Permanent Disablement Claim

MTAA Superannuation Fund

MTAA SUPERANNUATION FUND Total And Permanent Disablement Claim

This message was issued to the MTAA SUPERANNUATION FUND regarding a TOTAL AND PERMANENT DISABLEMENT CLAIM because I am no longer able and willing to attend the standard work force. What they do is hire a corrupt psychiatrist to assess your life in thirty minutes, who then writes a report to the superannuation fund saying that you are fit for work and therefore the fund does not pay out the money that is owing to you. The fund had better pay up this time because if they do not the entire board will be jailed, DE-registered from all qualifications and will have to pay a very heavy independent fines before their release.

This message is to provide further information to mu private Lawyers about myself, but more importantly to the MTAA SUPERANNUATION FUND in support of my claim. I will try to be as brief as possible but also want to get my point across clearly, to indicate I am not suitable for the work place and will never return. I also have the support of a clinical psychologist who I have been seeing every fortnight for an hour each session over the past eighteen months, and she knows me a lot more than some psychiatrist I have only seen for half an hour.

I have Aspergers syndrome and my thinking is different compared to normal thinking, it is adverse or opposite which causes stress in my mind when I associate with normal people that do not understand me, this case is another typical example. Since the age of thirteen to fifteen years old I started to get activity in my mind due to this difference and I have not been understood by anyone throughout my life including family or the work place and I have never had friends.

I have been in and out of the work place all my life, not because of my work but because I have not been able to play the game they require, and have only found out what this game is after leaving work. I have not been able to understand it just like people have not been able to understand me and I have never been successful at work and never will. University has been another corrupt example and it only puts activity in my mind which will build up over time.

After thirty years of confusion in the work place, at the age of forty six I completely lost my mind. This event caused me to discover the (Human Mind Body Connection) and I am the only person in history this event has happened to. It is the most significant discovery in history and I lost my mind due to being forced to work with and interact with normal thinking people over a long period of time.

I am not suitable for the general work place and have been through extensive victimization over the years by management and employees, also university staff who tried to ruin my life by framing me in a room with two woman in 2013. These people will be going to jail in 2016 and so will any other person who attempts to victimize me out of what I deserve, and that includes my TOTAL AND PERMANENT DISABLEMENT CLAIM.

I started university in 2013 to gain a psychology degree as I have studied the subject for over thirty years, but I had only struck the same, typical and usual victimization by corrupt management. What these criminals did not know however, was that I am the biblical Antichrist and they are now looking at jail for a long time starting early 2016, without any question, without courts and without any care what so ever.

Over thirty staff know they are going to jail and this includes the education minister if he does not conform to my requirements. From the psychology Dean to first year advisers and then to the disability support staff who I trusted, all tried to set me up, (frame me) in a room with two woman so they could get something on recording and then call the Police. From there I would have gone to jail and it would have cost me my home defending myself in court to say the least.

These idiots failed with their attempt to frame me but that was not enough, they had to protect themselves at all cost. They then contacted two hospitals and my private doctor in an attempt to get false reports placed against my name so they could say I was schizophrenic and crazy, but they only failed with this attempt also and the people they involved, including doctors and a psychiatrist will also be going to jail when the time comes, I am definitely not like you normal people.

Due to this behavior and as they deserve, these corrupt people will be DE-registered from all qualifications and heavily fined before release. I am an intelligent person that can out-smart the behavior of any university lecturer, but as I said earlier I do not know how to play the game with other people and will always be victimized because of this. It is like a different language to me and my thinking does not allow me to work this way.

I only understand sound or words from other people which is about fifteen percent of all human to human communication, body language, gestures, sarcasm and smiles for example are not understood by me and I do not respond. I cannot see the point in playing any game at work, however these are requirements by management and if you are not a team player like me, then you will be victimized out of the work place at all cost.

After discovering the (Human Mind Body Connection) ten years ago, it was the key indicator to the Government I am in fact the Antichrist, I am not here to play stupid games. I live a supernatural life and have also been contacted by the elite powers of the world, who expressed joy of my rise to the surface and were happy to locate me. I have all their support and I wish to inform who ever this may concern, that I will JAIL and further process any person that interferes with my life.

The Australian Government knows who I am including all Councillors, Mayors, Premiers, Politicians and local Police who know they will be taking fellow GOV staff to jail in 2016. Staff from a certain company I used to work for twenty five years ago are also on my list for setting up an accident that could have killed me. I will not hesitate to jail people so do not put yourself on my list. I deserve every single dollar of my TOTAL AND PERMANENT DISABLEMENT CLAIM.. I am completely unsuitable for the work place. I require the full amount of my TOTAL AND PERMANENT DISABLEMENT CLAIM, and no further action will be necessary.

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