Zero Catherine

oie_46hoXfquoscF(1)Legs Apart Whore at corrupt kindergarten Western Syd University

Zero Catherine the Counselor whore! Would never trust her, not even in jail if I had the chance. Even medical people near my home have tried to interview me to get a false report put against my name. I have been through a lot in my life to get my diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome because it is who I am, and these Ase-holes at the university including Zero Catherine were trying to get me convicted and also have a false report put against my name. These are the careless people that run areas of society that go to all lengths to cover up their own shit. In my case the strategy was put you in a box with some stupid mental illness label, and there is not much you can do about it if you do not have support, however my family are supporting me much more now.

I am naturally happy that their plan to victimise in this way had backfired and I am happy that they are all going to mentioned to the Commission for what they have done, not that I feel they will do much. After their failed attempt, their behaviour turned the other way like a coward trying to run out the back door, and saying that the whole incident did not exist or ever happened at all. From what I have seen in my life, this is typical and expected behaviour which is why I was prepared myself for this before it happened. Their is no way to prevent it and when you try to tell someone, they go in the opposite direction to cause the problem, so what can a person do. They have done the lowest act you could ever do to an innocent student based on hearsay, no facts at all, fear, complete ignorance, and the delusion of being superior over other people. This is how they think, however I have proven this theory to be totally false and nothing but a stupid disillusion.

It started with the faculty co-originator, she has done the opposite and against everything I said to her simply because of their own personality complexes and they themselves being delusional about superior, when they think like this, they behave like this by manipulating and controlling other people in a way that is very hidden and practiced over the years. I took the matter to the Dean and told him the story but, it was all dismissed as something I had made up and was not true. What else can they do and that is the best thing for them to do too, which is totally deny that any such thing ever happened. It would also look good for every person involved, to have me registered as a Schizophrenic on my medical records, just so they can protect them themselves and put all the blame onto me as someone thinking crazy and not to be listened to, which is what they attempted to do and Catherine played a major part in helping them do this.

oie_27105029WyuVKw46What can you do, I am not even in the work place and I have been seeing a psychologist for over two years to try and prevent this behaviour from other people, but it still happens and the psychologist has run away. This time I was lured to a room on Bankstown campus where I was set up and involved in an incident that could seen me go to jail with a criminal record. This is what the university wanted and this is why the psychologist ran away. All thanks to the disability support, a careless environment run by control freaks, superior idiots and the whole ordeal about going to UNI was just a total waste of time, good for some but not good enough by far for me. I could not get out of their quick enough, they are superior beings and that is the biggest delusion of all. A superior person will trap the hunter with his own trap, then walk away as if it was nothing, that is what happened at the UNI with the; adviser and two councilors, psychologist, doctor, psychiatrist and the Dean all at once.

At the moment it is going through the Commission. University lectures dream that they are superior but that is about it. I am finding out new information about what is happening at the uni, and have come to a conclusion that Zero Catherine and this bimbo Alison had been working together and a number of people were involved including Dean Martin! However their stupid game (back fired) and now I have taken the matter to Dean Martin first and now to the Commission. There is no-one in life helping me with any decisions, I just do the best job I can with what I have and basically hope for the best, there is no dishonesty from me at all either, AS people in general do not like to lie, it is a very difficult thing to do just like making eye to eye contact. People with Aspergers need to be understood to get the benefits of them and in social situations they usually need introducing and a hand to socialise, but because of the social disruptions in groups people sometimes can be problem if not for some kind of awareness.

I like to give certain details and access to my private life so people like Zero Catherine can assist me, not to go in the other direction like she has done. There has been no such thing as confidentiality and personally feel violated and sick. I know there will be issues along the way doing my degree with other people, but most importantly I need someone to associate with regularly, such as every single day. People like me with Aspergers have different thinking than typical people, and not much works for me in a normal thinking world when it involves people. Things are wrong and I always get bullied out of where I want to be. I know in myself that I need assistance in certain areas and think it is best to let people know if I have any issues. I am concerned for myself in public and how I relate and generally communicate with people.

I say this is because I understand people in different ways than what people understand me or each other, and I need to take certain precautions no matter who people are. Knowing and seeing certain problems before they get out of hand can protects me a lot. There is no need for skepticism, I have to take care of myself too, if you spoke to medical people about anything or me due to skepticism, they would probably tell you in a nice way, to listen instead of deviating off with your own thoughts. They were skeptical at first too, but he now see more of the facts unlike other people and are probably more amazed about things now than other times before. As said I am not better or worse that other person but need understanding like anyone else. Support is important to be successfully with others in a work or UNI situation.

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