✪ Teacher Student Abuse

Teacher student abuse at western Sydney university – Jail waits!

Anyone can affected by teacher student abuse if you bring knowledge to a university, as this will intimidate the Control Freaks and Narcissists that work there. My experience had started from one female staff member on campus at Western Sydney University Sydney Australia and it soon escalated to an event that could easily have cost me my life and damage to my family and these (out of control) people could not care less. I was set up on campus and framed by university staff where I was studying, and this would have attracted the attention of Police and further more a conviction of some kind would have been recorded against me. This is what these low life (scum of the Earth) people tried to do, however they all will be going to jail instead when the time comes. Also the government will then have to bail them out by paying a multi Billion dollar fine. No care for you Western Sydney University for Teacher Student Abuse, I am going to jail the lot of you and sending you all to jail will give me the greatest pleasure, in my entire life.

Teacher Student Abuse

The dreams will come true, justice to be served as you deserve

I say this and mean this because I wish to teach these people a huge lesson, and I am not concerned about what others think, this is my justice and they will be served as they deserve. Corruption lies and the colors of human behavior rise to the surface in the common work place, and it does not matter where you are. This university found out about me and my (Human Mind Body Connection) discovery from another corrupt psychologist in the work place that leaked out my personal information which became attractive to WSU. They wanted me out of the picture so they attempted to frame/trap me, have me put in prison and then reports put against my name to say I was crazy, just so they could take credit for what I had. This is what they attempted to do and why I am sending them to jail without any care, they will pay for my compensation and so will the Australian government for what they have done. The Antichrist has authority over this situation, that has not only robbed me of the education I wanted but has tarnished the good thoughts I have always had about my own country. This disgraceful act of corruption will force me to seek the compensation from the Australia Government. They have enough for charity so they can throw some in my direction which is the only way they can save their criminal staff.

Teacher Student Abuse

Grinning idiots denying truth

The Australian government will have to pay compensation to settle this matter, there is no other way out for them or me. Compensation before jail would save these people and government a lot of trouble, however I know this will not happen. This is the crazy part of human nature, they not only cause the issue in the first place but they are also unable to prevent their staff from going to jail. Very sad but true, I can see there is no escape from jail for these people, they will be processed individually and the longer they stay in jail the more processing takes place. Their cries to the government or legal people who are suppose to support them will have to be effective with compensation first before anything stops and processing will continue right to the end. DE-registration or qualification scrapped will be first, bank accounts closed, money confiscated and property ceased is all part of the processing. They have done this to themselves, I/we hold no responsibility what so ever. This destructive, greedy and opportunistic behavior conducted by so called professionals has only failed due to their own potent and toxic competence, nothing else. As a victim of this behavior from one work place to another, whether employed there or not it has left me with ZERO trust in everyone, and will have no mercy what so ever in punishing these people as they deserve. This university was also passing people that could not even read, write and/or speak properly just to get funding for themselves and why many students chose this facility to get their easy (so called) qualifications.

Teacher Student Abuse

The useless corrupt playing dress-up

Whether teacher student abuse at university or any other public place, there will always be allegations made and comments denied and that is all they are until anything is proven. People that know what happened at the university are the people I am accusing and are all the proof I need to throw them in jail, once there reports will be required stating why they carried out what they did and will not be released until they do. This will support my need for compensation and what I have said about this incident, which is actually what happened. There is no other way and if people think my accusation are false, then prove to me they are (this will not happen). Teacher student abuse is common in government facilities like other corruption because they know there is protection within the system. As I rise with this matter, their protection fades and their true colors are now on display, which has caused me further PTSD and with-draw from society. I will eventually seek the justice owing and I will pull down the top shelf to get there if necessary, my spirit has to be renewed and I need a new lease on life at this age. Now is also a good time to expose this behavior, teacher student abuse is unacceptable like any other abuse and will be cleaned out of society as the years pass by.

Teacher Student Abuse

Know those who deceive many

In the future, people with authority will outlaw the crooks and reward the good as it should be so. In other words, wolves will be separate from the sheep and the chosen sheep will be selected for fields, sheep will also be rewarded for being sheep and the goods they provide will service many. There are many lies from those who deceive and it gives me no choice with the future that is not too far. The shock knock will come to the door then be taken away to another place away from life, home, family, friends and this is what they wanted for me. They also wanted to claim the rights to my discovery, so we claim the rights to them instead and this is what (they have done). There wanted me out of the picture I painted and had come to the conclusion I was the Devil, which is right! I have not even said to anybody I am he, or anything of the kind, it has been other people coming to these conclusions and said these things about me, it has never been me. Inside my psychology notes, he talks about the Antichrist and says (I am) the one that thinks this way and (I am) telling him, but I am not. (He is) the one saying this, and this all goes in support of the reports they wanted on my medical file. Both the psychologist and university attempted to put false reports on my medical files but (only failed) again. They contacted two hospitals that actually sent staff around to my front door trying to get these reports. I was angry with these idiots, I reported them to H.C.C.C but they were just as useless so I will jail the board there too and why not, this will be fun!

Teacher Student Abuse

Good not the same as bad

The new world order will rise people up to be more intelligent, the smart shall not come down to the dumb level and good is not the same as bad. If normal people are too stupid naturally or brainwashed with stupidity & are unable to rise to acceptable levels, then they will have the problem, and others will not except you. It is their world also and the good and smart will be making the rules, not the stupid and dumb that make up this world. Part of the testing process will be to ascertain what evil is and where it comes from, if you desire to be part of the one world system then questions like this must be accurately known. Even if people are given clues they will still find it hard to answer this question properly. Evil is a very self concerning difference in certain people and supporting these people once you know about them, only makes you just as bad. Like the university matter, these people will manipulate the environment due to their delusion that contributes to the victimization process that satisfies them. They leave a trail of destruction behind and manipulation is their greatest asset, they also rely on your silence, ignorance and obedience to achieve the goals they think they deserve.

Teacher Student Abuse

Time will pass, there is no escape

Whether victimization at university, schools, police or the corrupt work place, bullying is a crime but is hard to prove and also get support. Gov- ernments express concern and support for this but very little is done and when people go to relevant departments for help, the cause only hides and deny that anything ever happened. You need concrete proof & even with that it is still impossible to get justice. The extensive victimization forced upon me at university was the worst kind, the criminals who orchestrated events were experienced and well practiced control freaks by nature who know the bullying system back to front and how far to go. They also relied on other government departments for protection, support and to hide their dirty work, what great human beings these creatures are. Like a daily routine that becomes enjoyment mixed with power and in many circumstances power has to be achieved to satisfy the need, as their (freight train) thinking for control is sick, destructive and ruthless. These people are also considered normal and this happens every day (for now)! They are like an instrument that keeps society at a certain level, the less ability you have the better off you are and this is the incompetent story of the work place. This low IQ behavior drags down society and the further down it goes the more obvious it becomes, we need a New World Order.

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