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The (Mind Body Connection) is the final peace to the human puzzle. A cloned body with uploaded mindfiles® to live another full healthy life time.

All Harmless. All that happens at home and outside is harmless, in fact I like it and feel very privileged to experience it. I also have an ability to create a conduit back to the source expressing my thoughts, the hopes I have for humanity and asking for more contact. The main reason for me being chosen by the source is because of my similar thinking and other abilities which are different from other people, and closer to the (source thinking) that guides me. More contact has been shown and have hours of video recording of my life never seen.

At The Markets. It was Mothers Day 2015, for some reason I alighted from the train at the fish markets which was not my plan for the day and was one of the busiest days of the year. After eating I looked for somewhere to clean my hands, I found some ice next to one of the stores and was standing near the counter, there was a lot of people there when all of a sudden the shopkeeper said, right next to me to the customer he just served.. six six six, six six six to the customer. The customer turned around and took the receipt and the shopkeeper said again, look the receipt number.. six six six, six six six. I then said to the shop- keeper, that’s amazing have you ever seen anything like that before, he said no, that’s an amazing receipt Nº and said the numbers again to me.

Nix And Zions MalabarSixes Show Up Any Time. I found this hard to believe myself and I have calculated the chances of this event happening to be more than a 500 Trillion to 1 chance that (6 sixes) had lined up the way they did on the receipt and the shop keeper saying this right in-front of me at that particular time and place. He said it twice loud and clear, was I guided to the markets, was I meant to be there?

Planned & Scheduled. This is how it appears, I know this is hard to understand. I grew up on Zions Ave at Malabar and was (trapped) in the same house for (36) years. Zion is the biblical name for the land of Israel. It is commonly referred to a specific mountain near Jerusalem (Mount Zion), on which stood a Jebusite fortress of the same name and conquered by David, it was then named the (City of David). Zionism is also a political movement that supports the maintenance & preservation of the state of Israel as a Jewish homeland, originally arising in the late 1800s in the region of Palestine. Zionism was founded by Theodor Herzl 1860-1904, respected by the Elite or otherwise known, the Illuminati.

Malabar Sydney. I lived on the CNR of Zions and Nix Avenue and this could be just co-incidental, but the Antichrist is known by several other names. These names are: Satan, Lucifer, Devil, Beelzebub, Belial, Prince of darkness, The wicked one, The tempter, Old Nick and Mephistopheles. When you travel along a road you always (turn into) another. So does (Zions Ave) turn into (Nix Ave), or does (David) turn into (Antichrist). I find that amazing that even before I was born, my life could have been realistically mapped out for me.

Final Peace To The Puzzle Am Founder of the Human Mind Body Connection, the most (significant discovery) in history and this event took place on the grass next to a road with no-one else around during the whole process and lasted for about 1 minute. One minutes that changed my life and this truly did give me a brand new mind, it completely vacated my physical body and returned back with my knowledge completely unimpaired from any stress or activity. I live an unbelievable and extremely supernatural life that I cannot tell any normal person because they would not believe me, and could not possibly be matched by any one else.

Approached In Zions Ave. Speaking of other people I had man approach me in (Zions avenue) when I was about 10 or 12 and he wanted to know who I was, he wanted to know my name, what my fathers name was and where I lived. There was other people around at this time and did not think much of it, but after I told him what he wanted to know he simply walked away and I never saw him again. About 15 years later on this dark cold night at the railway in Sydney, I was waiting for a cab because the buses had stopped, there was no-one else around that I could see, however all of a sudden this man appeared at the scene, standing about 30 feet away from me, all dressed in black clothing and he was just standing there looking at me.

Men In BlackMen In Black. I was startled at the time because he seemed to appeared out of no-where and said to myself, where the !@#$ did he come from. I looked at him then turned away, he just stood there looking at me. He was dressed impeccably in black, black shoes, a long black trench coat with the collar turned up, black trousers, white shirt, he had a black tie and a black hat on, but I could not see his face well or his eyes probably due to the light. I then walked away from the area because he was there about 30 feet away. After walking away I looked back to see but he had disappeared just as quick as he appeared & there was no trace of him anywhere.

Man in Black. I have always thought about this incident and realize now who this person was and what he was there for. At the time I received two messages in my mind, that I have never been able to figure out along with many other events until I had discovered the (Human Mind Body Connection). After the discovery I have figure out many circumstances in life going from (one to the next) and continually thinking about this new type of immortal (world order). I do all of this in my mind, and I have studied every country in the world and drawn every (country and island) group in detail, to the correct shape and detail after seeing this man in black.

Will Not Find Partner. The other message I received was, that I will never find a partner in life and if I tried to it would not work out, and it never has. However the message said that I will meet someone later in life and this person will (come to me) when the time is right. After the entrapment with family and at the age of 46, I moved to my own apartment and the time has arrived with all the proof I need without any doubt about this person, she is the one I am suppose to meet who will understand me, my future and supernatural life. With this support in my life, written history will begin regarding the New World and this special person who understands me is predicted to play an important roll in the life and empire of the Antichrist.

