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Western Sydney Institute

Jail waits for corrupt university staff western Sydney. There is No escape!

Corrupt University Staff FAIL with (New World Order) student, and disgracing Australia with incompetence once again. It is criminal people like (this lot) and those who support them will be brought out in the open and jailed for what they did, and their only defense is lies and denial. Grubs like these people use the companies they work for including GOV to hide their behavior and hope that everything will simply go away, well not this time. The safety net they rely on will not save them now and as far as I am concerned, they will pay the cost of their actions dating back to 2013 and your treatment will be very harsh. All people that had anything to do with victimizing me out of university in 2013 will be going to prison under my rules when the time comes. Most staff are accessory to this victimization but that is all it takes and jail is where you will stay without contact, technology, courts or anything else while you get process.

Jail will be the processing point for ALL people, including all Western Sydney staff who had anything to do with (framing me) in 2013. We never forget you will be severely punished. You will be under my care and as mentioned, you could have saved your-selves from this problem but instead you have proven to me without any doubt how incompetent you are, all you had to do was DE-registrar the person who has caused this problem for you which should have been normal, but you had something serious to hide and now you will suffer the pain because of him for the rest of you life. Another annoying part about you stupid people is this delusion you have about being professional. You people are laughable to me, nothing more. Not only that but you expect or CON the community to think yourselves are superior, well I am going to knock you to the ground to show you criminals how superior you really are not, and this will be my pleasure.

I have trapped you people with your own trap, now it is time to process the lot of you

When the time comes there will be (swift action) against you. There are no chances or warnings and I will not to be responsible for what happens to you, this is YOUR problem caused by YOU. It is you people that have put yourselves in jail and is you people that have FAIL to help yourself. I look forward to your processing you and also the Psychology that will forced upon you whether you like it or not. Attempting to destroy someones life (particularly mine) has very serious consequences that will not involve the need to victimize or destroy any-ones life, you have already started the process and done this to yourselves. Due to the pathetic attempt on my life, the psychologist who started this has now involved over 40 other staff members including university legal people who will be organizing my compensation. If the legal people cannot do what is asked of them, they too will be seeked, jailed, fined and DIS-barred if necessary.

All due to moronic thinking of normal people! It is only a matter of time when all of these people go to jail where they belong. If the institute hierarchy would have handled this matter properly and competently as they should have done in the first place, this would not be happening to any of them, however the V/Chancellor chose to go down this path and has now placed (many of his staff) in the worst possible danger. It is not only them who will suffer due to this incompetent behavior, what about your families and it really goes to show how much you care about or even consider other people. Throughout the whole process you people have only considered yourselves like psychopaths, before students, your employer or anyone else. People on the higher level can see you normal people clearly and also know you people better than you know yourselves, this is why I have trapped you with your own trap and will sue you people with your own Lawyers. This will be (another first) in history for me & the whole world will know it.

Human Mind Body Connection

The (Most Significant Discovery in History) made it’s way to the world against corruption, narcissism, victimization, corruption and more of typically normal people. WTF

The purpose of this message is not to victimize anyone in particular, which would be pointless anyway because you are all the same, however the people (WE acquire) are those who have contributed in any way towards the victimization and destruction of my psychology degree, which was forced upon me back in 2013. These people know who they are and should be very worried, because this matter is not going to disappear as you would like, it is only a matter of short time now before the police take you into custody for jail. These people are the morons that stalked me, set me up, attempted to framed me on campus which could have destroyed my life, defamed my character and destroyed my psychology career without any care what so ever, so do not complain when the same comes back to you! Your behavior has only sharpened my skills against you and anyone who supports these morons will surely join them, I mean what I say.

Take Note: I will not be marching after you. When the time comes (state or federal) Police will be part of (my help) ready to take you to jail and that is where you will stay for processing. Before this time I will not speak to you, see you at any time or write, you will be approached by the Police and removed without question. Law enforcement have already been informed about this when the time comes and they will comply. Remember WSU staff, I see through all of your normal thinking and behavior which is why I am the One to make final judgement upon you, nothing can save you except for adequate compensation, and you will do as you are told.

