✪ Kindergarten University Education

Kindergarten University Education

Student failed by kindergarten university education system

This is an example of the kindergarten university education system that had failed me due to victimization. These morons had purposely failed a clever Asperger student due to here-say from someone else that should not have entered the university. At (Western Sydney University) this student was ran down, victimized then set up and framed like an animal in a trap, and now this animal you attempted to trap is after you, and there is no escape because you are now trapped.

The time will come and I will be waiting. I am writing this message as I refer to your email, first of all so far you have not addressed the question I have asked of you, however I do understand this is difficult work and I know you are doing the best you can to cover up the corruption.

Tried resolution, but that failed too

This article is based on my resolution attempt with this idiot university, but there was nothing to resolve because they had already committed the crime and they were very busy at the time trying to hide things up. What else can they do? These criminals commit the crime or framing attempt on my life, then when they fail, they arrange to get false medical reports put against my name, then after that, they run to the legal department for support. I have already told these idiots what lies ahead and some of the questions I asked during resolution, went like this.

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