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Victimizing and Dangerous Western Sydney University

The legal section to Western Sydney University will have to organize compensation for the abused student, the education minister may also need to be contacted or he too may see himself served with jail and processed. Western Sydney university must pay compensation to the victimized student or a lot of trouble will come their way. The victimized person involved with this matter is the real Antichrist, he has not risen to power as yet (Jun 2017) but when he does, you people are first on the agenda. Any complaint or action against this (blog page) you are now reading will also go against you. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DO AND SAY ABOUT ME! There is one warning only. Instructions will be given to Western Sydney University and education department regarding compensation dating back to 2013, this already calculates to hundreds of million dollars or trouble to the minister and jail for WSU staff will begin. Police have already been notified about this matter and been given names of the first eight people to be arrested when the time comes.

The Antichrist waits for this opportunity

The student this corrupt university abused at the time was the real Antichrist who lives in Sydney. This was unknown to them at the time but he became a target and victim of these people simply due to false and paranoid here-say that came from a paid psychologist. There is no escape for certain people now and staff at Western Sydney University will be jailed for their actions against me when the time comes. These people are criminals that many should be careful of and can easily ruin a persons life. This behavior is also conducted to satisfy certain types of behavior in the pursuit for self acclaim, such as the feminist and lesbian types and have experienced this with Western Sydney University. I not only mention these types but have been forced to study these types of dangerous people over the years. They are the real monsters hiding behind the curtains in fear of you, they deal with reality differently and will manipulate your (life path) to the end if necessary. Their thinking encourages harassment, victimization, negativity towards others, delusional behavior and irrational thoughts just to name a few. In some cases these monsters are even sort after to keep the cogs turning in the corrupt work place, fear and control are good mechanisms for profit regardless of who gets hurt.

Western Sydney University

Best rewards go to those who wait, there is no escape

The intent of Western Sydney University staff was to setup and frame me, they also said they wanted to re- invent my discovery, the Human Mind Body Connection at the university. This is typical of these criminal types and like it or not governments are full of them, they use this employment and is a great place to hide. The person who started this matter and the people who framed me will be jailed for life or sent to E block, E stands for one word only. Any person given more that ten years will go to this area, I hold no responsibility for them what so ever. Part of this corruption had calibrated with Western Sydney University to steal the discovery from me and this could have been possible if I was locked away somewhere, with reports put against my name to say I was crazy, delusional, schizophrenic or anything similar. I had no support, no-one to believe me and no-one would have listened. It would have cost me my home trying to defend myself and prove my innocence. This is why I call them criminals & why they will be jailed when the time comes, the education minister will also be jailed if the matter is not resolved properly.

WSU Staff Members

Well practiced and experienced

It is hard to believe how protected warped people are, due to what WSU staff members planned and attempted to do. No-one enrolls at university to fail nor had I failed without help from the university, I would have done my course in flying colors and enjoy doing so because I love the subject and have been studying areas of psychology for over 30 years. I know more about people than what they do and have trapped them instead of them trapping me. All of them are going to jail not me, so technically I think I know more about psychology that all of them put together. All they can do is victimize an innocent person and did this by gang stalking, not on a single basis like I did and I am going to round them all up like cattle and lock them up as they deserve. They cannot do what I can, the psychologist and WSU staff members had to come up with a plan to trap me, have me charged and then put in jail for something I would not have done. The table has turned on the psycho psychologist too, these idiots do not govern my future as thought, it is me that has trapped them and I will be governing there future to the very end. They will loose their homes, money and jobs, people should never step on Satan’s toes because at any time, he could spring up and give you a very lethal bite.

WSU Staff Members

Hine to wallow in jail

Alison the big fat lecturer at WSU, a Sydney university had to clearly show me, what a well practiced control freak and narcissist by nature she was. What a great mentality to have at a university and not only was she was like this, but her fellow cohorts were the same. Like a predator inside a preschool, these people do as they please and manipulate their way through the systems they choose. When you know them well you get to read them like a book and WSU staff members like this one have only made it to where they are by running down and manipulating people to achieve the end goals. The end result for this big fat piggy is jail, and she can wallow in jail for a long time. These people do not care for others, they infiltrate into jobs that protect themselves, jobs that control people and being above others is always their first priority. University lectures call themselves superior which they are not and are far from it. I have only found WSU staff members to very dangerous for a good person like me, and have only put the entire university at risk. As the Antichrist, I plan to sack many and restructure the entire enterprise to suit myself and update the future of education in this country.

WSU Staff Members

Mutton grub for prison inmates

The little grub lecturer who represents WSU staff members knew why I was seeing the psychologist who leaked my private information to the university where he worked, and I say this because all people involved with me contributed to gang-stalking and setting the stage for what they did. This person knew the psychologist I was seeing and use to work with him in the correctional system. He said to me he had spoken to this grub and the other adviser, the fat pig side kick at the time I was attending university, and from there mid year semester, they tried to frame me and have me charged by the police which would have totally destroyed my life. The psychologist who started all this victimization spoke to me about the work he did with this grub, so I think they are (two of the same) and know each other quite well. The psychologist told me the work he did which involved the assessment of prisoners before parole is granted at one of the main jails. I know as fact, that this grub faggot had played a significant part in the victimization of me, and set up of the incident that happened using the disability support workers I relied on. These WSU staff members are part of many that will be going to jail when the time comes, due to corruption, victimization and the passing around of my private information. The ED Minister will also be jailed so I can receive my compensation.

WSU Staff Members

You all get zero, there is no escape

Satan is furious, the little faggot gave me Zero on my first assessment report which was very disturbing and only rippled out to other people such as family, who then harass and victimized me further. The paper was handed in on time but held back so it would not get marked, this is obvious but again they lie and deny this behavior took place, well I will deny what I do to them too, I am very fare. This assessment was written well and handed in 3 days before the required date and did not even want to mark the paper when I contacted them. They gave me zero, so I sent an email to the first year advisor or fat pig (side kick) as I like to call her, after receiving the Zero mark and she said this was no mistake, a Red Zero was placed on the front of the assessment paper. The little grub was coordinator for the psychology unit gave me a zero mark was all due to victimization, I have been studying different areas of the subject for over thirty years, and no-one deserves to get zero especially a person who can read, write and speak properly unlike most of the other students that passed.

WSU Staff Members

. . Ready and Waiting for Some!

I am making accusation about the wsu staff members even though there is no proof, but I know the truth that is what matters and they prove this to others through what they say and how they act. What I have to be careful of is further accusation against me coming from the wsu staff but there is nothing to accuse me of, except for lies and I think they have said all of them. They only have other people to rely on for protection but I know this game and they too will go to jail, that will not work and nothing else will. If I was not who I am they would get away with their teacher student abuse as per usual all the time, they are protected by the people and the systems around them. For an AS person it is common to be attacked by these monsters and experience the trouble they cause, all they do then is hide in the system that feeds them and use other people for protection. At the time I hoped the Vice Chancellor would assist with the matter but he too was corrupt and wanted to hide everything like his staff. This only tell me he wants to join others in jail, birds of a feather! They are all the same so they can all go to the same place, this is my logic and there is nothing wrong with that! You can never trust most humans particularly the ones you are suppose to.

The answers are here on this site, the reasons for less population & why robots will supersede the authority of man in the future. Do you really think the new world order is going to tolerate or be dominated this kind of maniacal mentality, which is considered normal in this world, I do not think so. These idiots will be trapped again by myself with the support of police, they should know by now. There is no where to hide and they will get what they thoroughly deserve. I smile.

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