena. These people are not always a good idea, but I had to go through what happened at a corrupt university who tried to trap me to steal something I had. There is government corruption everywhere even at the university I was attending and they used the very people I chose to trust, which were (support worker) which had her legs apart in-front of me, so two woman in the one room could have trapped with an audio recording. However I just kept playing the game so I could win and trap them instead and that is what I did. When I noticed (this whore) I said, these people are (so called) professionals and they are all just as corrupt as each other. Psychologist for example, do not know why 80% of the people come to see them and less than 4% of all people that visit them actually get (some kind of help). As for more than 96% of people that visit these idiots, it is a complete waste of time and often they do more harm than good.

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WSU Staff Members

wsu staff members♔ All people should be aware of these sickos, the human disease or WSU Staff Members can ruin many lives. Look up the Fiefdom Syndrome for more information. This explains some of the traits of these people that have infested society everywhere, I talk the truth and say it the way it is, I cannot stand these creatures. They are an complete insult to intelligent people but we have to put up with them, their thinking is harassing, victimizing, negative towards others people, delusional and irrational, these morons are telling others what to do.. typical madness.

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Normal People Behavior

David Lionel LloydThe Normal People Behavior of (so called professionals) and who do you trust when you cannot trust them? For example: A disabled man saw Medicare about some referrals but they said he did not have any left to use and even though he had used up 10 sessions already this year, he still needed to see the psychologist, but there is no care there at all. This man had been seeing this (so called professional) for over 22 months but was forced to stop due to the problems this idiot caused. Hiding behind the curtains again is typical normal behavior.

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Human Mind Psychology

Human Mind BodyThe Human Mind Body victimization at a West Sydney University was extensive to say the least and at the time these corrupt people got busted, out comes all the lies and deceit to cover up their actions. These so called professionals in the work place are a disgrace and are nothing but stupid control freaks. What I have found is that you cannot even go to university without being screwed up by these stupid people which all seems like part of the deal when you are involved with the work place. I also look forward to the retribution that will come their way in the future, I will be very happy and the university knows this will happen too.

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Control Freak Monsters

David Lionel LloydCareless Control Freak Monsters at a Sydney university and in almost every corner of the work place environment. I cannot get it out of my mind how horrific the event was that could have seen me go to jail at University. Please note that if these people at UWS would have been successful with what they were trying to do, it would have had a devastating affect and what nearly happened certainly was at the low sub-human level. The shocking truth is however, this is what the public university planned and wanted to do and involved many staff.

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