Places Of Worship

Places Of Worship

Cease and Desist Places Of Worship (Call For Action)


A message similar to this was sent to all states and territory Local Government Associations in Australia, that represent all individual state and territory councils. This message is to cover the broad spectrum even though it may refer to some Councils more than others. This message is for the Mayor and all Councillors at the above link, plus other council members, religious organizations and the public combined to cover as much area as possible. Other messages will follow in due course, for now this is where we start.

SUBJECT: Do NOT (PASS determination), STOP adding to what already exists regarding places of worship within your boundary OR GO TO JAIL. You should listen to this message because you WILL BE JAILED and processed when the time comes. I will try to be brief and to the point, I expect your attention regarding THIS ORDER. If you do not like ORDERS that is your problem get use to them and do not complain if you (put yourself) in JAIL.

5satanThis message is A SOLID WARNING from the (Antichrist) reality has arrived. I refers to any future plans for construction or property conversions relating to places of worship including (PRAY HALLS) within your boundaries and will also cover the entire country. This is a (call to action) for all applications to be banned, denied and cancelled from (this point on). This message is to all Councillors located at the above link, you are responsible.

If any Mayor or Councillor determines a religious facility to be built adding to existing numbers, all Councillors of the jurisdiction stated, will be arrested by Police and taken straight to main stream jail without question when the time comes. Be Warned and (be Assured) this will happen. There is no in-between, no care will be shown and that is where you stay for processing which will includes qualifications stripped, heavy personal fines, individual record and personal business affairs will be affected.

Face 7THIS WILL OCCUR! It is your choice to bring this upon yourself if you do not (Cease and Desist) support for religious worship in this country, there is no support towards racism, segregation or other psychological factors religion plays in dividing society. This is not acceptable with the New World Order and heavy penalties will apply TO YOU before any release from prison. If you care for yourself, families and also the country as you should, then you will listen to this ORDER and not make any stupid decisions.

The New World Order is to HELP PEOPLE ONLY and naturally you are expected to contribute. I am not part of any religion, do not have to be, need to be or meant to be, I know who our creators are and what they require from us. Irrational beliefs, primitive thinking and physical worship only insults the most high and this (call for action) is for you to wake up. The message comes from me regarding the UN-necessary pain suffering and conflict even in the most diverse, tolerant nations which all stems from religious issues.

David Lionel LloydMy rise in the world will see those (arrested and jailed) who choose to dismiss this (call for action), if it takes processing you in prison to change your thinking then it must be done. Through conflict and time religious groups will choose to (form ONE) if you like freedom, success and respect for each other is paramount. People need to work together, live peacefully and grow with the Immortal New World system which will adjust as time passes, laws will change for security and freedoms abundant if you choose to conform.

We are all part of the same whole and participation comes from you if you want to be part of it, if you permit us to remove you then it MUST BE DONE. Other countries WILL ADAPT, no tolerance will be shown to those who appose human prosperity, quality of life and the future available to man-kind. My rise with the New World Order has been imminent throughout my life but have only been aware since discovering the (Human Mind Body Connection), which is key to my identity and opens the door to the Immortal New World.

No Places Of WorshipThe (Human Mind Body Connection) known as the gift to humanity, occurs only once inside one person that walk the Earth. I see technology man-kind has not thought of, experienced communication from a world beyond mans ability and have physical life around me not from this world which can all be proven when the time is right. I have the SIXES in my life which is other proof, they are no coincidence and not possible for all to come from man-kind, among other things the gift of SIXES are part of me that acknowledges who I am.

I am at peace in my three separate, unique and opposite worlds not like others on this Earth and move in and out of these worlds every day. My life has been scheduled to rise and oversee the New World Order and that is what I will do. I strongly recommend you listen to this message, there is (no action) against you if there is (no action) to establish further places of worship in this country. More insult will cause more pain, this (call for action) is to NOT establish any more religious places of worship.

Dedicated to a NEW WORLD DIRECTION. I do not want to control you.. that is your job, I hold no responsibility for the decisions you make. Thank-you for your time..

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