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This discussion talks about Harvey Norman Ads and there are some very interesting concept with advertising that I have observed. Written words are the most powerful form of advertising and using the word free anywhere, may not be in the best interest of some people. It does not mean the same as it did 20 or 30 years ago as today due to online sales, websites using the word Free for example, symbolizes cheep, scam, quick sale products and is just another way to get your money. That is not close at all to what people want and NOT how Harvey Norman ads are meant to work.

Advertising should be based around what people really want which is (Simplicity and value), the two words people want to here and a survey would prove this. Harvey Norman is leading the way against attitude in the work place too, and also acknowledge that there are words that simply do not work any more or have taken on a new meaning mainly because of online advertising, scams and undelivered promises. Some of these word are.. Free, Sale, Sales, Bargain, Cheap, Bonus etc. The way we naturally think needs to change and these words are now seen as No spark, sour, do not really trust, typical sales BS and I think people would rather not see them at all in many cases. These words can take on a negative affect with too much use and could even be a product turn off even with Harvey Norman Ads if did this. What people really want to see is pure and simple advertising, none of the BS talk that goes on everywhere.

The words people want to see are.. Simplicity, Value, Easy, Quality, Clean, Top Quality and No Stress could be a good one too, because people want this in their lives today even more so than ever before. It seems people do not want to feel ripped off or treated like a fool, we live in a scam and rip-off world today and lets face it, the last thing people want to see splashed in-front of them everywhere is, Free, Sales, Bargain and that is another reason why you should shop at a Harvey Norman Store. How you feel inside will generate the sale.

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