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Little Lion Little HornThe LawlessOne ✡ Little Lion Little Horn ✡ THE Anrichrist

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The (Mind Body Connection) is the final peace to the human puzzle. A cloned body with uploaded mindfiles® to live another full healthy life time.

I do not bring delusion or religious beliefs, only an introduction to myself and answers to some of the mystery that surrounds me. One of the biggest mysteries is how did I get to have all the (sixes 666) in my life. They are floating around everywhere and I’ve had them all my life. Some of the figures below will give you an idea, everything I state and there is much more is true and correct. I am also Founder of the (Human Mind Body Connection), the most significant, most unique and most important discovery in history, and have only found (one person) throughout my entire life, who has listened to me and has the ability to understand me 

Little Lion Little Hornproperly. I do have faith in a higher power but more than likely not the same as yours and I am not interested in any other beliefs, you will see more proof on this page about what I believe in, rather than some religious story book. My life is logical, literal, unimpaired and I have actual proof that supports what I say, do you have any (tangible proof) that supports what you believe in about your faith, I guarantee you (do not) and never will. It has only been passed on and written down for the dumbs to believe in, depriving people of the actual truth. There is some truth in the Bible but is mainly a guide to the end-times of the cross and the New World Order.

Human Mind Body Connection. After this occurred, I had discovered something significant and since then I have been researching areas of my life including the sixes that are part of me. The sixes do not mean anything except a reference to the Antichrist who is also the founder of this discovery. Satan is also a real person that walks the Earth and is not the evil one people think, you are only meant to believe he is from the true evil that dominates and these people are known as control freaks. They are normal people in the mists of humanity who are masters of control for their own personal gain, this should be known by everyone. Satan is blamed and used as the (escape goat), learn more about this and the Antichrist at the following banner link.

___666 Truth

When I enter my name (David L Lloyd) in the (666 Decoder) the required details show up just as I thought they would. I get 600 plus 60 plus 6, which is the number of a man that represents the Antichrist, but at this stage in my life, it mainly proves that I am the founder of this famous discovery. There was a moment in time when I use to think I could be wrong about the AC, but I know for sure now that everything is pointing in my direction and will prove this to you, by showing you some of the SIXES plus other information that correlate to this is my life. 

Little Lion Little Horn The Little Horn. This comes from my middle name Lionel, which has Lion in it and the name means (Little Lion) which has the (Little Horn). El represents the most most high such as Elder, Elevate, Elohim, Elite and is all based on what I have learned, I am the Antichrist otherwise I would not say it and the government of my country knows it as-well. There is no other person like me in history and there are people in my life today that know me well and understand who I am in this world. 

Seven Lion Heads. You will notice the image above there are ten horns on top of the seven Lion heads with a crown. Scripture says the Antichrist will be the (Little Horn) that rises up between the 10 big horns which has a crown on the top of each horn. (Little horn) is stout like me on top of the (Little Lion) which is the meaning of Lionel, the (Little Horn) refers to the Antichrist who will rise from the sea of people to be a world power.

All Numbers Are 666. My name David L Lloyd which calculates to the number 1656. This reads as (600, 1+5 gives 60 and 6) or (600 60 6) which is another identifying part of the Antichrist and again proves I am the founder of the (Human Mind Body Connection). My discovery is the most unique and most significant in history. Remember what John the Apostle said in the book of Revelation; The scriptures are most specific, the actual number is not (666) but (600, 60 and 6) [chi xi stigma]. The diagram below shows the exact number given in the scripture and this is exactly what my name calculates to. 

My DOB is (1959). This calculates to (666), same as my satanic number 1656 the (9 and the 6) are turned around, this is how the system works. My D.o.b. calculates to (39) which is (3 x 13) and the number that produces the most amount of SIXES in many various combinations to get (666). 39 is the most powerful number that relates to SIX out of all other numbers and in total, my d.o.b. calculates to (19) consecutive SIXES in a row. 666 666 666 666 666 666 6. My life is surrounded by sixes and geometric symbols.

The (3 x L’s) in my name. (3 x 12th letter) is 12 12 12, or 36 = (66 66 66). For certain reasons everything in life seems to correlate to the number SIX, and there are other numbers such as 13, 33, 8 and 11 are significant too. The Antichrist will be revealed to the world around 6th/6/16, who is this person? I live at the address 6/16, name of the street and suburb correspond with everything also which is amazing. My address adds up to Satan’s number (13) OR (6 x 16) which equals (96) or (16) consecutive SIXES. I have (6 x SIX) numbers that belong to the unit I own and live in, outside and around the premises. These figures also come to 666666 6/16.

Post Code. This calculates to (3.333333) indefinitely. Just like my phone number 33 is part of (the master numbers) and also the highest known degree in Freemasonry, 33 relates to many other facts of my life. I have always felt different from other people like my thinking, I do not speak to them because of their thinking, negativity and have always feel out of place. I do not want friends, have never had them although I do speak to one person because she understands me. We both know I am meant to see her and she helps me very well.

