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♦ Gas powered lawn mowers
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Living a Greener Lifestyle

Most homeowners today are concerned about the amount of emissions that they are send out when they accomplish any household or home and garden task. In a world where green-living is at a premium and we’re all trying to find ways to live in a more earth friendly way, a gas and oil powered lawn mower falls short. Electric lawn mowers are cleaner, lighter, and save money in the long run. Gas powered lawn mowing systems are not emission-free and they tend to require a lot of maintenance.

They are messy, louder than electric mowers and typically require a great deal more effort to mow your lawn than cordless mowers do. When it comes to greener home maintenance, electric mowers are far superior to the standard mowers, in emissions, maintenance and overall cost. Today, companies such as Earthwise, Black and Decker, Worx, and Epic bring you cordless electric lawn mowers that will allow you to reduce emissions and make mowing your lawn an easier task.

What Are the Differences-Gas vs. Electric Mowers?

As any good mower review can tell you, green power and particularly cordless electric lawn mowers are superior to gas-powered mowers in several ways.

♦ The electric mower has no emissions while the gas powered mower requires that you literally eat the fumes as you mow. There is no fumes or smells with cordless electric lawn mowers.

♦ Traditional mowers have a pull cord that is frustrating and can be difficult for older people to start, even woman for that matter if they want to mow the lawn, it is much easier to operate.

♦ Electric mowers do not have the amount of vibration and noise that are rendered by a traditional gas-powered lawn mower.

♦ Once the lawn mower is purchased, the cost of operation will be far lower for an electric lawn mower. Electricity is cleaner, and lower in cost than fossil fuels such as gas and oil. The electric cordless lawnmower is a cleaner, quiet alternative.

Cordless Electric Mowers vs. Electric Lawn Mowers

Having explored the differences between gas powered and electric mowers, we can take our review a step further and take a closer look at the two types of cordless electric lawn mowers which are available to us over the internet. Today, cordless lawn mowers are becoming far more popular. They start with a single button push and do not require the effort to push that a typical mower does, being much lighter. More recently, cordless electric lawn mowers have been rapidly growing in popularity.

The reason for this is of course that pushing a mower around a larger lawn and carrying a cord with you is difficult to accomplish. Making the switch from corded electric lawn mowers to cordless electric lawn mowers has been something that was halted only by the consideration of price in many cases. Fortunately, cordless electric lawn mowers are no longer cost prohibitive with many being very reasonable to buy.

cordless mowers which use a cord are virtually the same entity, but with one huge difference. Ease of use and that’s a big difference. The major issue which prevents most people from wanting to own a cordless mower is the need to deal with a power cable that follows you where you go. The electric cord that is necessary when using a corded electric lawn mower very clearly offers vast limitations as to how far you can travel from the source of your power and makes it remarkably difficult to navigate your way around items such as lawn ornaments, flowers, and shrubs.

Increasing the mowing range was accomplished by using extension cords; however, there are implications to your safety when you elongate the mower range by doing so. The risk of mowing your power cable increases the longer the cable becomes.

Enter the Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Cordless electric lawn mowers have literally no limitations at all. The only real requirement is that you ensure that your battery is given a full charge between mowings. Most cordless electric mowers will mow for about an hour or approximately a third of an acre prior to needing another charge. Some of the newer models of cordless lawn mowers have removable batteries which allow you the option of purchasing an extra battery and switching them out when one is exhausted.

An on-board battery slightly increases the weight of a cordless electric lawn mower, but they are no more difficult to push than a corded mower with the weight of the cord, and certainly more easy to use than the traditional gas powered lawn mower with the weight of an engine attached to it. The cost of many cordless lawn mower is-admittedly—slightly higher. The convenience that you obtain from the better technology and lack of a cord is well worth the slightly higher cost.

Important Considerations for the Purchase of Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

As with any other purchase, what you want to get from your cordless electric lawn mower, and how you plan to use it will make a vast difference in the make and model that you buy. When you are considering the purchase of a cordless electric mower, some of the things that you need to take into account are these:

♦ The amount of voltage that you receive. This will determine the power of the lawn mower and how efficient it will be at cutting thicker or longer grass.

♦ Batteries-length of mowing time, can you replace the batteries to get a longer mowing time. Consider also whether the mower is Energy Star compliant. This means that the actual charging of the batteries will use less energy and will save you money on the cost of powering your lawn mower.

♦ The bag assembly and the presence or absence of rear bagging and mulching capabilities.

The conclusions that we reach when we look at each lawn mowing system and type of lawn mower are inevitable. The cordless electric lawn mower is clean, energy efficient, and allows you to live a greener, more earth-friendly lifestyle. At the same time, you are gaining some very real advantages for yourself. While more earth friendly and, offering no emissions, the cordless electric lawn mower also offers you a a lower weight, does not require any effort to start, and takes less effort to navigate and mow your lawn.

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