✪ Suicide Rates Will Increase

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Channeled Messages from AnonSuicide Rates Will Increase, A Channeled Message from Anon

In 2020 suicide will be the first cause of death. More US troops die from suicide than combat already. The increase of USA’s suicide rate corresponds with use of psychotropic drugs. Warning: If you read the side effects it lists possible psychotic episodes with violence like those murderous rampages and suicide. If people are depressed they need to fix their diets, take melatonin, magnesium and vitamins. The leading cause of death right now is democide because governments poisons your food, water, and air supply. This fact will never make the stats because they are dishonest about their Agenda 21 population reduction eugenics. Instead we hear about cancer and heart disease or organ failures, but they don’t report what causes the cancers.

About 89 percent of terrestrial humans are a mixture of ET and human DNA. Secrecy is created by the covert governments working in conjunction with the reptoids, who control the Earth and its resources. There are good and bad, positive as well as negative, in all species, including reptoids, Grays and humans. Earth is a laboratory, used as a test tube for different species that create different life forms, and therefore a scientist doesn’t tell his test subjects because it might hinder the outcome of an experiment. The coverts are in control.

The African or Negroid peoples originated from Sirius B and from the Orion Nebula, and they were created on Earth by these species from those sectors, plus the Niburuan Councils, who were of the dark humanoid and reptilian hybrid mixes, as a test species when Earth was a laboratory. Earth was a testing ground. The ET scientists involved monitored and didn’t intervene in any of the different species’ development as they wanted to see what the outcome would be and not influence or interfere with their test species

Religion was brought to Earth by Pleiadians and other species. Jesus was a hybrid of a human and Pleiadian mix. All universes stretch out forever and have no end. All universes were created by energy and a spark of light that gave rise to all life and all consciousness to its being.

The essence you call God is a collective of scientists from many species and planets who were the geneticists of diversity who did biogenetics to create lifeforms on laboratory worlds such as Earth. Earth is actually a test tube planet.

There is good and bad in all species, although Reptoids are the more aggressive species who have tinkered with and messed up humans’ DNA, to make them more war-like and uncaring toward their fellow man, as well as creating hybrids of these to create a hostile being that will be a warrior, and to continue the rulership for their Reptoid covert government operatives once they have left Earth.

There are countless Pleiadians on Earth and they make up more than a fourth of your population on Earth. Zetis are fewer in number. Reptoids are the most numerous. They are recognizable by their dark and corrupted energies and they pass as humans while on Earth (they are shape shifters). Camelot has to do with a secret program about a mass staged contact. UFO sightings usher in a New World Order by using holograms and lasers to sway the people through mind control.

Crop circles are created by using lasers which are beamed down by overhead crafts. These are created by a craft’s onboard computers and are encoded messages to awaken those who are at a level to understand their secret codes. Most crop circles are created by Pleiadians and Zeti Grays using a combination of ultrasonic technology and lasers, and the messages pertain to Earth’s evolution as a planetary society.

Humans and, in fact, all organic life forms have a soul, and that would be a type of plasma either that inhabits or gives life to every cell within the body in which it lives. The Silver Cord only takes the human shape when the person is projecting himself out of the body, though this must always remain tethered to the cord that binds it to the “container” it is from, or death will occur once the cord is severed. Again, all humans have a soul or a plasma consciousness that animates and gives personality to the shells they reside in. Psychics are wrong if they are saying people don’t have a soul.

We are all wanderers from many universes, all here to better the situation on this earth. Before you came here, you—like others—chose to come to the Earth school to learn, and therefore you became an observer and teacher, to teach your own species back home on your own world, so that their world didn’t make the same mistake as Earth as a civilization is doing. To evolve you must learn and to learn is to grow beyond a planet’s mistakes.

Ascension is a process that is an individual thing and is personal as well as global consciousness. All societies need more love and less judgment, more compassion and less hate. Energy healings are good, although a soul chooses to come into a human form with issues that aren’t meant to be removed.

Star travel beyond your solar system will not be achieved until you discover a more fuel efficient method of craft propulsion as rockets are cumbersome and consume more and don’t produce the thrust to put a craft into subspace or warp in order to travel the distances needed. As long as science denies the existence of wormholes and star portals, it will be many eons to go beyond the speed of light.

Zetis are an ancient insectoid race that is slowly dying due to limited resources on their planets within their galaxy. Human appearance is one of many templates which were given to humans from their Pleiadian ancestors eons ago. There are about 48 different subraces/species of Grays with about a quarter of them living on Earth in those bases. There are good and bad in all species, whether it be lizard or insectoid. The Gray race with Oriental features is a subrace of Kebbens, related to the Essanian subrace from Betelgeuse.

