Mind Body Kingdom

mind body kingdomThe Mind Body Kingdom and me, yes I am alive and well today and my biggest question is, how did I get to have all the (sixes 666) around me in my life. How does this work? They have always been around me, you may even find this amazing and everything I have stated about myself is true, I also bring the gift to humanity, (Human Mind Body Connection) which is by far, the most unique discovery in history.

I have communicated with the Prime Minister of my country and recently sent a new message. I have also spoken to the local GOV member with a message similar to this one. I wrote to the GOV again because I have previously communicated with them and the PM had replied back to me, via a smart TV link. I also wanted to inform the local member about this matter and have done years of research since finding the (Human Mind Body Connection) discovery back in 2006. As I explained to the PM regarding an incident at Western Sydney University 2013, I also pointed out that all indicators are pointing to me regarding the Antichrist which was the treason why the incident had occurred in the first place. I was set up and framed by the university which was an attempt on my life.

mind body kingdomI am not saying that I am this person, but saying I match the criteria for this person that few people would be aware of without doing the necessary research. Since 2010 I have spoken with psychologists to understand my situation for support, but support has not always been there, it is very supernatural and hard to understand. This subject and my adverse thinking makes me an easy target for hearsay, however my thinking is good and proper including how I see the world, but different from most normal people. Not saying better or worse, just different.

I contacted Mr Abbott in 2014 regarding my discovery and how I was victimized out of Western Sydney University. I was set up and framed by WSU staff due to leaked information from the clinical psychologist I was seeing at the time. The psychologist had come to a conclusion that caused him to act against me, his thinking was irrational and also said to me.. you are him, you are him! He then read two verses out of the Bible at me while making the cross sign over his chest. He passed on his delusional thoughts to WSU who then attempted to trap me on campus. In other words, the psychologist and WSU > set me up to have me framed.

mind body kingdomThis psychologist leaked my private information with his unproven personal opinion to the university I was attending, who then set up a situation to have me framed, this destroyed my (psychology degree) opportunity and had no other choice but to leave the university after first semester. I lost a lot due to this, including respect from my family and gained a lot of stress and anxiety which I had to deal with, I had no support. Not only did I have to deal with the university scandal, but I was also being harassed by hospital staff.

I then became the target of two hospitals trying to get false reports put agait my name to protect the university. Liverpool hospital is still harassing me due to here-say AGAIN!! This is all from the GOV. I said to Mr Abbott, I need to know the truth regarding the Antichrist, and I need some kind of support. If I am the future Antichrist or linked to the Illuminati then the police should know about this, and I do not want to be victimized for saying this. All the indicators are pointing to me, what else am I suppose to do or say, I would appreciate some answers if this is possible..

mind body kingdomThe university incident was a disgraceful premeditated event conducted by WSU and I deserve to be compensated. After this attempt I felt compelled to mention this to the GOV, and later received a message from yourself as PM, and Mr Shorten together via smart TV. That was good of you and thank-you. However lets not forget the organized attempt on my life, when a competent person was victimized off campus by delusional staff, while they pass people who cannot read, write or speak properly just to get funding. This could have cost me my home, damn it! Not only do I deserve to be compensated but lots of it, and I deserve to be told what is going on.

I was guided to another psychologist in June 2014 who knows about the other psychologist, the WSU scandal, false reports, my supernatural life and everything else including the indicators pointing to me regarding the Antichrist. I have seen her every fortnight to this day and mostly payed for out of my own money. I have paid thousands of dollars just to be understood which is something other normal, low IQ people have not been able to do. My private GP doctor also knows me like my psychologist, who have spoken to each other in confidence for better understanding. I am part of this community like everyone else.

I said to Mr Abbott you must be aware, it is (not normal) for the GOV to communicate to the public, like yourself and Mr Shorten did with me. I have received several messages from the GOV via smart TV, including wonderful music played early 2013, you probably know about this! I have received communication from other sources as-well and research tells me, I could link to certain royalty, and the Lloyd empire that is owned by the same royals. There are many indicators pointing to me as the Antichrist, three links to royalty and numerology that is beyond co-incidental, I asked Mr Abbott, am I this person.?

