✪ Corrupt Psychologist

Corrupt Psychologist

Pathetic (little man) psychologist has jailed himself for life/Ex block

E block is the last you go to and stands for one word only! The corrupt psychologist and other WSU staff members will earn themselves a place in history. This psychologist is the monster that has caused trouble for Western Sydney University, and also a person that good people like me are suppose to trust. All of these (so called professionals) are rubbish in this world that will not be welcome in the new world, this corrupt psychologist will only be (jailed in E block) when I catch him and that I will do. Even though I had to at the time, it was not the best experience seeing this corrupt psychologist. This monster set me up and organized with university staff members to frame me on campus, then have me put in jail by the support team I was seeing. What a disgraceful act of (so called professional) behavior and you may wonder why I call them monsters. Doctors are no different, they do not want you well and if you think they do, it is only part of the illusion you live in. At first I did not pay any attention to the (set up act) I was in for, but I kept speaking about the course I was doing, the routines I like and looked else where away from the ugly counselor with her legs apart ready to trap me, I could also see this person in my peripheral vision. As I noticed this behavior and what they were attempting to do, I said I had a new girl friend who was the psychologists daughter, I kept talking about the course I was doing, study and this was recorded on the audio machine for the trap. This is what they wanted, but has only backfired and these people will now be sent to jail for a long time.

Higher up the WSU ladder, the Less Respect they deserve

Corrupt PsychologistAnother reason the Dean would have known about this crap is because it happening right under his bum sniffing nose and also because at the meeting in his office, he said we do not want your type of people at the university. “What type”, what was he implying by saying that? The only way I can find out is by jailing them and forcing them to talk and that is what I am going to do. This had come from the corrupt psychologist poisoning the minds of UWS staff members and rippling out further to the corrupt-university Dean. I am the ONLY ONE who is (not corrupt). The corrupt Dean would naturally belie the corrupt psychologist over me, because the corrupt psychologist that does not even work for the university, knew one of the lecturers well and had also spoken to other UWS staff. This was the victimization that occurred from government staff on government land and is hard for me to prove because I am not on their team. All of these psychopaths are clearly a protected species of the government, that can easily ruined a life without any care. So why should I have care for them, I have more respect for myself than that and will show these criminal narcissists what I think of them how much I DIS-respect them.

Corrupt Psychologist

WS University have jailed themselves, the pleasure is all mine

Throughout my life it has always been me that has to watch out for other people, and yes I do consider myself to be on a higher level than most if not all other people. From the behavior of other people I am aware of and have experienced, I am definitely not your type and I am happy to be the way I am. Here is the corrupt university-Dean saying to me, we do not want your type at this university, and here I am thinking I would not want your type on this Earth. This is all part of the reason jail waits for these people, you normal people are far too stupid for me, you are all corrupt, criminal and incompetent right up to the highest normal level, which is still no where near my level. This kindergarten university education system tried to reverse everything to make themselves out to be right and innocent, and will say anything to protect themselves. That is why I need to protect myself from people in general, control freaks and narcissists are very destructive careless people. I cannot go to work or anywhere near the work place without striking this behavior and will never get over what has happened at this university. If you have herd the term (legally insane), it comes from the typical (control freak), narcissists and psychopaths in society, and many of these people are the deprived monsters you are suppose to trust. What an insult to my level. In 2013 alone, I have struck the worst corrupt psychologists, (so called) professionals, corrupt doctors, delusional lectures, hopeless management and they have the stinking disgusting audacity to consider themselves superior.

Look forward to seeing you Locked Up where you belong

Corrupt PsychologistThe corrupt university went along with the victimization, because they wanted to seize the opportunity to glorify themselves with the (Human Mind Body Connection) discovery, that is what they said anyway. Only I have known about this discovery for the past eight years before 2013, it happened to me mainly due to Aspergers syndrome and the excessive stress and confusion I was going through at the time trying to live my life with typically normal people. I have written a lot of information regarding this event, how it came to the world and this (phenomenal discovery) only gets discovered once by one person, and that person is me. I have also published a (cease and desist) notice to the university, as I would never trust these people and I will always be the founder of it. The (Human Mind Body Connection) was found by one person only and I would like to be recognized as the only person as I should be. I do not deserve to stalked, trapped, set up and framed by corrupt government workers, all they have done is put themselves in jail and that is where they belong. The whole lot of these idiots will be processed when the time comes.

Corrupt Psychologist

Table has turned, you stupids loose at your own game

You are all in (checkmate) and it’s going to be a pleasure. Game over you will never be free again. Many obstacles can be placed in your way as you would do to me, there no way I could trust any of you. The days you empire yourselves around other staff members is over, you will no longer have jobs and the whole university will go through a serious make-over to my specifications. You only do this behavior to protect yourselves from corruption anyway, and you abusive monsters have my personal details and identification which I gave to the university in good faith to do the course. These Monsters are the (so called) professionals I trusted in to do the course, and I would like this to be noted because anything may happen in the future that could relate back to what has happened in 2013. Especially since this corrupt psychologist had leaked out my personal information to the university where I was victimized, and also the doctor who organized with the Psychiatrist to put a false report on my medical file. All these people will be going to JAIL, to keep me safe and satisfied and also the community because as you can see, it is me that has to watch out for them. I really cannot wait to see these freaks in Jail, that is a prize for me and have been looking for this all my life. The corrupt psychologist and also a doctor he had involved could have caused major damage without any care, this duty will be returned in full and will have P.T.S.D from this to the day you are jailed.