To get reptoids out of power, you have to learn to know how to read energies, for they shape-shift to appear to you on the outside as human. When you raise your rate of vibration or lower it, they can appear to you in their true form for a brief amount of time. The reason you show them love is because they flee from what is good and seek the negative things they create their power from. You show it globally as a united people, for the reptoids in power don’t want their authority overthrown and they feed off of sadness and anger, making them stronger and making their rule tighter on Earth. Grays as well as Pleiadians created humans with their abilities to think and communicate.

The moon is a hollow spheroid craft and has ETs living on the dark side, which has more craters than on the side that faces Earth. The ETs that live there have small outposts as platforms observing activities on Earth. The ETs involved are mostly Pleiadians with a few insectoid species.

The Revelation and The Vatican UFO Cover-Up

There will be more so-called alien activity in the United States and all over the world. It will increase and increase and finally this true story will come out. Let me discuss this subject, this final “Revelation” of who these so-called aliens are and how this will happen. As said, the actual appearance, the arrival per se, will be during the Shift while chaos is reigning. The Shift will include major seismic and weather events, starting in about 2018 and lasting well into the 2020’s. The world will survive these events, but look much different geographically.

The planet will be about 83% water and the population will be much lower. I see 2018 as the beginning of the Revelation. This has been covered up a long time during the history of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has documents that are buried in the Vatican vaults. These documents mention contact between some representatives of the European monarchy, Church officials and so-called aliens in the last 1500 years. Of course the Church wishes to cover this up. It’s a business and they would be out of business, I assure you. These documents have logs that detail contact with alien nations, those we always speak of who are assigned by the creator to help earth. There are of course evil alien groups like the Reptilians, but the five groups that help earth also protect it. There are millions of different alien species in our universe, too many to contemplate. Five are the friends of earth as said before. There are documents that go as far back as Charlemagne.

There have been secret meetings between the Vatican and so-called aliens. These aliens range from Pleiadians who mainly look like the Dutch to the Mitholonians who resemble the science fiction versions of aliens. The last pope spoke with the aliens at a secret base near Milan, Italy. There are hidden areas in the Italian Alps where meetings have been going on for many years. Before that the meetings were in Rome. Alien groups have told the Vatican and world governments that the time is coming when the old religions and such ways of thinking will be thrown aside. The Vatican knows that the whole story is not the exact truth. Let us be clear; Jesus’ message is live the Golden Rule. Yes, Jesus was an ET. He was put on earth by alien races from a distant galaxy. This has been part of the cover up. The cover up is mainly to prevent worldwide chaos, but the creator has decided that the world must know the truth. In order for mankind to progress into the Aquarian Age, man must move forward from these old Piscean ways of black and white religious dogma. These so-called aliens are working with the Church and the Vatican knows the clock is running out.

The Vatican understands this and that much of what they say is right, but also wrong. The cover up also involves technology that is being used and hidden. In 1965 there was a meeting between Soviet, U.S., British and French representatives and those from four alien nations. The aliens stated that there will not be another third world war. Any action started would be diffused. They told them to find ways to come to peace with their ideologies. Finally, the alien nations warned the Soviet Union that their way of life would not last forty more years. Communism was supposed to collapse in the time frame 1992-2000. But, its demise was speeded-up by Reagan and Pope John Paul II.

Both of these men were sent by the creator to destroy this type of government and they succeeded in their mission. Did you ever think that one reason for the government cover up for so long is that they and world religions would lose control over people. People will believe finally that there is more out there and something much greater than any government power. What is a government compared to the Creator and so called aliens? Governments want all control and power, but only the creator is the real power. When the so called aliens are known and interacted with, then the White House and governments are nothing. So, you see the cover up is not going to continue much longer. This will show that man is not alone. Alien spacecraft will come in peace for the universe and the progression of mankind. People will say, it’s okay, we knew this was the truth anyway. There will be technology revealed and things seen and recorded that build up to this day.

The Revelation

The Revelation, will begin shortly and conclude in 2018 or sooner in 2016. The lid is about to come off the so-called alien cover-up. There will soon be a story about how the Vatican, and the Swiss and Italian governments are involved in the cover-up. Look to the Vatican for documents in the vaults, as said previously. A fleet of alien spacecraft will land in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington, DC , and in every city in the world. A dozen ships will land in every city in the world. They will come in peace for the universe and the progression of mankind. People will say, it’s okay, we knew this was the truth anyway. There will be technology revealed and things seen and recorded that build up to this day.

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