Be Aware: It is criminals like these people in society that good people like me have to be very careful of, and gives very good reason why you people will be removed from society without care. Remember what you have done, and do not reverse the situation due to your coward thinking. You people (planned and attempted) to destroy the life of an innocent student because you thought you had the power and ability to do so, and also get away with it without any care what so ever. The public in general will be a lot safer without monsters like you people anyway, and far more educated in the future about this normal, hidden, criminal, behavior that is widely used everywhere by normal’s. It’s the only way to elevate yourself over incompetence, isn’t it?

Legs apart AND OPEN for victimization

Western Sydney UniversityMen in Jail are going to love this one! The corruption drips down from the hierarchy doesn’t it, and it’s all a game of follow the stupid leader. You will all pay the price for your behavior back in 2013, this is where it has taken you! I joined University to study psychology & fore-fill a dream, however before starting Uni I was seeing a psychologist because I have AS and wanted advice about blending into a university environment. AS is a gift, normal people have been my only impairment and it has always been this way, this recent experience is just another example of normal thinking and is no wonder, people like me see the normal as morons, it’s a silver service! After the paranoid psychologist came to know me, he then leaked my personal information to the university like a true professional, and from there a victimization and stalking process started against me to destroy my life and all of you normal’s have been part of this. Well sadly for you people, my campaign will start against you very soon and none of you will escape the treatment I have planned, especially this one.. All the men will (line up) for a peace of you, your (red head) friend and others from your department. There are cozy rooms in the motel for all of you to spread your legs whether you like it or not, I hope you understand!

The psychologist I was seeing for understanding, had (influenced WSU staff) to set me up & frame me on campus so they could steal the (Human Mind Body Connection) discovery and this is what they told me. They saw the opportunity to cash-in on this and become famous, what a joke.. come out of your delusional stupid world you freak idiots, your lives and families are at stake here and you have been manipulated by your own foolish kind, you are all from the same mold. Nothing will save you now except for compensation and the sooner you pay your debt the sooner I change my mind. I am not unreasonable, that is very fair to me, WSU lawyers will have to do some serious negotiating to save all of you and the university you put at risk. 

Before these (Monsters) set-up their Trap

During FIRST semester at WSU the psychologist I was seeing for over one year had violated my privacy and passed on my information to university staff. This information included details about the Human Mind Body Connection which is one of the reasons why they tried to (set me up) and (trap me) in a room with two woman employees on campus. These women could have said anything, they were two disability support workers (dressed up like whores) for a good time and one of them had her legs spread wide apart in-front of me, saying and doing provocative things so they could get something or anything, on audio record. Their attempt to trap me had failed and because I naturally accuse them of what they did, the only thing they can do is lie and deny that anything happened while still running down my character for their own self defense.

I am THE person who has delivered the most significant discovery in history, and this is what you people do. The Vice Chancellor, Dean of faculty, lectures and staff collectively tried to trap me and destroy my life so they could take credit, and claim the rights to what I had. This is what they said, do you morons know who I am yet? You will get to know more about me in jail I assure you of that. Due to your lack of education you have only been sucked in by another fool just like yourself, ANOTHER (peace of rubbish) going to jail where you all belong. It does seem that you people cannot succeed at all without corruption, lies, stalking and the framing of others for you to succeed, or to rise above your own incompetent level. The legal team employed to protect these people, will have to showing me what they can do because they will be required to raise compensation as I deserve. I am sure they will not want to be involved with processing.

Western Sydney InstituteWestern Sydney Institute have made themselves a Bulls Eye (Target)

What are you going to do now, there is no where to hide, no one to save you and to a person like me you are not very smart at all, I am going to enjoy victimizing you. Do you really think we want (Your Type) in the new world Order, not a chance there is no place for you. Staff members at WSU knew the psychologist I was seeing, and these people had used other people on campus to run me down and disgrace my character with lies as much as they could. From there the (stalking process) had escalated to the event happening, where I was (set up & framed) in a room with two woman, and they had also failed me in all the subjects I chose for the semester, what a load of despicable people you are. The psychologist behind the whole victimize strategy whether it was about my discovery or not, said what they were going to do then proceeded to set me up, frame me and trash my character at the same time, but this only back fired on the clowns and it goes to show, they cannot even do that properly.

