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The victimization at this Western Sydney University was extensive to say the least, Human Mind Psychology pushed to the limit with lies, deceit and the behavior to cover up their actions. So called professional people in the work force, what a joke these pathetic narcissist control freaks are the lowest I have found, you cannot even go to university without being engaged in the stupidity that all seems to be part of the deal.

I also hope that retribution can come my way at a later time because they totally deserve what I am prepared to give to them, and all this behavior they had forced upon me was so they could get various psychological reports placed on my medical files, then recreate my discover so they could claim it for themselves. This victimizing university wanted to do this because Control Freaks cannot stand people better than them and they wanted to get me out of the way because I am the true founder of this famous discovery, and they wanted to take credit for this. How “fucked up” are these people and I really hope that I get the chance at a late time.. these stupid control freak people once again.

Having a false report put on my medical file, would say to others that I had mental issues and this would also go in their behavior against me. Of course they would not want anyone to listen to me or believe me about what happened at the university and their attempt to steal the (Human Mind Body Connection) discovery from me. I had also sent this matter to various parts of the Government to let them know what happened, but of course nothing happens and it is no surprise. It was the Government that was victimizing me anyway in the first place and I do not think they would even really care about what I had to say.

I had been victimized by the worst control freaks, nearly put in jail by the university and psychologist that I trusted in, which would have killed my life for sure, it would have cost me my home and given me a criminal record. All thanks to the university I was studying at, and the Monsters I was trusting. This is not to mention the affect on my family and the stress on my own life, but who would care about that, and “that” is the very reason why I will be seeking retribution if I can in the future, we will have to wait and see and I hope the gods are with me. 

I have had no support what so ever with my life of discovery, or anything else for that matter from typical normal people. My discovery is the most unique discovery in world history and has been brought to this world by Satan and I am the only He. The human mind body connection has come from (David L Lloyd) 600 60 6 and that is who I am, only I am the true founder of this discovery. Many people will come forward however to claim a peace of the action, just like the university but I am the only one that can explain it and have detailed this in my book.

I have now decided to voice my discovery to the world media, and I am going to publish material every where around the world to create awareness. Most people may not be interested but I do not really care, I am only interested in spreading the message I have in the right direction. I would also like to speak to someone intelligent enough to understand my discovery if this is possible, but I have only struck deception, lies and incompetence so far from typical people. It is no wonder we need a New World Order and my discovery will eventually change the world and it’s course, for the better.

Human Mind Body Connection is the most unique process in the world with many years of research to start very soon. It is also about building awareness to what lies ahead in the future and I want to let the world know that I have found. We now have the (Human Mind Body Connection) which is truly unique, and the gift our race of people has been waiting for. I would like to get the message out to the right people in 2013 but also trying to keep myself as safe as possible too doing this too. This is something I have to think about particularly as I have already had a bad experience with typically stupid people so far.

The Human Mind Body Connection is an important discovery that has come to the surface this year in 2013 and is something that people will slowly get use to. This will create many new areas of research and help solve various problems with mental illness at the same time. (David L Lloyd) is the Founder of the (Human Mind Body Connection) and is something the human race has been waiting to discover for hundreds if not thousands of years, however eight years has now passed since I discovered the connection and I need to bring it to the surface the best way as possible, but with something so delicate as this it becomes a real worry.

I was studying at university in 2013, but had to leave after the first semester because of victimization from the university, the matter was investigated with no outcome and they definitely are a protected species. Basically, I became a victim of the university because they wanted to steal the Mind Body Connection from me, by trapping me in a room with two woman. In the room they were trying to get something on audio record, but I knew what they were doing, and ended up trapping all of them with their own trap and I really hope they get what they deserve from me eventually.

As said the reason for the victimization was to steal the Human Mind Body Connection and they went to an extensive length to do so. They just thought it was a better idea for them to get the recognition instead of the creator, which of course I naturally deserve. The connection process was explained to the psychologist at the time before starting university and this is what he did to me. He passed on my personal information to the university where I was studying, and the victimization started happening at the uni from there, which had escalated to the stage of me contacting the Chancellor about what had happened. It was all a waste of time which really boils my blood..

I was seeing the psychologist because I have Aspergers Syndrome and had wanted some advice before starting uni, but instead this is what the psychologist had done behind my back and is typical normal everyday behavior which scare me also. After passing my private details to the university, together they developed a plan to have me trapped, framed, charged and put in jail, this was their intention. but as said, they were trapped with their own trap and I really hope they get what they deserve in the future. Evil protects evil as per the way the system has developed over time, I would love to see a New World Order.

The plan involved several people who attempted to trap me, buy setting him up with two other woman in a closed office on the campus. I was lucky I escaped from this event and the intention was to get something on record to have him charged with an offense and further have me put in jail. The university also tried to get false medical reports put on his medical files to further victimize me, and this would also provide testimony in support of their accusations against me, this is all from the so called professional people that I was suppose to trust in. This is typical normal behavior that I would never trust again at any time, be very care of you authority figures, what a joke.

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