University Victimization Ombudsman

University Victimization Ombudsman

From University Victimization Ombudsman and then to JAIL

This is a modified letter I sent to the ombudsman regarding the morons at Western Sydney University, who I am going to sue the shit out of. At this time I am being directed by the taxation department to pay a university (HEX fee) owing and would like this fee to the government or education department to be cancelled. I am writing to explain my circumstances best I can including my experience with staff at Western Sydney University (WSU) 2013. The treatment I received from this university had been forced upon me due to their issues, I was there to learn, study and earn my degree only, but could not do this due to corruption and victimization.

While completing my tax return 11 AUG 2016, my accountant explained I had a (repayable HELP debt to the sum of $3,261.00). I said to him, I should not have to pay this because I was forced out of university by the criminals that work there. I did not leave university because I failed or packed up and left either, it was a b/psychology degree I had always wanted to do and have been studying areas of psychology in my own time for over thirty years. The reason why I was victimization out of (WSU) was due to their own delusional thinking and statism over others, there is not much else to consider.

The reason I am asking for the (HEX fee) to be cancelled is because I was (set up & framed) by (WSU) and intentionally pushed away from doing the course. This has caused pain and stress in my life to this day that I do not need. I have been seeing a clinical psychologist every fort- night for the past (twenty eight) months who is aware of my life and knows about the victimization that forced me out of (WSU) back in 2013.

In terms of my (current psychologist) qualifications, she has a Masters’ degree in clinical psychology. She is a registered clinical psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA). She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), APS college of Clinical Psychology. She is also a registered provider with the Victims Compensation Tribunal.

My time with this psychologist started 23 JUN 2014. She has become the only person to (know me properly) which includes the victimization and destruction of my university course back in 2013. She also knows this was forced upon me by the previous psychologist, who had influenced the university during first semester 2013. I had contacted PM Tony Abbott at the time and both the PM and Mr shorten together expressed their views on student victimization in higher education facilities, to be totally unacceptable.

Before starting with (WSU) 2013 to study b/psychology I was seeing a psychologist at Campbelltown from 13 OCT 2011 to 27 JUN 2013. My course destruction was caused by this psychologist who leaked private information to (WSU) and created the foundation for them to victimize me. This psychologist thought he had the authority. Due to this I was set up and framed by (WSU) staff and pushed out of university by end of first semester. They cancelled me out of university due to here-say and delusional thinking of the psychologist I was seeing. He had no right to pass on my private information and his unrealistic thoughts to (WSU).

The reason I mention statism is because this is (part of) the cause and almost everyone suffers from this delusion. In other words this is forcing yourself onto someone else without their consent, I did not ask for the treatment I received at (WSU) I was not there to be victimized. Some people think they have the right and ability to intimidate force and violate the consent of other people. This is what occurred so who is benefiting from the violation, only the perpetrators benefit or such a crime would not intentionally be committed.

Not long after commencing with (WSU), victimization started involving the first year advisor, then later to the lectures, students and other staff including disability support advisors I was seeing. I saw advisors for short time because I have high functioning AS and needed assistance blending in to the environment. During first semester break, I was asked to attend Bankstown campus, Thu 13 JUN 2013, for meeting with two advisors which I did. I did not expect anything apart form advise, social tips and talking about the course, but that is not what I received when I showed up at the disability support section that morning.

After arriving I was met by the advisor then escorted to an office/room where the other advisor was waiting. She was dressed up like a sex worker, the other advisor entered the room after me. I sat in the chair designated for me then she sat in-front of me and spread her legs wide apart for the duration of the meeting. I could see this was a trap set-up to frame me. The other advisor to my left had her hair dressed like a doll, dots on her cheeks, tilting head side to side, heavy mascara, flipping her eyes lids and short dress on as-well. This was their attempt at framing me and the Dean of psychology knew what was going on.

On her lap was an audio recorder, which would have been used in evidence against me. Their intentional plan was to have me arrested and if this would have happened, it would have cost me everything. I would not have any support against the psychologist, that influence and university. After this I made arrangements to see the Dean in his office and could clearly see that he knew what was going on. Many people were involved with this defamation from the Dean down who succeeded in forcing me out of university.

While at the Deans office he said to me, we do not want your type of person at the university. This here-say had come from the psychologist and said to the Dean, what are you talking about, what have you been told? After this meeting he had gone further lengths to protect himself including attempts to get false medical reports put against my name by (two hospitals). Hospitals staff visited my family home and my own home with intention of getting false reports. They did not succeed with any reports but this was their plan and done for their own protection. Destroying a persons character and make him look crazy, is a very common tactic.

This was beyond my control, it was caused by the delusional psychologist talking to (WSU), my course was none of his business but he thought it was. The university is now in denial about their attempt to trap and frame me on campus. They tried to hide the incident of course, resolution and H.C.C.C were no support, that would not have been the best thing to do. All departments support each other, if they arranged for hospitals to get false reports then they could have arranged other departments not to support me.

As said there are some people who think they have the moral right to govern the law over other people. My course should be finished by now but only destroyed by the very people I was suppose to trust. I am person that would have passed without this interference, my assignments and referencing was excellent after the first few, but was failed and even given zero for one assignment. They said I did not hand in the assignment but did hand it in, finished and signed before the due date. They purposely marked the paper down and did not re-marked it or ask me to do another. It was taken from my assessment and the psychologist noted this.

The psychologist caused the destruction of my course, and said to me in a nervous voice, “you are him”, referring to the Antichrist, his thinking became irrational from then on. He even stood in-front of me while I was sitting down and read two verses from the Bible at me, after doing this he drew the crucifix symbol twice across his chest with his finger. The university listened to this psychologist who thought he had the right to violate me. I was not a person of authority, he could have said anything to other people and they would have believed him, I was very lucky to escape this event, it could have been a lot worse.

My experience with (WSU) has been very dangerous to say the least. Victimization was bad for me based on here-say ignorance while (WSU) passed people who could not (read, write) or (speak properly) just to get funding, they also gave two chances with all assignments when I was there. I will not wish to force authority onto any person but will throw the book at the education system if I have to pay for this victimization and post traumatic stress since 2013. All I would like at this stage is the cancellation of my HEX debt fees.

This message partially refers to the Antichrist. I am the Antichrist. I know this is hard to accept, but I am (not misleading) you, I am (not delusional). Please do some research starting with the Australian Government.

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