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We are coming into a New World Order that requires the Antichrist to be King for a very good reason, one of these is to have authority at the top of the world pyramid. The world needs a King who can work with people such as the Illuminati and other elite powers. I am also connected to Royalty in Australia and UK via a business associated with one of my g/g/grandfathers. This business has been developed by Rothschild over the years that involves the movement of goods and services to all countries going back over 350 years. Today this company is a substantial empire that services the entire world.

Please note, this information is based on a question I was asked concerning the New World Order, elite powers of the world and who is the biblical Antichrist that lives in Australia. If you would like to ask any questions regarding this article, please go to the (Leave Reply | Post) tab at the bottom of this page. If the content in this article is too much for you to understand, comprehend or do not have the ability to learn, then that is your problem not mine and I do not want, need or deserve your negativity. If the writing and images on this website are unsuitable for you, then please vacate my site you are unsuitable to me, and do not want your comment.

The Antichrist is known as the (all seeing eye) who over sees the process of the New World Order, goods and services transported around the world including the movements of population. In other words, the Antichrist will have a strong influence with the Illuminati and current leaders of this world. I have also grown up in a working class family, struggled in the work place, had few friends and know what is like to be poor. The Antichrist has only come to my attention after loosing my mind due to stress about 12 years ago, and therefore became founder of the (Human Mind Body Connection), this is a discovery that only the Antichrist brings to the world.

The elite powers and united nations do not want to destroy the world we live in and appreciate the people more than you think. They have to live here also and need the people to keep things moving, however big changes need to be enforced at this time. The New World Order has been on the drawing board well before WWI and we are now arriving at what is known as (end times) or the end of this world order. This means the running down the old world and the beginning of the New World Order. The running down of societies and religion is necessary for this change to help people accept and blend into the new word order, this is also a natural evolutionary process that has to be achieved for mankind today and for the longevity of our species in the future.

In basic terms, the end times mean end of bible prophecy or end of the cross that represents Christianity. The Muslim people are used as a tool or force to assist this process, however their time will also come at a later time. In the New World there will be one religion faith, unknown to the masses so far but for all people to appreciate and that is the way it will be, there is no other option and all religious conflict including wars across the world will eventually stop. The Bible is gods guide to understanding past and present times including clues to the identity of the Antichrist. Much of it seems to be true and has accurately joined many of the dots pointing to me as the Antichrist. I have only learned about myself through other people including government, numbers and the words written down for me to see. All arrows from all directions point to me.

The Antichrist will rise whether he gets support from the people or not, however if you do not support me then do not expect me to support you. It is said he will rise in his own country first then soon after this he moves into position with the New World Order and the established one world government system. There has been speculation around the world for many years regarding who the Antichrist will be, and would like to say that I pleased to know he is not Muslim. I am rising up to the Bendigo situation because I can see our country following those that have already been invaded by Islam, which is not good for the people and particularly bad for women who have already been abused. Sharia law will not be part of this future world.

Knowing me properly is not easy, like for my family who have not associated with me most of my life. My father says I am a hybrid but do not agree with that, he is like other people who do not have the ability to understand and prefers negativity that ripples out to other people. From there areas of the past get raised including incidences they cannot comprehend and difficult for me to explain so they can. There are things I would not attempt to explain due to normal thinking and can see people clear enough by simply looking at them, I avoid people as much as possible and only talk with shopkeepers. People stress me when I am near and feel little empathy for them, I like solitude, peace and constantly learn to absorb information about the world, people, politics and beyond. The world is not what you think it is, only what you are meant to believe.

A supernatural person can be difficult to understand but do not assume I am crazy, because I am not. If you think negatively about me it is because of your own ignorance or inability to understand, I have clear unimpaired thinking unlike normal people. The Australian Gov knows who I am, some professional people know me and I have written to every Mayor and relevant Councillor across the country. I wrote to Bendigo council a year ago 12/15 to express concerns about what they were planning and what is planned for them if they proceed, but the council has not listened to anyone and are still moving forward. I believe the UN has pushed this agenda through the courts which now encourages me to warm up the public to let them know more, however I know this will not be comprehended as I would like. If they help me I can help them.

Many of you would not know much if anything about the New World Order

Have you even herd of the new world order? Probably not! Too busy being led by the nose ring or taking drugs to get through life, no wonder a change of rules and a new world order is necessary. There will be two classes of people in the new world whether you like it or not and this is up you where you would like to be. In a way it is similar to what we have now, we have good smart people and we have dumb stupid people and at the moment the world seems to bow down to the dumb and stupid via the crooked laws. This will not be part of the new world order, new laws will mean different conditions and more freedom for the lower class to succeed.

The two classes in the new world will be the upper and lower class, people that move on life after life and others that live a single life and that is all. If you are chosen to be re-cloned and live again then you move to the upper class level and be a teacher to those below you. People will be judged and your information recorded on the chip you carry, we do not make the rules or tell you what to do that is your job, we can only guide you from the knowledge we have. All women world wide will only be allowed to give birth twice in their life time, the population will be controlled and balanced in harmony with nature and with those that are cloned.

Human in this world are crippled with impairments, various sickness and in many cases would not be able to tell the truth to save their own lives. When the time comes, it is going to be a pleasure to jail approximately 50 corrupt and criminally minded people that have interfered with my life since 2013, and that is only with me over the past few years. Ninety percent of them are (so called) professionals in positions of trust and because they have been caught by me and know what lies ahead, all they can do is lie, deny and say that you are crazy. This is normal behavior willfully committed and will set you up with false reports to save themselves from any justice. All from the people you are suppose to trust, this will never be part of the new world.

The best time in my life will be when I see certain people go to jail, these are the idiots and criminals that conduct unacceptable behavior simply because they know they would normally get away with it. Well not this time, the new world order will not only drain the swamp but see the stables cleaned out and the trash being dumped. The future will consist of peace on Earth for all humans with one religious faith to satisfy all. There is only one form of god and if people choose to pay their respect, this must be carried out in accordance with the new world order.

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