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Supernatural Me

New World Order

David Lionel LloydWe are coming into a New World Order that requires the Antichrist to be King or leader of the New World for a very good reason, one of these is to have ultimate authority at the top of the world pyramid. The world needs a King pin figure to work with people and know the live they lead, even with the Illuminati and other elite powers. If you have any question regarding myself or the Antichrist please let me know, I would be happy to assist you. There are many stories concerning the Antichrist and what he will do but the real truth can only be outlined from the person himself. The main thing to know is that he is kind, good to the good & not part of any faith known today.

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Darkest Sanctum

XXXXThe darkest sanctum reply about me, from the age of fifteen I felt a mild difference creeping upon me which had built up and lasted thirty three years to when I completely lost my mind. This was a build up of activity and pressure in my mind to the age of forty six, when I had to stop what I was doing at the time and let the (Human Mind Body Connection) occur. This is very significant and supernatural event that happen to me and I am the only person in history this has ever happened to. This was also due to the personality disorders of other people, opposite to my own that only confused me without any support. This condition named Narcissistic Personality Disorder displays a pattern of deviant or abnormal behavior that is so bad, that it creates carnage on those people who are unfortunate enough to experience it. This dysfunctional behavior involves such callous exploit -ation of their victims that it has given birth to a new condition known as Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome or Narcissistic Victim Syndrome and have suffered from these sick people all my life, so called friends, family, work colleges & government have impaired my life.

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Stars Sparkle Light

Stars Sparkle LightI live in three different, unique, opposite real worlds and probably the only person that does as far as I know. My normal world is the one I have to put up with because of normal thinking people, my Asperger world is one I enjoy because I like to learn and my supernatural world is always with me. If I open talk about this world to normal people they find it hard to comprehend and usually go into a negative field, this is typical. This page is an introduction to my supernatural world and it starts with the (Human Mind Body Connection) discovery. The most significant discovery in history and occurred inside of me approximately ten years ago 2006.

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David Lionel LloydThis message was issued to the MTAA SUPERANNUATION FUND regarding a TOTAL AND PERMANENT DISABLEMENT CLAIM because I am no longer able and willing to attend the standard work force. What they do is hire a corrupt psychiatrist to assess your life in thirty minutes, who then writes a report to the superannuation fund saying that you are fit for work and therefore the fund does not pay out the money that is owing to you. The fund had better pay up this time because if they do not the entire board will be jailed, DE-registered from all qualifications and will have to pay a very heavy independent fines before their release.

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Light Energy Sanctum

Light Energy SanctumFrom sanctum of darkness to Light Energy Sanctum which has always been with me, but so hard to see. There are three types of immortal light that have shined upon me in recent years, before there was only darkness and stress in my life so I am very grateful for my new found sanctum of light. My first light came from understanding myself which helped me to understand others. The second is being understood by another human being which I am grateful for and this was important to me as-well. The third light came from acknowledgement from my supernatural world or new world as I refer to, which is very important and combines my (three unique worlds) together to bring peace and harmony to me inside as a single person.

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Private Sanctum

Star (29)My life is like a private room where I do not want to be disturbed & now after leaving the work place, I consider it a private retreat or sacred work room of my own away from the public. A private sanctum is how I like it but know it will soon explode with attention in the future and cannot really say I am looking forward to that, however it is imminent for me to rise within my own country. I seem to be on this path breaking records already and have always surprised people over the years with the things I do, latest involves sending mail to the GOV covering every square meter of the country.

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Immortal Psychology

David Lionel LloydWhy Immortal Psychology, I have been interested in psychology and the thinking of people for many years primarily because it is different to mine and have always wondered out of curiosity to help myself, why people do the things they do. There is also a global psychology affecting people but it all comes from the same source and there is a long list of things I simply do not do compared to others. I was driven to study psychology to help me find out why, what makes people tick in what appears to be a backwards world, and why is my thinking adverse to others.

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Freedom Humanity

Freedom HumanityThe Gift To Humanity is a discovery found once only by one person that walks the Earth, and that person is David Lionel Lloyd, otherwise known as the Antichrist or the man Satan. Self realization and the reverse engineering of my life started after discovering the Human Mind Body Connection. The date of this discovery is back in 2006 and knew at the time I had came across something very significant. It was after this time my life had to change and the first area had to be common work force. I was trapped in this cult like behavior and knew I had to break free somehow, the activity was rising and was the very reason why I had lost my mind.

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Living Intelligent Light

Living Intelligent LightLiving Intelligent Light is not to fear, all forms are very beautiful and only tell us that we are very special. I consider them to be very special also who have evolved long ago. We have communicated TO each other, I have no time for negativity or skeptics and I am well aware there are humans that feel inadequate enough themselves to restrict yr thoughts below their own, just so these babies can feel secure. The human is the species that scares me the most. Say to yourself often, I the one who knows me best, to be intelligent and unique and will grow from what I know is right not from what someone else thinks. You were born unique, designed for this world like the atmosphere, plants and the beautiful animals that were here before us, then came man.

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Mindfiles Connection

Mind Body ConnectionThe most significant discovery in history: Found by David L Lloyd. Found by David L Lloyd. Losing my mind the way I did was not a choice, but a process I was guided through from the start to finish. The (mind body connection) is the point where the mind which holds your memory gets separated from around the physical brain, and all information and content that is stored in the mind are actually stored in mindfiles®. The files surround the brain and are located in the Cerebrospinal fluid that not only acts as a buffer for the brain and also keep the brain buoyant, but also a conductor between the mind and brain. When the mind is separated from it’s normal resting position, mindfiles® compress into small sections that appeared in-front of my vision then after (one second), the files then few off to an area I refer to as (mind space dimension).

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