The Big Drag Down. In this world intelligent people are dragged down to the dumb normal and are only taught what they are meant to know. Einstein once said, dumb people will always think smart people are crazy people which is true. I have never had friends, only talk to shopkeepers, cannot even talk to my own family but I am happy in my three separate unique worlds.
stupid peoplePeople like this and others worse are clearly retarded and piercing alone is rated as self hurting behavior, but these idiots are considered normal due to rules and laws. Not only that, morons like this actually think they are better than others but dumbs like this will be tested in the New World to see how much pain they can really stand.

Superior Thinker. My thinking has always been different to the normal people which has caused me a lot of stress and anxiety throughout life. At the age of 51, I was finally diagnosed with high functioning autism known as Aspergers Syndrome, which is an exotic difference that affects how I learn and process information, socializing and how I see the world at large. It is all good with me now, and there are many well known people in the world suspected of having this. AS is a difference that gives you more not less, and many people with this are dragged down below the control freak level, who are are insecure and feel threatened of smart people.

Superior ThinkerAutodidact. I learn what I want to learn on my own and do it a different way to other people including multipal things at once. I do not like to look at or associate with people unless they are for example: shopkeepers, if I associate with people I get stress or anxiety from their thinking, if in an environment with people around me all the time such as the work-place, I accumulate activity in my mind due to behavior and negativity, that will linger permanently and only increase until I move away or separate myself from the people or area. I have always looked up to other people to be accepted as normal like them but have also been the biggest problem in my life.

School And Uni. Were (Drag-Downs) the same as the work place due to typical control freak management, I have never had friends and never been understood properly by anyone, except by some who think they do, know as professional but many of these people are limited too. I also know university trained clinical psychologists and Doctors that are corrupt due to the system and use it to only benefit themselves, they are only trained and taught people, they would learn very little by themselves. Satan on the other hand is learned, literal, logical and used by the ignorant as the (escape goat), evil will always need someone to blame. Everything bad in the world gets blamed on Satan but in reality, it is evil that will always blame the good and Satan has always been used as this convenient escape goat.

My Supernatural Discovery. We came to the surface in 2013 due to corruption and leaked information to the university I was studying at. GOV departments know about this and who I am, including the multipal SIXES that appear in my life which is probably how I ended up with all the sixes in my passport. I live in three totally different, separate, opposite and unique worlds and move (in and out) of these worlds every day at different times. I look into and over-see the normal world like nothing you can imagine, so here are my passport numbers.

Passport. It was delivered 2013 from the GOV. They contacted me in regarding to why I had not renewed the passport in 2013. After this contact, I made arrangements to renew it the following day and here are the numbers. While waiting for my passport to arrive I could only assume it would be full of SIXES like all other documents, and just like I thought when the new passport arrived I was stunned to notice it was full of SIXES again. The SIXES are totally amazing.

Doc number = N3148888 | DOB = 08 DEC 1959 | Issue = 24 SEP 2013 | Expiry = 24 SEP 2023
Step 1 = (3+1+4) 8888 + 08 = 48 | Step 2 = 66666666 66 666 | 6666 6 6 | 6666 6 66

Lloyds Coffee HouseAll Numbers Real. I knew the SIXES would show up again, all of the eights that make up the Sixes also correspond with dates and events happening in the world today including symbolizing immortality for humans. With my discovery the inevitable is now possible and known as the (gift to humanity) delivered to the world by (one person) only.

UK Royalty In Lloyd Family. Speaking of Royalty, my g.g.g.g grandfather was Edward Lloyd, born (1648–1713) and founder of (Lloyds Coffee House), then Lloyds List and (Lloyds of London) was formed to become one of the most Royal company on the planet today. Other companies have merged with the (Lloyd name) due to good management and formed the giant empire it is today. I have looked at the Lloyd family heritage and have also found, that my g.g grandfather did not come to Australia as a convict, but rather on business and then married Mary Singleton.

Lloyds Of LondonHave Come To Realize. The Antichrist will over-see the New World Order including Governments, monetary and a peaceful faith suitable for everyone. I am the (all seeing eye) with this connection to Royalty and have been chosen for this roll long before I was even born. My life has been guided by a higher source who I think similar to, & the Illuminati who controls the GOV, banks, Royalty, the (Lloyd empire) & much more on this planet. I honor these people the highest naturally and hopefully one day I will have the pleasure of meeting them.

Singleton Australian Royalty

AU Royalty In Lloyd Family. My g.g grandfather married Mary, the daughter of Benjamin Singleton. In 1817 and 1818 he was involved with others in exploring for a route to the Hunter Valley. Then during 1820 he was a member of the expedition to the Hunter Valley led by John HOWE the Chief Constable of Windsor which was the first recorded European trip into the Singleton, NSW area.

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