Getting Started Home Business

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getting started home businessGETTING STARTED HOME BUSINESS. To skip the basics and go straight into action, you will need to register through PayPal and pay $23 to join our automated Boot Camp training. After payment you will be transferred to the modules where you will learn the industry and main resources, there is also ongoing support in our forums after you register for only $23. There is so much for so little and having something to sell online such as the Boot Camp training, could be the answer you are looking for to make extra money. You only need to sell TEN entries to the training per day, after you can get ONE per day which = $161 p/week then TEN p/day will come as you build your business, which = $1,610 per week, automatically put into the bank.

getting started home businessYou can be any age to play this game and younger people would have a good advantage towards it. Just like computer games but playing this game you could earn real money that could truly set you free in life if you play the game the right way. Other things young people have in their favor is ability, time and persistence and this is all you need to be successful and keep earning money. You could really earn big bucks playing this real life game so what are you waiting for. When you build your own website, you will instantly have Boot Camp training to sell for $23 and we encourage you to eventually build your own training as-well, this will complete your home business and get you more sales and affiliate commissions to you bank account.

Join The Home Biz iCourse

getting started home businessThere is a minimum cost attached to getting started in business, however the information and training we provide to help you do this is well worth it and could truly change the direction of your life if you see this, and you are prepared to take action. There are many savings from learning this business model and if you do not have your own website organized, we can show you how to build one in the Boot Camp training. Our training is for anyone who chooses to join us and comes with interactive forums attached to each subject to get your questions answered. If you need support or want to give support yourself, our forums are a great place to start for learning about what to do and learn about what others are doing too.

Introduction to Home Business, Internet Marketing and Getting Started

getting started home businessAt this point I assume you have been through some of the information and have a good general idea of the business. Getting started in home business is not hard to do and the requirements are not only for us but for you as-well, to have a successful team while building your own business. The information in the Boot Camp gives away many secrets and makes the process as easy as possible to learn the skills and techniques of internet marketing. The whole idea is to build an online business that generates income the easy and inexpensive way, to work on the growth of your business, getting leads to your list and doing as much SEO as possible.

getting started home businessAfter researching this business model and the direct sales industry, I could really see the future with my own business compared to the general work place, and knew that it would only be a matter of time before the work place came a thing of the past. Many people get trapped in the work force routine for life however there is another way to earn a lot of money and we show you how it is done. This is an industry people have to learn like anything else and it really does become easy when you know how. This is an enjoyable home based business but most importantly you are out of the 9 to 5 work routine and you will succeed, if you stick with it.

getting started home businessFor many people around the world, our simple system and the companies we affiliate with have been a real corner stone for the better lifestyles people are looking for. The following information is to help you see what many others have, and to let you know as best as possible what happens from this point on. Everything with us is open for observation or to copy our business but NOT the textual content. Plagiarism breaches the copyright laws and if Google does not kick you off the internet for stealing content, we certainly will. It is definitely not the way to succeed in this industry. Content is ♔ King and Google will reward you for unique content.

An Honest And Upstanding Home Biz

1st ▶ Unlike many network marketing companies, we do not entice people with free gifts, bouquets, hype and BS, we tell it how it is and we want you to make money too. Mind Body Psychology Me is a business platform for you and your business partners to use until you build one of your own if you choose. My own website (mind body psychology me) is an example.

2nd ▶ Even though you are only spending $23 to join, we help you to make an educated and informed decision about the business, so we help the right people to make lots of money. (Our success) depends on (Your success) and you will never find that strategy in the general work place, the system does not work that way or based on controlling people like the work place.

3rd ▶ Members of the Boot Camp become affiliated with other companies to earn commissions. As mentioned before, the money you can make in this business is fantastic, but will naturally vary depending on You. Our training provides many tutorials focused on the two main areas of business and there are many tutorials on YouTube that will cover almost every subject.

Resources ▶ Learn the Resources we use and other Tools of the Trade used in this industry.
Mindset ▶ The key is Attitude NOT Aptitude in this industry. It is important to make goals and focus on them while building your business and staying confidently persistent in your goal with the vision of being successful online. I worked on my business daily until it was making money.

Getting Business Registration

getting started home businessNo matter where you live in the world, you will have to register yourself as a business. I myself have a Pty Limited company or you can also trade as your own name, what ever you prefer to do this is all part of the start up costs of running a business. If you are making money online you will have to declare your earnings, if you are unsure about anything please seek the professional advice of an accountant. If registering online go to your country’s GOV website to register, or visit the forum on the Boot Camp page, you will get advice there.

getting started home businessAny expenses incurred from your business at any time are all tax deductible at the executive level. That’s right, claim portions of your home, power, car, fuel, clothes, food, travel and the list goes (on and on). The home business industry has many tax concessions attached to it and we go into more detail about all this in ♆ iCourse training, so send us your details in the form provided and register a business name to claim your expenses from the Government. You need to be a practicing money making biz and a registered owner to claim.

Getting Started Home Business Website

getting started home businessBuilding your website is not too hard when you know how. We provide all the tools and resources for you to do this with 50+ emails for your Aweber Auto-responder, so your contact details and web address can be posted on every email sent out. As far as websites go, please be aware that other people provide cheap and free sites which are generically made, and these websites do not with-stand long term search engine ranking, they also loose response to some keywords which is critical to getting started home business. Whether you join us or not, it is always best to create your own website and don’t get sucked into the free website offer deal.

getting started home businessOur sites are made using the open-source WordPress platform which is highly favored by Google, Yahoo, MSN and all the other search engines. We like all of our websites to be unique as possible for good ranking in the search engines and everything on these sites are done by you, including content and images. The only personal details we ask for is you (name and email) address, and with all business websites that people build, they are linked to this website for the Boot Camp. All leads and new members will view this website and training that you are reading from now after they have paid $23 to register with our Boot Camp Training.

Getting Started Domain Name

getting started home businessAll websites need an address and we teach you all there is to know about domain names and how to choose one for your site. You will need to supply your own two word or three word domain name for your website, so open an account with and purchase that name when you are ready, we recommend the best domain name registrar and GoDaddy beats them all for sales and service. The rule for choosing keywords: 1) Type into Google search [_intitle:”your domain name”_] 2) Look for results under 100 over 10. 3) Toggle highest page result at the bottom of Google. This is the easiest method and becomes like second nature.

Business Communication

getting started home businessGood communication is important no matter where you are and we recommend the use of (Skype to Skipe) or (Optus to Optus) for free phone calls if that suits you, instead of using your own private phone. Skype will save money on phone calls, communicating with other team members and potential business partners. Naturally there are pros and cons with every phone service however that depends on you, but we highly recommend the use of free resources. Free is often the best for internet marketers and communication is important if you can get Skype or Optus that offer phone calls totally free. So far I think they are the best free phone services.

Home Advertising

getting started home businessAdvertising is necessary for any business and we teach the best kind of advertising you could do online. What we teach are Free marketing strategies used by the top producing marketers to have their business run on complete auto pilot. Yes you do have to maintain the strategy by adding to it over time, but this will optimize your website in the search engines and drive traffic to your business every day year after year. The money is in the list and building your list for free using SEO is the best way to drive unlimited global traffic to your business website.

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