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Physical Worship To Places Of Thought

This opportunity is to convey the message for no more places of worship to be established in AU. I assume the message sent to all AU Councillors, harsh as it was.. has reached your attention by now. This was sparked by the unfortunate incident that occurred in Parramatta Oct 2/15. I have always had full respect for the Australian Government even though some employees including Councillors should not be involved. As you know, people use employment to satisfy their needs and pay tax in return, but Government should not be abused by minority groups to satisfy private needs, opposed by the majority and not contributing to the economy.

Places of worship are not (methods of thought) that are supposed to give meaning to a man’s life through communication with a higher power, the only common statistic with religions is the literature between the covers and a charismatic leader. These beliefs claiming tax-exempt status ought to be subject to intense scrutiny as one person’s faith can easily become another person’s cult in a short period of time. Australia should refuse to give charity status to religious cults that brainwash it’s members, hopefully my message will encourage this change.

The new world order will not include (places of worship) that separate communities as it does today, instead (places of thought) will be introduced not to brainwash it’s members for the sake of some deity. (Places of thought) will remain as churches and cathedrals of today for joining humanity in thought and peace with our real makers. These places will bring love, awareness of each other and symbolize the one world Government, education, science, health, symbols and places of the world, special events for communities via booking will also be part of these places of thought.

No doubt there are benefits to religion but not when there are many, the expression for God and the source will be defined as one in a single world system. There are no global benefits from this practice today and taxes from other services is the only solution, however the world can unite through a single religion and this will be the true, real turning point for our global race. Extensive wealth can be generated through the adjustment of religion, in the beginning a stop must be placed on increasing numbers for the rest to begin.

Places of worship today are not superior, but the view can change if people unite under one roof in respect to our Gods through thought, this is what they want and language to each other in the future will be similar. They love us, but also know religions of today are destructive to us and clearly the biggest deception ruling through wars, Government subsidies and also funding in the Millions for rehab programs and brainwashed trouble makers. Our real Gods have evolved away from this eons ago and know that we will too, we just have to show them we can be like them as part of a peaceful universal family, this is our destiny.

This (call for action) is to stop further (places of worship) in Australia. This request has been issued to all Councillors explaining what will happen if they do not listen, on a lighter note this (must be said) for the sake of everyone, I am sure you understand. The ANTICHRIST does not hate religious people but wishes to unite people and bring resolution to world conflict through religion. Wealth and freedoms will be noticed by the world and spread in time, however the first (key to turn) is to halt advancement of this current doctrine.

Please, there will be no more (start to finish) construction of religious premises, no private property conversions for tax exemption and definitely no alterations to existing places such as churches and cathedrals to satisfy alternate ideology. Australia must not permit any more places of worship for religious groups that contribute to segregation, this is not our future.. the New World Order is based on unity and peace.

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