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Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions about our Home Business and BootCamp Training before paying $23.

♆ Please note these FAQ’s will be updated from time to time.

For people that sign into the training, there are more questions and answers that cover the business and resources in the automated training that gets posted to you via email. There is also heaps of lead generation tips and SEO techniques for promoting your business in the training, and we cover as many FAQ’s as possible to allow more time with members going through the learning curve process. I also like to spend time with members for business planning, answering email and spending time in the forum answers questions and sharing the experience. The business requires as much interaction with other people as possible for new members to achieve the most success, and all members should be dedicated to their own success. I hope to see you in the forums to get more of your questions answered and having fun establishing your (home based business). The most important thing to remember with online business and internet marketing, is that (you will) succeed if you (do not) give up. I have built this entire website and business including everything it involves without talking to any other person at all, simply because I did not give up and I was determined to succeed.

♆ How do I know if I am qualified to do this business?

Only people that want to realistically change their financial status OR people that are looking for a new career in internet marketing and web design would be most suitable. However for others, joining our training could be a good opportunity to see whether this business is suitable and for young people who master the steps, it could be a great way to make extra money. There are so many other things you can do out there on the internet to make extra money also, but to really qualify for this lifestyle you will have a strong desire to build an internet marketing business of you own, help people out in the forums to build their own and prepared to make excellent money online. To be honest with you as I want to be, it will take time to build your business properly as I have done, and if you do not have this desire to be in the industry or even want to be wealthy in life then this business is probably not for you. With the right mindset anyone can be qualified for this business and internet marketing is an extremely rewarding profession if you stick with it.

♆ Is this an MLM Home Biz?

No, this is not Multi Level Marketing. Our Business Income Opportunity is in the direct sales and commission based industry. In the direct sales industry, you get paid first. When your customer pays for the product then you get your commission direct from that sale. If you are promoting the products of other people that is how commissions are made, however the the main part of this business works for you when someone pays $23 and that person goes into the Boot Camp Training. That is how you mainly get paid and with at least 10 people per day signing up from your website with free advertising, this is how you can achieve freedom from the work force or supplement your current income. One you have 10 customers you will know how to get 20 and so on, what you are looking at here is a legitimate, highly profitable and fully automated Home Based Business, that will take time to set up if you are new to the industry but it is all worth it.

♆ Do you have to talk to people about this business?

No not necessarily, I put this whole business together without talking to anyone at all, and you still do not have to talk to anyone to sell anything. This is an automated business and people can go into the training at any time of the day. I can tell you this, you will not have to do any explaining of any product or service, all you do is build your website with a link to (this website) so your customers can go through the same training process. We show you how to do this and once you are experienced enough and choose to go further with your business, you can always build your own training based on what you see in mine. You can then attach your own training to your own website if you choose. Even though we teach SEO however, you can still talk to people about your business to get sales and find out ways to market your business to the world.

♆ How much does it cost to get started?

The cost of starting a home business is important and that is why you should learn as much as you can from our Boot Camp which will save you heaps of money over time for only $23. To be successful in this industry you really need something to sell and this is what we provide. You pick up $23 per person for sending them to the Boot Camp Training on my website, how cool is that? Do this when you first start so you can learn the industry, then depending on how far you would like to go, build your own Boot Camp training some time in the future. The cost to get started is about $100 or $80 after you pay $23 for the training modules. You can start with very little money, however if you are serious about building a business we advise that you start in a money making position first. To begin making any profits you must be an authorized member of out training and to be in this position you must have purchased the ♆ iCourse training yourself for $23, then all you do is pass it on to the next person and make money every time you do that.

♆ Are their any other costs in running this business?

Yes, there can be and some people do outlay thousands of dollars just to get started, however with this business there are few expenses due to the training and the resources I use. Anyone who tells you that it does not take money to build a business is lying to you but the key is, to use cheap or free resources. This is a business that generates a substantial income with very few expenses, as most businesses show only a small percentage as profit and the rest is business expenses. The difference with this business is that it has immediate cash flow after you set up your website that will pay for any expenses and still have a huge net profit left over. All you have to do is get as many people as possible to visit your website and hopefully they too, will go into the ♆ iCourse training provided for you and that is when you start to make money.

