State Debt Recovery

State Debt Recovery

Antichrist requires State Debt Recovery to pay corruption debts

To State Debt Recovery Office thanks for reading this message, I do mean to be arrogant and the (Antichrist) is not in debt to the AU GOV, in-fact the AU GOV is in debt to me and this message to you will explain how and why. I also take this opportunity to mention to the GOV what they have done, as the GOV knows who I am and they should also know I will be requiring compensation for the careless, maniacal destruction of my university education back in 2013.

My intent is not to tar the whole GOV with the same brush as WSU but to bring to your attention what staff has done, how they tried to destroy my life and chose to do it. There is no forgiveness for the criminals involved and from the top down when the time comes, they will be arrested by police and taken to jail. WSU staff members carried out their behavior mainly because they worked for the GOV and knew they would get away with it, but not this time which is why the GOV now has a debt to pay.

This has taken a (large emotional) toll (permanent damage) and much more, the GOV is required to pay suitable damages to me in the near future, there is no question about that. I am asking for a review of the $248 penalty, however if you still choose to push this onto me then unfortunately I will have no other choice but to increase the debt already owing by a further 248K. After reading this message do some research, you will find out who I am and if you still do not care, then neither should I and it will be a pleasure.
Note: Since this time they naturally determined that I should pay the fine but got off paying due to engaging a psychologist who stated I was under their care. They will still pay the 248K.
State Debt Recovery (2)Debt recovery has been determined by the Shemittah year but there is an up-side, what you pay today could be paid back tomorrow. Payment is nothing compared to what is wasted and balances with the crimes committed by the people involved. They also wanted to push as much (emotional stress) upon me as they could, by saying they were going to steal my life and personal discovery for themselves which is hilarious, the Human Mind Body Connection is significantly the most important discovery in history and part of the reason they tried to trap me.

The GOV will have to pay this debt and will be notified by the lawyer you employ when the time comes. Your own people are the best to assist with this matter and assume this time will be during the year 2016. The lawyer has already communicated with me and states, (university takes the safety and security of it’s staff very seriously and has referred this material to the Police). That is good and what I wanted, because they are now informed about the University also and they, (the Police) will have to arrest certain staff for Jail when the time comes.

During time they will be processed individually and will not be released until the debt is paid. Among other things sad and poor, the university has competently FAILED.. they have failed with the safety and security of students, their work place and families before themselves and why they will be first to experience my treatment, based on their own. If the lawyer says (The university takes the safety and security of it’s staff very seriously), then the lawyer will have to ensure you finalize the debt.

State Debt Recovery (3)As you learn more about me you will realize I am the (Lawless One) which should exempt me from the penalty anyway, even though I am this person I will always respect the laws because I have grown up with them and I am not about to turn maniac now, it is me that has to be careful of normal people like you. This incident is part of (my rise) and take this opportunity to let you know what happened at WSU and what lies ahead for them. Anyone will be used to achieve justice, without any care what so ever and I learn this from you also.

I am sure part of this review will be based on circumstances and if I did the wrong thing making the U’turn, it was only due to (inadequate prevention) which is all part of the legal and revenue system, so partially, this is what you want people to do. I do not want to break any laws but you make it very easy in some circumstances, this is well inline with what the GOV has done by gang-stalking me and attempting to destroy my life, not only without any care in the world, but with scheduled planned victimization and defamation of my character with hatred in mind.

Back in 2011 I was seeing a private psychologist for talks about my life and help for me to fit into a university lifestyle, but instead all of my private information was leaked to WSU, then a (process) of lies and defamation against me was orchestrated by the hierarchy, spread to all areas of my study, including disability advisers, lectures, other students, library and more. These are the (life forms) that will be taken to jail and let me assure you, I and any colleges will not be good at taking care of them.

State Debt Recovery (4)From the Dean to the First Year Advisers and then to the disability staff, I was asked to visit the university campus between first and second semesters 2013 which is what I did as they said to me, there is someone I should meet that could assist me further regarding blending, study and AS. When I arrived at the department I was then guided to an office with the other person waiting inside. After entering the office, the disability adviser who I met at reception, came in after me and closed the door, she sat down on the chair right in-front of me then (spread her legs) wide apart with her (dress raised up).

I was not expecting this.. with her legs spread wide apart, I noticed the other disability adviser to my left was also dressed up for a good time and looking at me as if she wanted sex. These two GOV workers were trying to frame me! She was dressed up like a whore doll with curled up hair, lots of eye mascara, smiling with freckle dots on her face and tilting her head side to side. She also had a very short dress on with a recorder covered up on her lap, which would have been used as evidence to incriminate me, which is what they intended to do.

