Concrete Recycling Plant

Concrete Recycling Plant

Don’t get slapped by Concrete Recycling Plant at Moorebank

A FIRM WARNING: The Ultimatum is, carry on with this determination OR go to JAIL. No point in being nice!
These are the facts, this message is from the (Lawless One) Antichrist, I advise you to listen. I refer to the Planned Development at Moorebank Georges Fair. This is a (Call For Action) to change the development plans at Moorebank. If you go ahead with this project (I assure you), that all the above mentioned notified via email, will be arrested by police and taken straight to jail without question.. when the time comes. There is no in-between and that is where you will stay for processing if you proceed with this decision.

Jail is where you will stay while processing takes place. Your qualification will be stripped or made void, heavy monetary fines or freezing of accounts will apply, this is part of what will happen to you if you go ahead with the planned development at Moorebank Georges Fair. I know this has already been determined but I would advise you to reconsider these plans or you will be arrested, I assure you of that!

If you re-locate the concrete recycling plant to another location at least 3km away from residential housing, then no further action will be (planned against you). There are plenty of other locations more suitable. If this cannot be done, all those stated above will go where you belong and your lives will never be the same again. There will be no care what so ever and let me say, I will love doing this to you. You will deserve your treatment and I look forward to the time if you fail.

I have read material regarding this project that includes community consultation plus other locations and facilities, the traffic affected by this plant, flooding, pollution to the Georges river and the visual aspect close to residential areas. The impact of this forced upon this location is outrageous to say the least and dust will be a huge problem. You either do not care as you could, or do not have the intelligent as you should. Believe me it will be a pleasure to see you suffer if you go ahead.

I have also viewed your experience over past years which does not impress me, especially due to the current plans. It only makes me curious about what you have done in the past, which can be investigated and where you expect to go in the future, because if I have anything to do with it there will not be much on offer for you. You had better alter your thinking regarding this concrete RE-cycling plant or wake up to the devastating consequences I have planned.
Lynette Bloggs: I will very easily trash your (so called) distinguished career if you go ahead with this concrete plant development. Areas of expertise include, transport, infrastructure, health and safety, public sector ethics. After saying this about yourself and what you plan to do, I will enjoy seeing you where I want you. You were a former public servant, let me remind you Ms Bloggs.. you still are! You also say you were a Councillor of the Royal Australian college of GOV practices. Council ling what Ms Bloggs? People need council ling that have been affected by GOV practices and because of these practices from a prior event, many staff from a Sydney university will also be jailed with pleasure when the time comes. I cannot wait for this, and YOU will go with them if you proceed with this proposed plan to build a concrete RE-cycling plant at Moorebank. There is no point in being nice to you people, you will see the wrath of the ANTICHRIST down your throat if you push this agenda any more.
Abogirl Iceberg: Over thirty years of experience in planning, property, infrastructure and transport across both the private and public sectors. So called excellence in Local Government. This says one thing to me, I would love to see you in JAIL like many others if you fail to stop this development at Moorebank. It also seems you are no better than Mr Cook who had stepped down due to incompetence or perceived conflict of interest concerning the project, however the crime has not been committed yet. If this plant goes ahead, your criminal behavior will be against the environment, wild life and humanity.. evil or the legally insane will pay a very heavy price.
Barry East: Former member of the NSW Parliament, responsible for various portfolios expert in none, including lands and forests, conservation, land management and local government. What a disgrace, if you go to JAIL your accounts will also be drained if you go ahead with this development and I mean what I say Mr East.. I will do this to you. There is no more protection or hiding behind the GOV curtains.
If you (are not) using your biographies as a masquerade for criminal activity then you (will not) go to jail and no further action will take place, however many of you (so called professionals) are committing serious crimes every day as you hide behind the employers curtains and think you can get away with it, but not any more. There is a number of GOV employees already on my list and they will be jailed for criminal activity. Do not put yourselves on the same list, I hold no responsibility what happens to you what so ever.

I have nothing but hatred for these creatures and will remain this way until justice is served. These criminals also work for the same company as you and flaunt their qualification as you do too. They mask themselves as the good but true colors have proven they are the monsters good people have to be careful of, and you will be seen the same if you go ahead with this proposal. You can see who these criminals are and the truth said about them by going to the following link.

If you choose to devalue the lives of people who have worked hard for what they have, with no consideration for health and safety, and disregard for the Mayor who knows better than you, then I will devalue your lives with pleasure as you deserve. I will advise you to take note of who the (Antichrist) is and his purpose. I will enjoy dealing with those who should know better, particularly GOV staff. This is a FIRM Warning.. I will jail you for a long time if you proceed.

I remind you people (public sector ethics, Ms Bloggs), that you are public servants and do not forget it. You do not work against the people who keep you employed. I also know the rights residents have with this matter including the Mayor of Liverpool who knows best for the area. Not all Mayors have my support and they will get to know this, but in this circumstance I would like you to listen to the Mayor of Liverpool regarding this development plan at Moorebank Georges Fair.

Please note: To all involved, I will keep a keen eye on this planning. Remember you will be jailed, your accounts will be frozen, your qualification will be stripped.. with pleasure without any care at all, if you proceed. Have some respect try being creative instead, it’s the mindset of people like you that can stop the hate and create a better world for everyone including yourselves.

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