Eleven Forgotten Laws

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The Eleven Forgotten Laws are a positive power in social groups. When we come into contact with other human beings, we transmit subtle signals as to how we are feeling, what we are thinking, and how we are reacting. These signals are unconscious and every one is picked up unconsciously at the same time. What you put out is what you get back, that’s the key to success with the Eleven Forgotten Laws. All the living things in the world are made up of tiny atoms buzzing around together and held together by an electromagnetic field. The way you feel, what you are thinking, and your intentions, all affect the level of activity of your atoms and this in turn interacts with the atmosphere around you, causing those atoms to respond. If you are in a good or bad mood, this is transmitted to the atmosphere and interacts with other people as they come into your ‘space’. Like the process of marketing and business, people can adapt to your moods and motives like tuning into your frequency, and can sometimes be affected by it.



Eleven Forgotten Laws

Frequency works on many levels, not just subtle signals to people in your close vicinity. The mood that you have, the thoughts that you harbor and the desires you hold are transmitted out all around you. People and resources are attracted to other people who are putting out the same signals they are. Depressed people seem to be attracted to other depressed people, happy people hang around with other happy people and some people like people, who are simply like them. If you are nervous about life and social marketing networks, this is transmitted out to the people around you and they pick up on those subtle signals. Even if you have a great idea and are really passionate about it, people are not going to be interested or want to help you with it if the signals you are giving out are not positive. Understanding creates a very positive power.

The Eleven Forgotten Laws is all about being positive, but it is much more than that. The more you put out, the more ideas you have, the more enthusiastic you are, the more attractive and interesting you become. People like hanging around with attractive and interesting people, it’s good value and inspirational so it could be about time you started marketing yourself. It seems to me that social marketing networks depend a lot on yourself as a leader and a combination of sales and service, however there is nothing you have to do, what you put out is what you get back and the more knowledge you get with anything, it helps with overall understanding.

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