From Dean to criminal, due to common Work Place behavior

Corrupt PsychologistI certainly can believe the level of you corrupt staff members, you are very common in the typical work place and I really do think I have seen the lot. The corrupt psychologist knew I was starting university in 2013 but did not do any preparation work to help me, he did completely the opposite and tried to harm me instead. Even the legal people at the university are trying to protect them and this I would advise. WSU legal will have to organize my compensation for their staff release and if they cannot do that, they go to jail also for life. The psycho psychologist had no reason to speak to the university, while I was seeing this man he told me specific information about the coordinator and knew straight away it was him that contacted the university to frame me. Living with Aspergers contributes to a level of trust we have in people, probably more than I should and when you are dealing with evil people, they will definitely take advantage of you if possible. Evil works through the very people you are suppose to trust, which is the reason they infiltrate the system to the positions they have. Satan is not the evil one either, he is used as the (escape goat) by evil, he is also the only one who can bring peace to the human race. 

Corrupt Psychologist

Vulnerable all the time in this backwards world order

Have always felt vulnerable in this world and usually needed someone with me, however I have never had support from family and have never had friendship support either, so I am very cautious and need to guard myself against certain people all the time. My situation in life with AS affects me more now than ever before probably because I am aware of it. It makes me feel more insecure within myself but less secure with other people. It has come to the stage in my life where I would like someone with me all the time and hopefully this can be achieved with the security I will need as the Antichrist, I am sure I will have security with me all the time. I think it is fair to say, some people have companions that requires company at times, but there are many men that only get married to have a mother figure in their life. What I need is a companion and a lover, someone intelligent, I am not a big kid that needs a mum I am looking for my piece of gold. The Mind Body Connection came from me due to my different thinking and the stress of normal people, on top of all of this is corrupt university staff and the victimization they forced upon me. The only other reason for them to trap me like they attempted to do would have been because they thought I was the Devil. I know this sounds weird but this is what they are, these idiots would not know (who or what) the Devil is and to think they wanted to steal my discovery and put me in Jail. It was premeditated from the Dean down to victimize like cowards.

I know quality well, but a Rare Experience with most people

Corrupt PsychologistThis can be a problem, mainly because I find it hard to talk to people in general apart from shopkeepers and being understood by normal people is almost impossible. I am not on their level for some reason, whether it is understanding, intelligence or the way I perceive things I am not quiet sure. I understand speech only most of the time and many noises can be irritating, these noises are often louder than tones other people hear. As sound being the main source of communication, other forms like body language and gestures are blocked out momentarily but I do see them later when I recall. Because I am use to hearing communication I literally take note of what I hear & operate in a logical way. I trust what people say because I think I should, however every day I reflect back or replay the day in my mind & I see everything I would have normally missed throughout the day, so I do get the lot eventually but not all at the same time. University should have gone well, but naturally due to the normal pathetic control freak, they tangle up my logical and literal thinking and very quickly life starts falling apart at the seems. This is normal for me.

Corrupt Psychologist

Dunning Kruger, know these people better than themselves

Numerous attempts have been made to destroy my life by organized professionals, but have only trapped them instead due to my better judgement and knowing how they operate. My private doctor listened to the corrupt psychologist just like the others, so I used this opportunity also to benefit myself again. What they wanted was get a report put on my (medical file) to say that I had a mental illness, which would only protect them. The doctor asked me to see a psychiatrist which is I did, and while in the room with this person, I went into detail as much as possible to talk about my discovery while he took notes and this is precisely what I wanted him to do. What he actually did was write a (legal document) containing the details of my discovery stating that it came from me, which it did and is signed and sealed. This was filed in the form of medical report, but is also a document that would stand up in any court of law if it came to that, and secures my (copy right) and ownership of the discovery. Without him knowing, this is what he did for me and only assisted me convicting the doctor that directed me to him. These (so called professionals) tried to trap me again but instead I have trapped them all with their own trap. I know these people better than they know me and can clearly see what they are like. These people will now be going to jail without care, why should I? They will only be released if suitable, after processing is complete. A single authority overrides any other.

Corrupt psychologist has screwed himself over

Corrupt PsychologistThe corruption is sickening from this little man that thinks he can get away with what he has done, well let me tell you, you have only made yourself a target and there is no escape from jail. A copy of this report however had been sent to the medical center and placed on file. At the time I went to the center to get a copy and they said it was okay to do that, only because I tricked one of the doctors in doing so because normally this would not happened. I had to do this because some of the information on the report was false and could have been used against me, this was a main concern at the time. I made it clear to the commission I was vulnerable to corrupt people, they call it narcissistic abuse syndrome but they too do not worry about that, therefore my decision again will be to send these people to jail for the decisions they made concerning me. They all protect each other and I am certainly not going to be controlled by any control freak managers who only care for themselves and will destroy a persons life to do so. The Dean of psychology will be targeted, trapped, jailed and stripped of qualifications when the time comes just as he did to me. I am very fair, in my world it’s an eye for an eye little boy! 

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