From the psychologist, the victimization spread to the Dean of the faculty, head lecturers, first year adviser and then out to other staff and lectures I had for the course. The Vice Chancellor also knew what was going on, which is why he is (target) like the others who used defamation to run my character down and change the thinking of others around me, this included support workers who were suppose to help, this was the caliber of people around me at WSU, what a disgrace, what a class act, the best is yet to come. I will tell you (vice Chancellor and staff) I am (very VERY) justice orientated and I will over-see this justice right to the end, there is no escape.

Western Sydney InstituteBetween first and second semesters I was persuaded by the (legs apart) support worker to visit the campus for a meeting with this other woman. I showed up at the right time and place to meet this adviser, and then proceeded to her office where this woman was waiting, and sitting down to my (left hand side). This was because she had a (audio recorder) on her lap with another piece of clothing covering it up. I see them but they do not see me, these woman had no idea, that I knew what they were doing.

When I sat down on the chair designated for me of course, to my left, I noticed this woman was dressed up like a Sex Doll, specifically with hair curled up, face make-up on, heavy mascara, dots on her cheeks and wearing a very short skirt. She looked like a whore and (probably was), tilting her head from side to side wanting to trap me with her slutty looks, this instruction had come from the first year advisor and head lecturer who are two more of the (lowest grade) that have put only themselves in jail, these people will be processed to the fullest extent.

The plan to (stalk, set-up and frame) an innocent student due to ignorance and here-say.

Don’t worry Chancellor (I have a plan for you too). After sitting down and noticing the counselor to the left, the other support worker walked in the room and sat down right in-front of me with a short dress on also, and then spread her legs wide apart all the way expecting me to be impressed. She was like this throughout the duration of the meeting, which was right up to the point they had realized their slutty little plan to trap me was not going to work. I just kept on talking about myself and the course I was studying while (looking upwards) and naturally putting what I wanted on the recorder instead of what they wanted, which would have been anything at all to convict me of an offense and this would have given cause to notify the police. This was their plan to trap me orchestrated by the Dean and other senior staff at this university.

After escaping this event I had made arrangements to see the (Dean of the psychology faculty) and it was obvious to me that he knew what was going on, because of his irrational behavior, instant denial of everything and also from what he said to me. One of the things he said was that he did not want (my type) of person at the university. So who had been talking to him, what was said about me and what did he mean by that comment. It was just as if someone had said to him I was the so called Devil, and we should trap him, but look who is being trapped now.

He had understood from the psychologist, that I was the founder of this famous discovery for a start, and he also came to understand that I am also, the Actual Real Satan that walks this Earth? If you do not understand this you may need to climb out of your little shell and get some education, this is just another reason why they wanted to trap me, lack of education. I only say this because I have herd it from others educated about this topic, it is their conclusions that have come to me. I communicate with switched on people who know me and give me the support I need when I want it.

Warning! Sixes belong to (One Person) who brings this technology and is certainly (Not You!)

Western Sydney InstitutePeople I deal with are those not like you, my thinking is completely different to your basic type. Time will come for the vice Chancellor and your type to be removed from campus, so you better find a good hiding spot we as my people will be marching after you, there is (no doubt) about that. The cause behind the Human Mind Body Connection and David bringing it to the world is due to his different thinking mind and (being forced) to put up with yours. His difference is superior compared to your stupidity type and others (just like you). This had caused the mind to build up with (activity and pressure), in his life time due to the corrupt work place and the types employed, forcing his mind to erupt and separate away from it’s normal resting position around the brain. You say to him we do not want (your type) here, we say to you (your type) is not accepted in our world and you will be the first removed. Cleansing of (your type) will continue.

The future the population of Earth will know what is acceptable behavior and what is not, laws will be very harsh on those who do not work or comply. Even though your cowardly behavior gets reported for investigation, the departments involved are just as corrupt, you all protect each others inadequate mentality. If the psychologist was DE-registered, it would indicate you would have done what David is accusing you of, however (your type) or tactic is to lie more and deny that anything ever happened. Your type will not be tolerated, not David or anyone else will be subject to (drag-downs) and life destroyers like (you type), you call yourselves idiots. You serve no purpose in the New World and justice will be forced upon you when the time comes.

