✪ Corrupt University Dean

Corrupt University Dean

Corrupt university, cuffs will be on this fag as soon as possible

Here we go again with the discussing behavior of so called professional people. This time it is the Corrupt University Dean, but before we get to this idiot of the faculty, let us have a look at the other lecturer, who had communicated with one of the support workers before she was moved from where they tried to have me trapped and charged with an offense. They tried to (set me up) in a room with two women, then have me charge by the police with something tilting towards a sexual nature. What these woman were hoping to do was to get enough evidence on audio to have me charged by the police with this offense. This is important and serious to me, which is why I am going to the trouble of writing all this information and much more, to explain to people what happened. At any opportunity, I will be explaining this event to people and the behavior of this university to as many people as I can. I will also contact other staff at the university if I can, detailing what has happened and letting them know my future plans, when the time comes.

Where ever I go Normal People get themselves in jail

Due to here-say and other information this lecturer picked up from the corrupt psychologist, she had then contacted this other person in the disability support section (now transferred), and then she contacted this other employee who was a well-being officer (Arhaha) can you believe it, another worker at the kindergarten university to have me set up and (framed), this is what they did but not with success as they would have liked. An appointment was made for me to show up on campus at the disability support section on a certain time and date, I have the emails to show this and that is what I did. At this time I entered this room with one woman already there sitting down, then the other bitch came into the room after me and then closed the door behind her. This is when the trap started to take place, they wanted to get something down on tape as I said before, one of them had her legs spread apart and the other one sitting there all dressed up like a sex doll, ready to trap me and get something on audio to give to the police. That was the plan and the amount of defamation that had gone on from this university was to the extreme.

Corrupt University Dean

Legs apart staff laid the bait to trap themselves

I went to the university between semesters as the email instructions said and went to the disability support section to meet the counselor. At this point we met then walked to this office on campus at the disability support section, and met this other woman inside the office. I walked in, sat down then the counselor who was sacked also sat down and spread her legs wide apart right in-front, she had stockings on and her legs were kept wide apart as if she was waiting for me to say something. I do not respond well to body language so I kept talking about myself, what I was doing at Uni and I kept on talking about this for quite some time. Even when I was talking this whore employee kept her legs apart as far as she could all the time. I also noticed the other whore sitting to my left, she was dressed up like a (sex doll), had heavy mascara and make-up, little dots on her face & was fluttering her eyes lids at me while tilting her head from side to side. She also had a short dress on but (not my type) at all with the audio recorder resting on her lap.

Get yourself on my list, you destroy Your Normal life

Ultimately they wanted evidence on record & this would have been the glue to their accusations and lies they made against me, and the corrupt university dean would have known about this. However I just kept talking about myself and even said I was happy with a new girl friend, which would have gone on the tape and just kept talking about myself. Then after a while had passed the two whore had abandon the idea of setting me up, because it was not going to work as they thought it would. I knew she had abandon the idea of trapping me, when she started to agree with me on a few things and at this time the other one had closed up her legs. Because I had my school bag and diary with me at the time, she was flicking through my diary as if she was trying to find something probably looking for information about herself, but I do not write anything down about anyone and never would. This is the political stupid stuff that goes on in the background which I am vulnerable to, however you can be vulnerable if I catch you and jail will always wait.

Corrupt University Dean

No hiding behind company curtains in a jail cell boy

It is frightening to know, but if anything was recorded and about women or something of sexual nature, this corrupt and dangerous university could have done anything they like which would have been enough evidence to have me wrongfully charged and put in jail. This is teacher student abuse that not only would have devastated me but also my family. It would have also cost me my home and completely ruined everything else in my life which is why they will all be jailed and stripped of everything they have. Fortunately I was able to talk my way safely through this (so called) meeting and eventually trap them instead. Shortly after this I contacted the corrupt university dean and while I was in his office he indicated to me that he was going to sack the WSU staff members involved or have them transferred, so why would he say that? Because they not only went along with the lies and failed but he also knows what I know about the corrupt university staff that carried out the process. He said some would be sacked because this would satisfied me and probably kept me away from them which is only more lies from this criminal and corrupt university dean. I look forward to seeing this moron behind bars and that I will do.

I will enjoy being cruel to a Normal Crim like you

This corrupt university dean in the work place, had contacted two hospitals to further victimize me, which was Liverpool hospital and Prince of Wales hospital at Randwick. This Dean had used his position of authority and told both hospitals I had a mental condition and recommended the hospitals to get an assessment done any way they can. Next I had hospital staff knocking on my door wanting to enter my home so they could get reports placed on my medical file, these would have been false reports of course and placed on a hospital medical file so he could access for his own protection. These reports would have stated that I was schizophrenic or had delusional thinking so other people would not listen to me or believe what I would say about them. This was the whole idea of these false reports and is a common practice people to do for legal protection. If they would have been successful, I would be jailing many more however, I am in fact the very person authorities will have to listening to. These criminal staff members from WSU have only sent themselves to prison, and the time will come. Very happy dayz for me.

