Western Sydney Institute Corruption

Western Sydney UniversityNew World Order student fails corrupt Western Sydney Institute located Bankstown campus. Incompetent psychology staff have not only failed in their own positions but also the public who rely on them for education, these people will be going to jail in 2017. This will be done as soon as possible for justice to be served. These monsters hide within the systems they work for and mask themselves using words such as professional and superior which they are not. These maniacs are only trying to demand the respect they do not deserve, they use the companies they work for including Government to hide their behavior and hope that everything will simply go away when they get caught out. WELL NOT THIS TIME and the GOV will not be saving you. As far as I am concerned and indeed I am, you people will serve a long time in jail due to your moronic behavior being forced upon me back in 2013. This is what you get now idiots,, there is no escape!

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