♆ What does the personal development ♆ iCourse cover?

The home study ♆ iCourse covers confronting issues from discovering your life’s purpose and passions through to the law of attraction, relationships, wellness, riches and ends with the liberation of your soul because you have stuck with to succeed. The forum is the best place for getting liberated as-well with different parts of the business and if you have any problems setting up your website that is where you should go, or even Google questions to get some results. Building your website in the beginning is usually the hardest part but after that everything else will fall together better, with practice and patience. As I said the most important thing is not to give up, this is not a business for losers and my ♆ iCourse is designed for you to succeed.

♆ What is the money back guarantee?

This is an incredible guarantee that is almost unheard of in the industry. Our company is so confident in the ♆ iCourse training and the price you pay, that it offers (no refund) of the cost payed to join the training, only under special circumstances. The Home Biz Boot Camp training consists of important and valuable information that could truly change a persons life if you apply it properly and consistently. With the information on this site, you should be able to make a conscience and informed decision whether or not you should invest $23 in something that is excellent value and could change your life. All terms and conditions must be followed for any refund to be granted and if so, the refund will be sent directly from the company (Mind Body Psychology Me), ensuring the Authorized Representative retains their commission for the sale.

♆ How much support and training is available for me?

All support and training is done in the Boot Camp forums where members can ask questions to get their problems solved. Some members can assist other members with tutoring in the forum if they please, based on certain topics or modules to do with the business. Mentoring teams are also available in the forums lead by the member who signed you up in the business. You can also hook into weekly webinar training to get you started and put you in the right mindset for success. You will join performance coaching sessions with your leader, both on a one-on-one basis and in small group sessions in the forum designed to provide you with the tools to ensure that you meet the key performance indicators that you set for yourself. You will also have access to many resource, community websites and get assistance from a whole array of individuals within this business community, whether they have a financial interest in you or not.

♆ Will I have to sell anything?

Yes and No. Yes money will change hands in the form of sales, this is a business after all and you need to make money somehow. However the only sales you need to make is attracting people to the Boot Camp Training which earns you $23 every time someone joins the training and you can do all of this for free with SEO to your website. Even word of mouth but ultimately in the beginning and always, you want as much traffic to your website as possible to buy the training at $23. This is the only thing you need to sell when starting off with your home based business and you can also include some affiliate products like I do in the left hand column.

♆ How do I get paid?

This is the direct-sales industry and therefore unlike MLM, you get paid first. Your customers will pay you the entire amount of each sale which is $23, so essentially you make a sale today and get paid today but how you choose to receive the money is entirely up to you. After all this is your business but we recommend the use of PayPal merchant facility for your payment option. PayPal will automatically transfers the money you earn to your (bank account) and any affiliate commissions you earn will work the same way filtering through to your account. PayPal is an online banking facility that transfers money to your account and is very safe and easy to use.

♆ How much does it cost to market the business?

This is entirely up to you, however we do suggest that you have a monthly marketing budget allocated. This can be as little or as much as you choose and you need to be aware that the more money you have to market your business the faster it will grow. In saying that, we have extremely successful people in our community that started with no marketing budget at all. You start off building your business for free but as you earn money you will probably want a marketing budget as-well. Writing articles yourself or having them written for you is a good way to start, you can post them in article directory such as (Ezine Articles) or (Go Articles) and two links pointing to you website or you can post them on your own site and use SEO to attract customers or traffic. What ever way you choose to go, there are TWO things to keep in mind.

_♦ Only 10 new members per day means $230 to your Bank Account, or $1,400 per week.
_♦ Learn affiliate marketing in the Boot Camp and bring home a lot more income.

♆ Where do the leads come from?

There are many different ways to market your business and we do not hassle friends and family to join us. We advertise to people who are looking for opportunities such as ours and you can advertise our business in both online and offline mediums depending on your advertising budget. Online marketing options include, but are not restricted to, Pay per click, social media, blog sites, paid advertising SEO and free online advertising. Offline strategies cover things like letterbox drops, notices on community noticeboards, notices in newsletters and newspaper advertising or even on your vehicle. You are really only restricted by your own imagination and everything you need to know is ion the internet somewhere, you only need 10 sales per day.

