♆ What Is A Domain Name

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What Is A Domain Name Or Website Address

Your domain is your complete website, including any subdomains on it, and as far as you are concerned a domain name is the name that you give to that website.

Therefore, in http://www. mindbodypsychology.me the domain name is mindbodypsychology.me

However, it goes further than this. Every computer connected to the internet has an internet protocol (IP) address that is unique to that computer. It is fundamental to the communication between two computers on the World Wide Web through the internet that they know and use each other’s addresses.

You can draw an analogy with telephone communications, in that one telephone must be provided with the number of the telephone it is communicating with, or that communication cannot occur.

Hence, when you enter the website address of a site you want to visit into your browser, you would enter something along the lines of: http://www. mindbodypsychology.me or mindbodypsychology.me

The http part requests a hypertext transfer communications protocol search, defining the type of server that your browser will be communicating with, and the www indicates that this is for a site on the World Wide Web.

The mindbodypsychology part is the initial part of the domain name, and the .me is what is called the top level domain. The domain name itself is mindbodypsychology.me, and the name www. mindbodypsychology.me is termed the fully qualified domain name.

Taken together, the fully qualified domain name will be transposed into a series of figures known as the IP address, described above. This is the address of the web server that the website is held on.

It is not the address of the computer that you are using at the time to access your website, but of the server holding the hard disk that is storing your website files, including the index file. The address www. mindbodypsychology.me assumes the file index.html, index.cfm, index.shtml or index.php.

A domain name, therefore, is an alphanumeric representation of the IP address of the file. This is carried out by the Domain Name System, or DNS. It makes it easier for you to communicate with another website, since the IP addresses are not easy to remember. A typical IP address is — what would you find it easier to remember: that or a normal domain name?

A lot of thought and analysis should be involved when choosing a domain name. The first part of the name should relate to the topic of your website, and preferably take the form of a critical keyword that would be used by people seeking the information that you can provide.

Most webmasters will use keyword analysis software to find a keyword with a good balance between supply and demand. Too high a supply from other web pages or too low a demand by searchers is not good. The ideal is a good demand, but low supply, although keywords of that caliber are now very rare.

What had a poor supply a year ago will likely now be well catered for through too many people, using the same type of software. If you could generate your own buzzword, and snap up all the domain names for it in advance, you could make a killing, but that is not so easy. However, it is possible. Google created the term PageRank, and somebody must have come up with SEO and Forex.

That aside, your domain name has two parts to it, and your choice could be influenced by the TLD that is available rather than the name itself. Most people prefer .me to .net or any other, and would prefer to fit the site name to the TLD rather than the opposite way around.

Having chosen your domain name, you purchase it, and then point it to your web host. It takes about 24 hours for it to resolve world wide, and then you can show it to the world! You have to design the site of course, but as far as your domain name is concerned, it is live. If you don’t want it found by accident, do not create your index.html file yet — call it something else while being constructed, such as test.html.

The company from which you purchased your domain name should register it so that others can find out who owns it. You hide your identity to an extent, though the site you purchased it from and the server to which it is pointed must be shown. Whois.net can be used to find that information.

A domain name, then, is nothing more than a way of identifying your website, in the same way that your name and your street address identifies you. The DNS allows others to contact you with getting ‘wrong numbers’, and smoothes the path of internet communication.


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