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HTML Computer Language Tips For Successful Website Marketing

Why should I learn HTML?

This is a common question with conflicting views, if you want to create fast and dirty web pages with no ambition to make them good quality or easy to access, then you can probably get by without understanding HTML. In such cases, a WSYWIG ↓ editor might be all you need but you must understand that you are taking a chance, your web pages may not work (even if they appear to work). If you
have a colleague who can check your HTML, then that will probably suffice but if you are even slightly serious about making web pages that people can access and use, an understanding of HTML is an absolute must. This doesn’t mean you need to learn the whole language, you just need to understand the structure of the language and have an idea of how it all fits together.


FAQ and Common Arguments

1. I’m not good at learning computer languages

HTML is not a difficult programming language, it is much simpler than others and on a scale of difficulty it’s more like the (secret codes) that children play with. The thing that makes it harder is that there is so much of it to learn, but remember you don’t have to know it all. Just learn as much as you feel comfortable with, at your own pace is best, otherwise it can be a bit overloading to learn. If you wish to take care of your own website with content, images and SEO then it is essential that you pick up this language, even spending a few hours learning the basic structure will help immensely with web-design or internet marketing industry.

2. I’ve been told that I don’t need to learn HTML

Don’t believe everything you are told. People who say HTML knowledge is unnecessary usually either have another agenda e.g. (wanting to sell you software) or don’t understand the reality of web design or home based business. Ask the opinions of experienced people in your industry although some will say you can get by without it, the vast majority will recommend you learn it. Making this choice out of fear is not the thing to do, especially since there is really nothing to fear. HTML is not like other languages but more important to know and you could be just afraid of it because you do not know it yet. This language is a must being your own webmaster, quite straightforward and once you dive in and start to learn it you will then begin to understand it.

oie_U5aH9zVerjn83. I don’t have time to learn HTML

It usually takes between 20 and 40 minutes to understand the basics. Within a couple of hours you can be making simple but complete sites and if you are willing to spend the extra time learning each week to get your business started at least, you will also gain a good understanding about how it all works. This investment of time will pay off many times over in this industry and just think of it like this, every hour you spend learning this week will save you an hour per month forever. Although the payback starts slowly you end up taking only a fraction of the time to get your work done and detail your website to the style you want. Knowledge in this industry is money in the bank.

4. Writing HTML is too slow

This is a common source of confusion but it is actually irrelevant. In most cases you don’t need to write HTML code, you just need to understand it. Keeping your (website code) neat and clean is also good practice for SEO purposes and website click response.

oie_Nx1MuSXdQvOy5. I have a great WYSIWYG editor so I don’t need HTML

There’s nothing wrong with good WYSIWYG software, it enables you to work more efficiently. As mentioned, the point is not that you should be manually typing HTML code, but that you should understand how HTML works. An analogy: A nail gun will help you build a house much faster than a hammer, but if you don’t know how to construct the framing and where to position the nails, your house is likely to fall down. It is best to learn how to construct HTML manually, then work with WYSIWYG tools if you need to, however there will always be times when you need to tweak HTML manually. WYSIWYG editors will never be perfect.

6. Isn’t HTML obsolete?

No. It is true that other languages are evolving and will probably replace HTML eventually, but HTML will continue to form the basis of virtually all websites for a very long time. In any case, HTML will give you a solid grounding before taking on new languages such as XML.

7. HTML is too limiting for my purposes

If your purpose is to create a web page, then sorry, but HTML is the standard. Love it or hate it, it’s what the web is made of. If you really want to deliver in another format (e.g. PDF), that’s fine. Just be aware that it’s not a web page you’re making so don’t expect it to work like one.

♆ Technically, HTML is known as a “mark up” language. Hence the name HyperText Markup Language. More information will be added to this section and updated when required.

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_1.A. All active BootCamp Modules. Click this TAB for Coach Eric’s main (index page).
_1.B. Once you have a HTML editor and ready to begin setting up your website, think about how you want the page to look and even draw out your ideas when designing your web page.
_2.A. Learn how to author HTML the right way, to create properly structured sites. Our courses cover the foundations, web semantics, writing for mobile devices, HTML5 and much more.
_2.B. Welcome to HTML. This is a series of seven that will calmly introduce you to the very basics of HyperText Mark-up Language. Click on this tab to learn more about HTML language.
_3.A. Why use Emmet? Most text editors come with some form of code completion to speed up your workflow. Emmet takes the speed of your workflow to the next level.
_3.B. These tutorials are set up so you can move through them one tutorial per day. If you can go faster, do it! However some have told me that they finished the primers in a day. Good luck.




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_4.A. HTML is the foundation upon which web pages are constructed. Even if you plan to use a web authoring tool such as Dreamweaver or WordPress or a CMS (Content Management System) that generates the HTML code automatically, having a solid understanding of HTML makes learning those systems much easier and ensures that you can work with the HTML code directly to fix any problems that may arise. Similarly, to create HTML emails or to optimise your web pages for search engines, a solid understanding of HTML is beneficial to work effectively.
_4.B. Learn to Code HTML & CSS is a simple and comprehensive guide dedicated to helping beginners learn HTML and CSS. Outlining the fundamentals, this guide works through all common elements of front-end design and development for your home based business.
_5.A. For most of us, coding is a foreign language that we’ll never understand, or at least that’s what we think. But there are some great tools out there that can help anyone learn how to write computer code, and it’s much easier than you may suspect.
_5.B. Welcome to HTML Dog, the web designer’s resource for everything HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the most common technologies used in making unique web pages.
_6.A. Learn about WordPress by watching these tutorials. Videos updated when necessary.
_6.B. Learn more about WordPress by watching the following video tutorials. Thank-you.

Knowing WordPress is knowing the back end of your business. Your website is similar to a shop, hosted on some land, with a domain name or address. Build your business and learn how to link to the most relevant people in the community and be the most popular shop on the street or in the whole country if you prefer. Our goal is to show you the network marketing industry, introduce the resources, the work required for success and help you to acquire the same goal as ours the easiest way possible. Why go to work when you can make more money at home.

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