They would have only needed the smallest evidence and the Police would have been called, 2 against 1. From there it would have been jail, permanent record, courts, legal system and loss of my home to (say the least), you deserve to be in this debt and one way or another you will pay. I am not attracted to this behavior no matter who the person is, I am too above all that.. The time will come to rise above the lot of you and will force the most high among you to a position to achieve my TEN figure justice, and I hope it hurts.

Justice New World OrderI am hard because I am good and clearly see through this (normal level) without you knowing. My experience with the (Ed system) has been infantile, an abomination of the future with lust for greed and self at any cost, that is what I have experienced from this kindergarten university. They were also passing people that cannot even read, write or speak properly, also two chances with assignments, just to get funding from the government. Whether the Ed Minister knows it or not, you are involved and will have a job to do through the processing stage, so don’t run away I will be looking for you.

After escaping this event I made arrangements to see the (Dean of psychology) Bankstown campus, to tell him what happened and it was clear to see that he knew what was going on and most likely set the whole thing up. He said to me.. we do not want your type here, so what was he referring to? Of course he set the whole thing up! After meeting the Dean, information had leaked out again and more gang-stalking and victimization was orchestrated against me by other GOV departments. What a dangerous place for a man to be..

This time (hospitals and medical) were involved, and my private doctor was contacted to set me up with a false medical report. I had a GOV psychiatrist and male nurse at my door from the local hospital, they wanted to enter my premises to get a false report put against my name, and had trespassed into the building without my knowledge. At the same time another hospital was harassing my family to get information on their records, but once again their tactics FAILED and you might wonder why I call these people criminals.

Antichrist-9I will treat them like criminals as-well, the Antichrist will jail many without care one after the other and my list is long until the debt is paid. The figure is high because the longer it takes the worse it gets which is what I want and many will be outraged by my treatment. You will feel the pain and experience my wrath until the lid is sealed for a new beginning, but until then victimization against WSU and affiliated staff will be a pleasure. After this time figures will channel back to AU economy so it is not going to be too bad after all.

Due to some short emails sent to WSU employees, more comments from your (Boyish Lawyer) states.. (In conclusion, while you may feel genuinely aggrieved, your behavior is not acceptable under any circumstances. I urge you to carefully consider your position and to desist from this type of behavior, otherwise you run the risk of criminal or civil action against you). Some people have the audacity but he/she did what I wanted, this person will be brought to me for talks regarding State Debt Recovery when the time comes. Well done stupid..

This is your higher education standard, the ones you call professional and they also expect to be known as superior, good joke. Let me assure you, none of them are! They would not know what a superior thinking person was and if suspected.. he would only be victimized, kicked out, belittled, defamed or dragged down somehow to the normal level. Throughout the torment of work and (home life) due to workplace people like UWS, this is exactly how I ended up loosing my mind, discovering the (Mind Body Connection), knowing who I really am and thinking about the New World Order. I am not like you people, there is a long list of things I simply do not do.

I do not have issues with the GOV on whole, there are many good department and love my country, however UWS is my target and feel hostile and enmity towards the people involved, they are the ones that have (hated me) to do what they did. I recommend you pass a copy of this message to the (PM), the quicker the settlement depends on your degree of care. GOV employees has destroyed my life in more ways than one, not only my education but my whole family up to this day have been affected by events involving the GOV, so I certainly do not have any care for these staff, that job is yours.

State Debt Recovery (5)As your lawyer says, my conclusion is.. while you may feel genuinely aggrieved with the situation, the behavior of WSU is not acceptable under any circumstances, which is why you are in debt to the sum of TEN figures. I urge you to carefully consider your position and desist with further action against me or run the risk of more action against WSU. Money OR power is not the issue for me, it is the behavior of human types that (wreck and ruin) the lives of others (without a care) to achieve this for themselves, and get away with it every day.

Everything has fallen on deaf ears but you might want to listening now. It just so happens I am the Antichrist and as far as I can see now, you may have to do as I say later whether you like it or not. Also there should understand why you are in debt and is only a small part of what you waste every year. Bad management will always cost just like it has with WSU, you obviously need someone to see the better way for you. In the future I will not be communicating with the GOV personally, the notice to pay will come from your lawyer who has kindly volunteered services while jail, staff DE-registration and other processing takes place.

Once debt is paid a new beginning starts and everyone should be better off. Thanks for your attention, time and the opportunity to disclose my experience.

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