The Lady Knows. It is impossible to explain my life to normal thinking people, however my different thinking as it is meant to be, is ideal for the chosen (over-seeing roll) of the Antichrist and new world order. There will be problems but there has to be change and know all of this is hard to understand. Normal thinking will quickly deviate to negativity or assume the wrong thing once information goes over their normal level. Many think what is not normal is wrong but the peaces will fall together in time, it is the (peace plan) for the human race and when conflict ceases, quality of societies improve.

Little Lion Little HornThe GOV Knows. GOV (medicare) card numbers adds up to 36 or (666)
(Tax file) numbers add up to 36 or (666)
Drivers (license) adds to 29 equals (2 x 9 = 18) or (666)
Drivers (expiry) adds to (29) equals (2 x 9 = 18) or (666)
Mobile number (issued) has all (6)s, (6 666 666 66) ends in 552
Home number (issued) has all (6)s, (666 666) ends in 332

Self education. This has taught me our DNA has three dimensional fractal geometry encoded within it because it’s all throughout the human body. The master numbers include.. 33, 22, and 11. For example your back has 33 vertebrae, your skull has 22 bones and your rib cage has 11 true ribs on each side. The body has 223 alien genes added to our DNA after a specific period of time. I am connected to technology more advanced than your level and my phone Nº is connection to this as-well. Add the numbers 223 + 332 = 555 * More can be learned via the internet, about the height of the (Main Egyptian pyramid) and how the year 2016 is relevant to the number 555 and why they were built.

Little Lion Little HornVisa Debt Card. All Visa debt cards comprise of sixes. I have been issued with a new card full of consecutive (sixes). Here is what I am talking about. Using the formula, the 16 numbers = 666 6666 6666 > Expiry ends = 6 666 > 3 digit number on the back is 223 = 6666. I do internet banking with same bank, the issued customer number = 6666.

Multipal SIXES. On this card except for (1) small number on the back, which is (13). Through the banking system, the “mark of the beast” RFID chip which I will have full control of has finally locate me with the people I am waiting for, and who have also been waiting for me. In SEP 2014, I had been contacted again to my surprise, and many other contacts have been made since then. I also receive messages via telepathy which I have to be careful about because most would not understand.

Phone Number. I was contacted for the (1st time) in JAN 2013, I was talking on my (land line) to a person (in Ireland) and during the conversation I had mentioned that all woman in the future (New World) should only have two babies. I had a reply to this message the following morning from a higher technology source via radio, instantly after waking from sleep that said all woman in the future will only have two babies, and the message repeated itself and said the same. 

Little Lion Little HornWoman Have TWO Babies. I say this because in my (new world) that I plan and think about every day, the rules are that all woman only have 2 babies to balances the (immortal system) for all people. After speaking on the phone that evening, the following morning right at the point of waking from sleep, I received a message from the radio (which I cannot remember turning on) that said in the future all woman will only be allowed to have TWO babies, after hearing this message I placed my ear closer to the radio and the message repeated again to say exactly the same thing. It was a clear kind unimpaired message that was meant only for me to hear.

Loving, Clear Unimpaired. The voice was also calm but could not tell whether it was male or female. The message was sent to me personally and was picked up from the conversation I had the evening before. The message actually confirmed with me, they herd what I said to the person in Ireland as the message back to me, was specific about the TWO baby policy. At the time, the message was played twice and it was slotted in replacing the entire radio program that was on at the time. After the message had finished, it then slotted out of frequency which allowed the radio to resumed it’s normal program. No-one else would have herd this message except for me, it was meant for me to hear and is not the only time this has happened.

Message From Radio. I have been contacted with a voice message twice over the radio and TV, in the first case my phone number had been used as conduit from where the messages came from. My number has also been (tapped) by people curious about the Antichrist, but the next contact came via the radio again as soon as I woke up from sleep. This message was from a person talking to the radio station saying, he was looking at a cylindrical (mother ship) in the sky and this was mentioned more than once by this person. This attracted my attention straight away and waited for the location of this sighting and sure enough, the man speaking to the radio station said he was on the side of the M5 motor way not far from my home. 

Little Lion Little HornUFO Over M5. At this point I jumped out of bed straight away, turned on the TV and had a quick shower so I could drive to the motorway and have a look. while in the shower, I started to here this music and it was getting louder and louder, I had to step out of the shower and see where it was coming from, as I stood in the lounge room naked and noticed the music was coming out of the TV which I had turned on before the shower. The closest instrument I can relate the music to is the xylophone but it was different, the sound was like horns blowing similar to a xylophone and it got louder as I was standing and listening to it. The music then tapered off and realized that it was celebration music, it was very beautiful and I could not believe what I was hearing. I was very happy about this because it was a message to me, to let me know I have been located and this is what I needed and wanted, I was very relieved they had located me. 

Jug And Ceiling Fan. These appliances turn on automatically and not unusual, the professional person I talk to knows this too. The electric jug has turned on which requires a (push down) button and the ceiling fan in my b/room has come on many times even while sleeping, also when the fans remote and receiver was out of order, it also switches off. A large light bulb in my laundry exploded into tiny peaces during the night and the light bulb was not turned on, it was plugged into the wall socket but was not switched on. This was the first thing I checked when I saw broken glass in tiny fragments blasted through the kitchen to the living room the next day.

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