Corrupt University Dean

Corrupt hospital staff support the criminal fag Dean

What next, the whole system is corrupt and it goes from one source to another. Click on the image to learn more. This criminal university then tried to hide what they had done by victimizing me even further, this is typical for the narcissist and control freaks to make themselves look as innocent as possible. The Dean contacted two hospitals so they would help him cover up what the university staff had done. First there was two people from the psycho department at Liverpool hospital who had arrived at my door, forced their way past the security system then tried to get themselves inside my home to get a report. This report would have gone on my medical files to protect the Dean and university. This was a psychiatrist and a nurse instructed to do this by the university so they would appear to be totally innocent. I told these (two morons) at my door (who are also going to jail) to go away and don’t ever come back. As said, the two of them had infiltrated past the security intercom to knock on my door. Anyhow the only thing these two people got was a report written about them and I sent that report off to the H.C.C.C but they too, are just as corrupt and a complete waste of time. All of these people will go to jail. I smile!

Be careful of So-called Professionals, trust at you own risk

Next was the psycho department at Randwick hospital ringing up my family. The hospital had phoned my Father at his house and said to him that someone from the University had contacted him in regard to my mental condition and the hospital also wanted to contact my private Doctor. The corruption behind these idiot people is staggering. My father said I did not have any medical condition except for Aspergers syndrome which is correct and did not give out any of my private information. I phoned the hospital after hearing about this and said they were not having any of my personal information, they also told me over the phone, that a woman from the University had phoned them. This was the same (so call professional) from the university that had started this trouble and was now using other people to further harass me for their own protection.

Corrupt University Dean

Face of Corrupt Authority but not under my rules

The two faced control freaks had used other people at the university in a number of ways including the Dean of the faculty to (stab me in the back), however all of this is over now but in the wake of all, there has been other issues left behind. Fortunately it has not hurt me too much but it could have injured me quite a lot. These people only get away with this behavior but not with me! The system will not protect them from punishment as it normally would, and this gives them continued reason to keep doing what they do. These people are the worst type that abuse their authority, and will only make me enjoy seeing them suffer more under my rules. No-one will be above the laws under any circumstances once I move into position, there may be leniency in some cases but no-one will be lawless apart from me as I deserve, and will show the world this is how it is. “This type” will have to get use to me in the future because corruption, particularly on larger scales will not be tolerated. Control freaks and psychopaths love their safe havens over other people, in my case it has been orchestrated on gov; land by gov; staff in gov; time and all work together to protect each other. I look forward seeing these people behind gov; bars.

Your normal is My Pleasure, be ready for lifestyle change

The pathetic Dean will pay the price for what he did and also for instructing others to do his dirty work. This is organized crime as far as I care and because it concerns me, there will be no mercy what so ever, I look forward to trapping you again Dean, this will happen. You knew what went on inside the faculty and supported the staff that victimized me like the grub you are, don’t you have enough intelligence to find out what is going on, and to know right from wrong? After the incident with the two disability support whores, I went to see the corrupt university Dean in his office as soon as possible. He knew about the whole incident and said to me in his office, that he did not want people like me at the university. What he meant by this exactly I am not sure, but I will find out. This tells me he not only knew about the incident and victimization but supported it right from the beginning, it was very clear from the Dean I was not welcome at the university for some reason and this reason came from the corrupt psychologist I was seeing at the time. This is the (corruption and lies) you get from from so called professionals people, that students in the public like me, are suppose to trust. When I get hold of you Dean, it’s all over.

Corrupt University Dean

Many close friends in jail for your processing

I am in the office of the corrupt university dean, it is him against me and you could not trust anything he said, how could anyone trust these freaks, listening to all the lies and scandal from these two dick heads that were there. I made a reply about something he said referring to the (three world’s) I live in, my Normal world, Asperger world and my New world, and at this point the other employee in the office indicated to the Dean about this, as if he had been told something before the meeting. Once again this indicates he knew about what was going on right from the beginning and was going to use this against me, but little does he know he will never win with me. I have him trapped now and will trap him again later behind bars. Lets see how the rotten mongrel likes that, I will have him trapped for the rest of his corrupt life. There was no regard for my private information what so ever which he then tried to use against me. I will use a lot more against this low life creature, and is going to be the greatest time in my life when I trap this person again and jail him for the rest of his life, and all the other corrupt staff will be joining him.

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