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The (Mind Body Connection) is the final peace to the human puzzle. A cloned body with uploaded mindfiles® to live another full healthy life time.

In 1821 he received a grant of 97.2 hectares of land near the ford crossing the Hunter River in recognition of his contribution to the exploration party and had settled there with his family by 1823 when he was appointed District Constable. His residence became the core of the town of Singleton and over the years he contributed much to the economy. He had apparently erected a mill at the future Singleton town-site or nearby in 1829 and operated what may be the same mill there from 1830 to 1835. Benjamin subdivided off part of this property as the town of Singleton in 1836. Other ventures included erecting an inn, a brewery and a courthouse for the town.

The Antichrist. This man will rise with the new world order and immortal system that will officially commence in 2016. There is much more I could say but above all, it is time to welcome the Antichrist and a New Order of the Age. Even though it has been in preparation for a long time it can only move forward after my discovery which has now been found for the better of man kind. Many world issues will be solved and the introduction to the life of Satan is where it start, he brings the gift to humanity which I have done that leads me to where I am today. I am not going to run corruption past you like many politicians do, I only say it the best way I can and from there it is up to you.

oie_2TP19Zm4FIIS The Human Mind Body Connection brings the immortal world, this cam from within me and only one human brings this to the world. I am to oversee the process of this discovery for a long time that will change thinking and the direction of all human life. New laws are necessary for this direction and more freedoms will result as the pathway is carved. Dissolving military over time will begin the same way prosperity will be seen.. The Chosen One is ready in peace, waiting for motion by the people as the Antichrist needs to step up. He need to move forward for the coming change, and that I will do. I live on this planet also, do you really think I want to be governed by warmongers and madness, I assure you I don’t and will rise for the people. People are all that creates good and that is what I support.

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