Police Ordered To Jail

Police WSU StaffJAIL waits for Western Sydney University, a complete Sham & Scam corrupt ordeal

The following information is a brief description of my experience at university (UWS) in 2013 and how the Government education system attempted to destroy my life. These Monsters FAILED at their attempt to set me up and (frame me) on campus, but I am certainly not going to fail with them, the time has come for them to be processed in JAIL as I said they would. They also tried to brand me with false medical reports which were also set-up to state I was Schizophrenic and not in a sane or capable frame of mind. They also FAILED at this attempt to destroy my life again and I have (proof that shows) what they attempted to do.

The staff below from (Western Sydney University) have chosen to go to JAIL in 2016 as I said they would. I specifically said to the Vice Chancellor and staff and drafted a long message to say, that all he had to do was DE-register the psychologist who started the whole problem in the first place and everything would be okay, but he chose to ignore this warning and I was only further treated like a joke. Well the joke is on them now! All university staff are now involved and the problem will only spread, not only that but other people outside the university are now involved including the HCCC, the psychology board, students and the Education Minister. WELL DONE!

This university is a FAILURE in my eyes, they had two options to deal with but instead, they chose to do nothing but further victimize me and paint a crazy deranged picture of the whole situation, and now they face JAIL as I said they would. These people are criminal control freaks that deserve JAIL for this behavior, they hide within the government, empire themselves around others and they all protect each other without any care for the victim, and that is what I am going to do to them. This is a FIRM ORDER for the people below to be JAILED as soon as possible without any care what-so-ever!

Being the good person I am, this is an issue I cannot let go and will give me the greatest of pleasure to seek justice and put these criminals where they belong. Their behavior is UNACCEPTABLE, UNFORGIVABLE and this is the the first stage of their processing which could take many years depending on the Minister. The DEAN of psychology faculty said to me that we do not want (your type) of people at this university, so what was he referring to and where did he get his information from? Among other things, this is what I will find out and this person will be fully processed.

In mid 2011 I started seeing a psychologist for understanding, by end of 2012 he knew about my supernatural life, also who I was and his thinking later become very irrational. He was planning to set me up somehow and even quoted verses from the bible while standing in-front of me and drawing the (cross sign) on his chest with his finger. This is the person that leaked all of my private information to the university, instigated a vicious victimization campaign against me and the Government has refused to DE-register him because it would only incriminate themselves.

I started at UWS Bankstown campus in 2013 to study psychology for a few years, but the psychologist had leaked all of my private information to UWS and had influenced the university to victimize me and set-up a trap that would have destroy my life. I had experienced victimization by the university throughout the first semester and was asked to visit the campus during mid year brake, which was when they attempted to set me up and trap me in a room with two woman, who were (disability support staff) I naturally trusted. 

There were other attempts to trap me by the psychologist and the Government, but the one carried out had filtered down from the DEAN’s office (1,2) to the 1st year advisers (3,4) and then to disability support staff workers who I was seeing at the time (6,7,8). These are the first people to be sent straight to JAIL.

After the (first 8 people) have been JAILED I will need some details for (process.2) such as how I can receive reports from them and paperwork to be signed. As I move through the processing of these people more staff will be added to the JAIL-LIST and processed until compensation is paid, as I deserve. They had every opportunity to settle this matter properly but they refused to conform due to the Vice Chancellor, now many other people are involved and I seek compensation for your extreme, careless and incompetent behavior that could have destroyed my life.

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