Control Freak Monsters

oie_2085941EL6w45UJCommonly Hiding Unsuspectingly in trusted work place areas.

Careless control freak monsters in every corner of the work place environment. I cannot get it out of my mind how horrific this event has been for me at University. Please note that if these people at West Sydney University would have been successful with what they were trying to do, it would have had a devastating affect and what has happened, certainly is at the low sub-human level.

But the shocking thing is, this is what the university wanted to do. They wanted me put in jail and have me charged with an offense that would have stayed with me all my life. This is what they wanted to do and tried to do, and I would have had a very hard time in convincing the police, the courts and everyone else that I was innocent and set up by the university, also trying to explain what had happen.

Guess who is going to jail at a later time, there will be at least ten people from the university so far. Who do you think people would believe, not only that but if I mentioned anything about my “Human Mind Body Connection” discovery or Satan, people simply would not understand me, nor would they listen. Typical normal people would not have the slightest clue in the world, they are too busy getting influenced by bull shit to pay any attention to the truth.

This is what these people at the University wanted to do and they had acquired all of their information to victimize me from the private psychologist I was seeing before I started. I would have been in a terrible predicament to say the least all because certain people saw an opportunity to take credit for something that was not there’s, or they were frightened by the thought of Satan the devil which is a whole load of shit also. These people have no brains at all and they have the audacity to call themselves professionals.

You should be able to see, that I would have not been able to prove my innocence on my own, and this would have ruined my life, mentally, physically and financially. I hope you can see this, what they planned and did to me was a thought about, planned and a premeditated attack on me personally. Then I was set up by the staff at the university, to be framed by two woman in an office as I have explained, then I would have been charged and put in jail. This is what they wanted to do..

People should be thanking me if anything, for bringing this discovery to the world as it will benefit everyone, instead of trying to harm me. Our thinking is very different, I know this and is very obvious to me, it is also the very reason why the Human Mind Body Connection has happened. My brain is physically different and my thinking is opposite to the typical normal. An example of this is with assuming, I never assume however control freak monsters or the (legally insane) do it all the time due to their deviating minds and lack of self control.

The Human Mind Body Connection has also given me a new world to see and go to.. I even have my own unique supply of power in my New World Order, that makes other power sources look primitive. My new world will be the coming New World Order and I go there in my mind, I think about it all the time and it’s my third and very unique real world that I go to.

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