This (sickening type) with (hate in mind)

This sickening type will be dealt with! You type of monsters are sprinkled throughout the work place and society. It just goes to show that a person in his own country cannot even go to university without being victimized by the likes of you people. Anyone who plans and orchestrates this type of behavior against an innocent person is mentally ill! I am a member of the Australian public and had every right to be where I was before being interfered with by you, and you fools call yourselves professional. It would have been very hard for me convince people such as, Police, courts or anyone else for that matter, I was innocent and had been framed. Also explaining how I was set up by the university, it would have been impossible for them to understand or believed the truth. When I trap you again people,, there will be no courts or care involved and your processing will start immediately.

This pathetic university staff also attempted to get false reports put on my medical files, to say that I was delusional and schizophrenic, just so they could protect themselves from their crimes. Little do these idiots know I have double their IQ, clear unimpaired thinking due to my discovery, genius in some fields and certainly do not need any low GRUB (drag downs) in my life like you morons. I also come from Royal background in the UK (Lloyds) also Australia and have been chosen to (over see) the New World Order by the most high. My famous discovery indicates who I am and have been scheduled to be the Antichrist well before I was born. I am the kind of person (you type) like to run down as I have been known unintentionally, to intimidate the lower level due to your mentality. It is the only way (your type) can succeed, you are not on my level and do not pretend, I can see you! Without lies and corruption you type are truly nothing much at all, this is my opinion given to me by you and I look forward to seeing you all in jail soon.

More $taff to trap > More $cum to proce$$

The $cum in this world will make me very rich! I also had a visit from this GOV psychiatrist and male nurse from the local hospital, knocking on my door and at the same time from another hospital, they were knocking on my families door asking about my mental health. They wanted anything they could find but found nothing, they also contact my private doctor and tried to poison his mind with more lies. I ended up blowing the shit out of these (hospital imbeciles & scum) and told them to never come near me again. This is more corruption forced upon me at the time and even forced their way into my security block of units. These people will also be going to JAIL, DE-qualified, sacked from jobs and heavily fined, the more of you I catch the better it is for me. I am very good at fishing for (your type) and know exactly what bait to use.

Local hospitals received information from WSU staff to have false reports put against my name, this had come from the Dean then filtered through to other people for his own protection, that is all. This moron had also piled on the defamation of my character to make me look as bad as possible and with this against me from the university, no one would have listened to me and all would only assume the worst of me, which was their intention. All the people were psychologists by the way, the very people I trusted in and the very people you would think should not do this kind of behavior. This alone gives me more cause and good reason to hunt you monsters down.

Some will be processed to LABS for experiments

Western Sydney InstituteDue to your sick mindset, victimization and attempting to trap me, also your refused to discuss anything, I can only assume you do not care about the (New World Order). Well this is very simple, you will spend your time in jail before you get processed in several ways, you have also chosen to put yourselves in this position so do not (Kick and Squeal) when the time comes and it surely will come. Obviously you do not want to have any part of this vision and I truly would not want to have any involvement with you either. I would advise you to learn more about the Antichrist, (do not) go from what I say in this message get your own opinion, because prophecy is now unfolding in your face and the time will come for (my team) to come marching after you. This time Corrupt University Staff, there is no curtains to hide behind and your treatment will be my desire to destroy your life, I am a kind person who gives to others what they give to me.

Qualifications of (corrupt staff) will be made (ZERO) or Void, Just as you did to me. For starters, all Arts psychology & B psychology degrees started (Bankstown 2013) will be made (ZERO) or Void, this is because you had influenced other students and staff in the victimization process against me, and you are also passing people that cannot even (read, write or speak properly), and also giving these people (2 and 3) chances at writing assignments correctly before marking. I was given 1 chance which is all I need, and have the proof my assignments were good with near perfect referencing. The education Minister will see to this and provide evidence to show this has been done, or the Minister will be jailed until it is done in full.

Western Sydney UniversityThe hatred I have for you people because of your disturbing incompetence, will only escalate to effect the entire psychology faculty, the whole university and quite possibly more. I hope you know what is best, Chancellor.

I truly despise you dangerous, sickening, maniacal and destructive low-life creatures and look forward to the pleasure of (trapping you) again soon.

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