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The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, religious idiots run this place as-well

I last spoke to these people on Monday (May 26 2014) regarding the service and treatment I received from this stupid Army of idiots. The salvation Army that was located at Liverpool is the place I am referring to, and these people could not understand what I was saying because their impairment with religion. These idiots are so brain washed and deprived of reality, they tried to send me to the hospital due to something they could not understand that relates to a biblical matter. They could not comprehend that Satan is a real person that walks the Earth and the very supernatural person that becomes the Antichrist. Here are three more idiots form this stupid organization that will be going to jail when the time comes, because they tried to trap me again just like the university did. The Salvation Army will be heavily fined before their release and they deserve every bit of the treatment I will dish up to them when the time comes.  

I have already spoken to the manager of the facility, and he said to me that he was not trying to do what I am accusing him of doing, but these idiots will lie no matter what and deceit is all part of the game plan too. When people conduct behavior like this and get caught out like these people have, of course they are going to lie their way out of the situation. Intelligent people should be able to see through the lies and hopefully you can do this too. When the manager contacted me about the situation that occurred, he had not only carried out the behavior that had started this matter, but then tried to lie to me as much as he could, to reverse the situation which clears himself from anything ever happening. Not only that it implies that I do not know what I am talking about, and I am the one that is wrong, and that is something I do not accept. religious people are the sickest ones to ever walk this planet and this is constantly proven to me.

Please let me remind you that the people I mention attempted to seriously harm my life once again due to their fucked up mindsets and that is what they intended by attempting to send me to the local hospital. Let me say that if I had gone there, they would not have let me go because the manager would have phoned the hospital, and he would have the other two people as his back up. This is how these fruit cakes work and sane people of the world should be able to see this if you are intelligent to do so. I am not trying to be nasty to either, I really mean what I say. He should not be running any facility where the public is involved and nor should the woman involved  be involved with the public if this is how they function. They are delusional people to say the least, due to their lack of proper, logical and scientific education, not the bull shit religion teaches.

The reason why these people attempted to do this to me, was because I mentioned the word Satan, and I wanted to talk to someone intelligent about other certain issues. NOT this in particular, however obviously no-one was educated enough to take on this responsibility at your facility.

The reason why I wanted to talk to someone about this, is because all the qualities about this person, point directly at myself and I do expect to get some kind of proper understanding, and I do expect there to be other intelligent people in the world that can understand me, but I am continually getting the message that I am the only one here.
Also if you think Satan is bad, then GROW UP AND THINK AGAIN. The delusion of religion naturally say that he is, and also evil in the world will always say that good is bad. I am trying not to offend you, but you people truly live in a delusional world if you do not understand this and other facts about life.

Why don’t you open your eyes and have a good look at the state of the world as it is today, and it is only getting worse by the day. Is all of this from God, have a good look at the world and the only thing you can blame it on is Satan. You would not even know where the evil in the world came from, if you do know, where does it come from.. I will say to you right now, that you would NOT know this.

Let me tell you also that Satan is a (real person that walks the Earth), and he is here to do what you people cannot. Satan works with god and he brings the main gift to humanity which is what I have done, to help humanity in a way that you people cannot do.

Unfortunately you people cannot even help yourselves without being obsessed with greed, money and control being involved, and eventually people, will only extinct yourselves in the long run without the help of Satan and the (Human Mind Body Connection).

Do you realize how famous and significant this discovery is, probably not.

These are the facts and I do not live in any delusion like some people, not only look at the direction of where the world is going, but Look at the problems and the crime that religion causes, all wars are based on religion, the famine, and the state of world economies. People should open their eyes and see what is right in-front of you because nothing is going to save anyone except for a New World Order, and this is precisely what Satan brings.

The first gift Satan has brought to the world in 2013, is the (Human Mind Body Connection). I have founded this famous discovery about 8 years ago, but due to another deceitful and delusional incident that happened due to narcissistic people, I had to bring my discovery to the surface in 2013, which was the right time for this to happen anyway.

I want you to be fully aware that I, David (Lion)el Lloyd am the founder of the (Human Mind Body Connection) which will eventually form the establishment of the divine New World. This discover, is also the most unique and most significant discovery in world history, and only one person brings this to the world. One person.. and I think I deserve a lot more respect than what I get.

This is the reason why Satan is a real person, DO YOUR RESEARCH, because the (Human Mind Body Connection) has to come through the mind of a real person, and that person is me. There are some people in this country and overseas, that know who I am and that includes the Australian Government, so do not ever think that I am delusional, or you will be thinking they are too..