Some believe MABUS is the name Nostradamus assigned to the Antichrist, he wrote this in quatrains and predicted it to be a coded reference to his identity. I can explain this, names and numerology proves this further.. First I will mention, David captured the fortress of Zion. Lionel, means (little lion) which has a (little horn). Lloyd, one of my g/great grandfathers started Lloyd’s and the name carries on to this day. I know who owns the Lloyd empire today, my mother’s name links by blood to the same people. I asked Mr Abbott, am I the Prince that shall come.?
This man has a number which is 666, you may know which comes from 600 (3 score) and 6, (ie) 600 60 6. The (letter values) for decoding this are: I-1, U-5, V-5, X-10, L-50, C-100, D-500, M-1000. Lloyd = 600, David L Lloyd = ((1656)). Therefore, we already have the 600, 1 goes to the 5 which makes (3 score) or 60 and 6 left over. The rule allows 1 to be added to 5 only to make 6. This is the precise method for calculating the number.

Michael Nostradamus predicted his identity to be coded in the word MABUS. The word calculates like this: M-13, A-1, B-2, U-21, S-19 = 13,1,2|21,19 or 16|40. Add 16 to 40 = ((1656)). This figure identifies my name and number 666. From here 16|40 divide x 2 = 8|20, then subtract 8 from 20 = 12. My date of birth = 08|12|1959. Number 9 is same as 6. My year date number is same as ((1656)).
If this is correct, I am the only person since the 15thC to solve this puzzle. Addition, divide and subtract have been used to decode my identity from MABUS. I asked Mr Abbott does anyone else match this criteria.? I know the answer is NO! Not many people would have both the number of his name 666, and also his identity coded in the word MABUS, which indicates proof if this is right. Another Antichrist number is 616, decoded from the same (letter values) using my name, coincidentally like everything else, this number is also my current living address.

It all falls into line, even the scar on my forehead which is described exactly how it looks. As said, I grew up on the corner of Zions and Nix. David conquered Zion which turns into Nix Ave, or Old Nick.. another name for the Antichrist. Sixes have been everywhere like magic in my life, this is small part of my world with adverse thinking, I do not need friends, people seem backwards to me and do not speak to family at all. Their behavior is the very type that caused me to loose my mind in 2006, negativity, stress, cannot trust, narcissism, gas-lighting, lies, broken English, sociopaths and stupidity, but they are all considered as normal.

In biblical terms, I have learned the spirit comes to one person through the (Mind Body Connection), there is no other way. This experience had forced my mind to completely evacuate from my body and it’s normal resting position around my brain. It then return back the same way, I can describe the whole process in detail. I am the only person in history to find and experience this unique discovery, it only happens ONCE to ONE person and this person is me. I have experienced this event, learned why this has happened and researched my life because of it.

I asked Mr Abbott if he could release more information regarding the Antichrist and said it is important for myself and the psychologist who understands to know this, it will be confidential to both of us. I also asked for a reply to this message but am not really counting on that. I then said, if this message is not meant for you then please pass it on to the right person. I am not claiming to be anyone or anything, I know who the delusional people are. I am simply responding to the many indications I have received, which have also come from the Australian government.

I find it impossible to believe I am the Antichrist, but do find it possible to believe I could be and have every right and cause to think this way. I would love to jail every person connected to the WSU matter back in 2013 and if jailing GOV staff is the only road to compensation, then it will cost the GOV a lot more, at least 10 times more. WSU staff will also provide individual reports regarding what was said regarding me and by who, not false reports that you people seem to thrive on, they will never be released without disclosing what they know.

If compensation is paid before they go to jail, then you will need to factor in this component. Once in jail these people will be further processed, such as property confiscation and closing of accounts to name a few. If compensation is paid before I am notified, then time will NOT come for GOV staff to be jailed and NO processing will occur. The WSU matter will be settled and other GOV staff involved will be excused. One way or another compensation will have to be paid, it just depends on when.

All companies should take responsibility for their employees, including a duty of care and conduct that represents them in the work place. Responsibility should also be taken for the unacceptable, dangerous and life destroying behavior of employees, such as in my case back in 2013 where I became a target of a planned and premeditated event to have me set up and framed by GOV staff on Government property and in GOV time. I deserve to be compensated and the Government knows what happened.

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