What To Do Now

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____F o r . T o d a y ‘ s . F o r w a r d . T h i n k i n g . E n t r e p r e n e u r s

oie_1362337OA1Z4rN2WHAT TO DO NOW SHOULD BE CLEAR. Start building your home business and use these steps as a guide for the process. Keep in mind the tasks that have to be done, basically all you have to do is create your site the we show you then optimize your content on the world wide web. This must be done to attract sales to the Boot Camp training to earn $23 from each person that joins. The link that takes you to the Boot Camp training is only found in the Home Biz ♆ iCourse so you will have to enter that for more information. You can see the (front page) to the New World (Boot Camp) at the top ▲ but you will have to enter the ♆ iCourse to get the link for PayPal so you can pay the $23. After you have paid the $23, PayPal will re-direct you to a page that has the password for the (Boot Camp) training and a link to the page where you submit the password is also provided. See the steps below for more information about what you should do.

Allinarow-icon1 ▶ Do your research on the industry and start learning about WordPress because that is the website platform we use in the training and there are many tutorials on YouTube. Start your research by typing different keywords into Google search and just let it take you from there.

Sunset-icon2 ▶ To enter the Boot Camp. click on the PayPal link in the Home Biz ♆ iCourse and pay $23 for the (password). We respect your email privacy and signing up with the iCourse training is the first thing you need to do. If you have not done this yet, sign up from this website.

Join The Home Biz iCourse

Sunrise-icon3 ▶ After receiving your password, click on the (button) to submit the password on the (log-in) page. This will give access to my Boot Camp training, consisting of tools, advice, tips and resources to assist you getting started with the set up process for your home business.

Tropical-icon4 ▶ Once in the training have a look around, click on the modules to see what is there and get use to how they are set out, including the forums. There are many resources in the modules such as Godaddy, Hostmonster and Aweber which you can register with as-well.

Snow-flakes-icon5 ▶ Contact your (team leader) by email, and let him/her know that you have paid the $23 as this will show in their account. In your message try to make arrangements to speak on the phone or meet the (team leader) in the forum so some of the biz basics can be explained.

School-bells-icon6 ▶ For phone communication Skype to Skype, Optus to Optus or other services similar that offer free (phone chat) are always a good idea. It is necessary when your business develops, to have good free or cheap communication with business partners around the world.

Riding-off-icon7 ▶ Register A Business name with the Government because the money you make is considered worthy of tax. There are also some very good business concessions that can save you money with a home based business. If you are unsure, get some professional advice.

Melting-away-icon8 ▶ After registering you domain name, hosting account and learning about Filezilla, you can then learn about WordPress and download that to your domain name. Be aware that you will need a decent computer to run some of the programs such as Mozilla Firefox (browser) & WordPress, you can learn more about this and much more from your (team leader). Take one step at a time to get things done, information overload is a problem starting off in this industry.

In-the-shade-icon9 ▶ After uploading WordPress from the (Hostmonster) cPanel, your files will be on the internet straight away. Check this by typing your http://www. domain name in the browser. It is recommended to use Firefox latest version because of the many features and bookmarking options it has, and (Hostmonster) provide videos and support for Filezilla FPT from the cPanel and there is information in the Boot Camp training and YouTube that explains this thoroughly.

Falling-leaves-icon10 ▶ Order some Business Cards and do some PR. You may have your favorite shop for ordering cards, but one to keep in mind is (Vista Print). They have a comprehensive site to order b/cards and products, they have good prices and they deliver straight to your door mat.

Reflections-icon11 ▶ Recruit as many new members as possible to join your business. Writing articles is a good start, write articles about 500 words each and optimize them for the search engines, they have two links pointing to your website and will always generate traffic to your business.

Death-valley-icon12 ▶ If you register, you can make $23 for each new member that signs up under you, and they do the same thing as you, this is why it is best to have your own training, so people can pay you when they sign up. That is basically how the system works, we show you the website platform, everything in the training, all the resources and hopefully other people can do the same thing. The only extra money I make out of this business is due to affiliate sales.

Red-sails-icon13 ▶ Affiliate Marketing is something else you learn and this can be separate or part of your business website if you choose, have to look at my own website to get an idea. Once you see how this process works, you can make money selling products for others and they pay you a commission for that sale. You can double your income with affiliate marketing and that is when the money really starts coming in, learning more in this industry puts money in the bank.

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