If you would like to argue the point about this, where is your proof that you are right, and where is your proof that I am wrong. Where is it.. Your proof does not exist, however I have no problem proving my proof to you.. and I am the only person on the planet that can prove what I say.

I have written one paper-back and 6 ebooks so far, that explains my famous discovery in detail. This is what I have brought to the world, and more GIFTS will come to the world from this discovery also, including real cures for mental illness, clearer thinking for all people and technology that I know about, but man-kind has not even thought about as yet.

When I went into the Salvation Army building at Liverpool, I was there to speak to a counselor OR someone that could point me in the right direction. The first person that I spoke to was this (black woman) called (Mary) and apparently she had been with the Salvation Army for about (ten years).

Before I had even told this woman anything, she had already called over the other woman that worked there for some kind of assistance, for what reason I do not know but she had not listened to the reason why I was there, or what I had to say. She had done this due to her own delusional thinking, and wanted the other lady there for support.

She was thinking the worst about something, which was totally delusional. Even when the other woman was there (Large white person) she also, had not herd about what I was there for or what I had to say either. So there was two woman in-front of me that had not herd about why I was there, and then this (Large white woman) also went and got the manager of the facility (Linden) to sit in-front of me also.

This had all come from the (black woman) called (Mary). So there was three people sitting in-front of me and none of them had herd about why I was there to see them. The (black woman) was delusional because she had painted a negative picture about me to the (Large white woman), and before I had even said anything to any of them, so then I had three people sitting in-front of me, with delusional thinking.

At this time, before I had even said anything I was feeling very uncomfortable.. I felt like asking them, what are you doing because I had not told them anything at all and this had all stemmed from the (black woman’s) thinking.

At this time I carried on with what I wanted to say, and said to these people that I wanted to speak to a counselor about my discovery and also about the person Satan, who is a real person that walks the Earth. Immediately after I had said this, the manager had the first word over everyone else and said.. do you think you are Satan, and I said yes, maybe and I could be, and this is partially what I want to talk to someone about.

After I had said this he started to victimize me, and he was saying to me that I was not Satan. He yelled at me and said that I was not him, and I said to him, HOW WOULD YOU KNOW, and what right has this person got to say whether I am or not. Who is he to tell me who I am, he has no right to do that.

He should not be trying to tell me who I am, or who I am not. That is none of his business at all, and he had not listened to what I wanted to say. I wanted to speak to a counselor, not some delusional brainwashed manager who does not know anything and should not even be in the work place.

From the very beginning these three people started to victimize me before I had even told them anything, and then the manager (Linden) was telling me to go to the hospital at Liverpool, which was the psychiatric department and he was going to make arrangements for me to meet someone there. This is what this person was going to do, he attempting to have me locked away in the hospital and this is what they would have done.

He also had back-up support of the other two woman as-well, and I know that the hospital would not listen to me either, they would have listened to them. They would have also forced me to stay there and would have not listened to me at all, I know how the system works just like he does.

Not only that, but something would have also been put on my medical file about this incident, and they would have also wanted to to take medication.. DRUGS. That is what I would have been forced to do, and they would have kept me there until I did. They could have also kept me at the hospital for month, and I know this too which is an absolute reprehensible act that the Salvation Army has done.

The hospital would not care either, they would not care about what I said and would only be following the system rules.

These people at the Salvation Army (Liverpool) could have ruined my life without a care in the world, simply because I wanted some assistance and felt like speaking to a counselor. I wanted understanding, help and some kind of advice from you, NOT to be victimized in this way. I will never forgive you..

I hope you can understand what I am saying here.

I had made a complaint to this other person within the Salvation Army, and this person had contacted the manager (Linden) and asked him to phone me at my home, however all I herd from him was lies & more lies coming from the manager.

What this manager has shown me, is that he is a lying, deceitful, narcissistic person that I would never ever trust at any time, and you cannot get much worse than that. I have also been studying psychology for over 25 years and I definitely know what I am talking about.

As I have already said, this manager not only tried to have me locked away but he could not apologize for his actions, which would have been acceptable, he could only lie about what happened and force the blame onto me, and that was the intention. His lying was suppose to clear him and his colleagues from all corruption and what they did and make them totally innocent, as if I was the one that is wrong.

I hope you can see what I am talking about here, and I am not a person that lies like other people, I am a very honest and upstanding person that deserves a lot more respect than what I get.

There is no place in this world for discrimination or victimization under any circumstances, and I will be interested to know what you do about the manager, and also the (black woman) Mary, who caused this problem. This will determine what I do next and also what happens in the future, as far as the Salvation Army goes.

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