WSU Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University

JAIL Waits For Many Staff.. At WSU Western Sydney University

Police have now been ORDERED to arrest certain staff at WSU in 2016. I do not know exactly when this will happen but it will happen. As I said to the Head of security referring to our conversation with WSU Western Sydney University. Your position is understood and I know as well as you should that you have been sucked into this problem due to the criminals you work for, they have earned this title. As said I will not make any contact with WSU staff, I am bound by law the same as others and pose no threat, so make the most of it for now. Well now has come and have never posed a threat to anyone in the first place, you people are the Monsters that posed a threat to my life I look forward to trapping WSU Western Sydney University staff again when the time comes. It will not be long now!

The future remains the same and (life in prison) will apply to WSU staff that attempted to frame me on campus 2013, also to (ALL of those) who have contributed to the destruction of my psychology degree in 2013. I have clearly stated that any person who supports these criminals will also go to JAIL when the time comes which should include you, however your job is to protect these cowards whether you know them or not and I will not hold that against you. You should know however, they only care for themselves, they do not care about you Mr Burn.

Western Sydney UniversityLying is their (only defense) and will drag other people to their problem if they consider it help. I have studied Psychology for over (30 years) and know these Control Freaks better than they know themselves, it is their problem done to themselves due to narcissism, it is not your problem and nothing will save them, they do not care about you. I am not targeting these people for attention, entertainment or money, my action against these criminals is for justice only and that will start in main stream jail. I look forward to this time in 2016, the Police have already been notified.

My legal element will arrive soon in due time and will please me more than anything to see these criminals go straight to jail. Their kicking and squealing will be recorded just as they wanted to do with me, the key will (finally turn) on these pathetic people. My authority will be highest, my hatred will be volatile and anyone who supports these cowards will be treated the same, no figure of money will be considered, money will never be traded for their freedom.

As said I pose no harm or risk to any person, I have never hurt anyone in my life which is why I will JAIL these Monsters with pleasure when the time comes, the best you can do is notify them what is ahead. Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. Justice (will be LEGAL) and vary, life in prison means loss of freedom, jail first then concentration facility anywhere in the world or underground laboratory, I have already explained this to them.

Staff at WSU Bankstown knew who I was after starting, it was their corrupt, narcissistic insane thinking that caused this attempt on my life and that is precisely what it was. They not only planned and carried out an act to destroy my life but threatened to steal the (Human Mind Body Connection) discovery for their own personal gain which is absurd, not possible and goes to show how stupid these idiots are. They are no match with me, my IQ is double their own I learn by myself what others struggle with being taught and have no feelings for these people at all.

The education Minister will also be instructed to cancel all b/Psychology and b/Arts degrees started 2013 at Bankstown. In 2013 the university was allowing Non Australians who could not read, write or speak properly two chances plus assistance passing assignments and exams just to get extra funding from the Government, this is totally unacceptable and they victimize me out of university instead. The education Minister has a (lot to answer for) and will be jailed as-well if there is any problem and I truly mean what I say, no problem jailing him for life > why should I care?

No further action is required by you after this message, all you should do is understand, contact staff and the Minister. The next contact with WSU staff will be from the Police department in 2016, when the (first to go) will be arrested and taken to prison. I have warned WSU Western Sydney University staff what lies ahead and they have not only involved many others staff members, but also people outside the university they have to use, but only FAILED instead.

I would like to confirm, any attempts to force action upon me due to this message, life in prison will apply. I have all your details and that includes you Mr Burn. I do not want to control you either, that is your job.. I hold no responsibility for the decisions you make. This message finalizes our conversation. ZERO for this Corrupt University

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