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High Functioning Aspergers

High Functioning AspergersI would never say I would rather be without my Asperger mind. Thinking may be different but it is clear, honest, logical and I prefer it that way. Am also founder of the (Human Mind Body Connection) which is the most significant personal discovery in human history and Asperger syndrome contributed to this. I am also the supernatural person that brings this to the world and it only comes once by this one person. I am referred to by many names and mentioned in the bible plus other biblical script, my name converted to numbers is 1656, equals 600 60 and 6. Government, some professionals, police, councils are also aware of who I am and have proof that goes back before I was born. My life is very supernatural, have been contacted by technology above that of man, SIXES are significant and have different opposite thinking to other people but is not bad by any means, it is good, proper and simple for me, some say superior. I am kind, rational, fair and have felt separate to others from an early age. I have never been understood and only started to understand myself and the world I live in, after being diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

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