♆ On a scale of 1 to 10.. what is the difficulty level of running this business?

With 10 being the most difficult and 1 being the simplest, out of all the businesses I have ever known of to run, or been aware of, I would say for most people, it would be a 1 or 2. There is a learning curve in the beginning, but the business is simple and many of the resources are free or at minimal cost. There is a system in place that you can follow in order to achieve success but remember it’s not a free ride, everything in life that is worthwhile takes a serious effort. That is precisely what I did, I put in a serious effort to build my business and did not need anyone to help me because it was something I wanted to do and climbed over every obstacle to do it.

♆ How much time does this business require?

Leverage your time, choose your own hours and take holidays whenever you wish. Work from home in your boxer-shorts, from the beach at Bondi, or while you’re taking a 3-month holiday in Hawaii. What ever you choose I recommend that you make a few hours a day available to do some SEO to your webpages, articles or even write a new article. A new article would only be 500 words long but with 1000 words you could post one in an article directory such as Ezine Articles and one on your own website using good keywords and SEO so it can be seen. What you should aim for is getting no less than 1000 visitors to your site every day as a real figure.

♆ How difficult is this business?

The marketing system does most of the grunt work for you, all you need to do is build your site and write some content. There is NO personal explaining involved and we have eliminated most of the things that people struggle with in their own old school home based business.

_♦ No cold calling, but we use word of mouth, give away business cards or advertise.
_♦ No personal explaining, the website does all of that for you.
_♦ No “Recruiting” friends and family. You do not need to talk anyone about this business.
_♦ No stress! Relax, write an article, do some SEO or have a sleep this afternoon!
_♦ We provide the Boot Camp training, resources and community forums.

♆ How do I know if this is too good to be true?

In my opinion, too good to be true, would be if I was to tell someone that everyone you talk to will stuff money into your pockets! This business is a real and legitimate internet marketing system that you can build as big as you want, and one that you should check out or at least let your kids check it out. The system works perfectly as long as you follow the process, the training and get to know the resources that are used. you will see for yourself and there is work involved to get started, however what really matters the most is your mindset and the level of desire to run your own business. If you want the extra money or need to work for yourself like I do, or even just want to get out the work force like I wanted too, then check out what I have to offer.

♆ What are the odds of success with this business?

With over Billion people online right now (every day), who buy, sell, browse and seek info to search for new opportunities to improve their lifestyles every day, home business and internet marketing opportunities are on the rise and sort after in very high demand. This business works on the internet 24/7 every day and the internet and free apart from what you pay your ISP. The resources I use are the best and many of them are free including products from Google. Once your website is built you can also get outsourcing done which will grow your business and keep it going with little maintenance, except for what you do yourself such as writing articles, producing content and SEO. Understanding SEO is a key component to the business.

♆ Remember Please.

_♦ We only work with highly motivated and positive people that want to be successful.
_♦ You need to have huge dreams and are prepared to reach huge income goals.
_♦ You have to have the hunger to generate a substantial income. For some it will take months and for others it can take longer, but it does not matter how long it takes, the Key to wealth with this business is motivation, persistence and if you do not give up you will defiantly succeed.
_♦ You will have to earn the money. That means, there is work to do and a system to follow. The money doesn’t just materialize in your bank. Lunch is (not free) in the early stages any way.
_♦ We utilize many success principles including the laws of attraction and we teach people how to apply these principals in their life and to build a successful home based business.
_♦ We have helped many people take their life from average, mundane to freedom and wealthy utilizing our principles and the income opportunity we offer. We estimate that (one in ten) visitors that come to this website to look at the business will spend $23, so approximately 1000 visitors to your website per day equals $2,000, and that to me is freedom from the stupid work place.

♆ Try not to miss this great opportunity.

I hope you do not miss this chance to find out more about this business Just For You. If you are ready to take the plunge on an adventure that could change your life (like it did with mine), then contact us or join our training for only $23. It works for me, and it can definitely work for you.

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